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Sounders to host conference semifinal match on Nov. 10


 Photo by Steven Bisig/USA TODAY Sports


The MLS regular season is less than a month away from its conclusion and the league’s playoff picture is starting to get a bit clearer.

The Seattle Sounders announced Wednesday that the club will host its opening MLS Cup game on Nov. 10 at CenturyLink Field. A 4-1 win over the Colorado Rapids last weekend guaranteed the Sounders at least the second seed in the Western Conference, meaning they will host the second leg of the conference semifinals.

The date falls outside of the originally announced schedule that saw conference semifinals fall on Nov. 8-9. However, the Sounders co-tenants, the Seattle Seahawks, are scheduled to host the New York Giants on Nov. 9. Moving the playoff match to Monday night allows the Sounders to play on a pitch free from NFL gridiron lines.

The 2014 MLS playoffs are scheduled to begin Oct. 29-30 with a pair of knockout games between each conference’s fourth- and fifth-place teams.

Disappointed the Sounders are playing on a Monday night, or just relieved there won’t be football lines on the field? Plan to be in attendance? How do you see the playoff field rounding out?

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  1. Its better to play 24 hours after the Seahawks than 24 hours before. If it’s before it is guaranteed the lines will be on the field, if it’s after they may be able to remove them in time.

    • The lines will be gone, doesn’t take anywhere near 24 hours. When they have to get rid of the soccer lines after a Sounders’ game I can often watch them remove the lines while I’m wrapping up my late gamer in the press box.

  2. so it probably takes more than 24 hours to install all of the nfl lines but less than 24 hours to take them off?

    Monday Night Playoff of Soccer – props to Seattle if they can pull it off!

  3. How does that work with the Seahawks playing the day before. Do they play on the same surface? I would imagine the football game will have an impact on the surface. Is this a situation where there will be the dreaded yard lines on the pitch?


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