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Toronto FC eliminated from playoff contention after draw with Impact


Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/USA TODAY Sports



What little hope Toronto FC had of making the MLS Cup playoffs has officially been extinguished.

In a game marred by three red cards, TFC, who were without stars Jermain Defoe and Michael Bradley, were forced to settle for a 1-1 draw with the rival Montreal Impact, securing the Columbus Crew’s advancement to the postseason.

TFC’s Warren Creavalle opened the scoring int he 20th minute by finishing a volley as the ball fell from the sky.

Forward Luke Moore created the initial opportunity after receiving the ball from Jackson, as the English forward’s shot was blocked into the air by defender Matteo Ferrari. Creavalle timed his ensuing volley perfectly, firing the shot to the left of a diving Evan Bush to push the scoreline to 1-0.

The Impact then found their equalizer just before halftime via Felipe, who received a short pass from Andres Romero before unleashing a shot past goalkeeper Joe Bendik for the tying goal.

The second half was defined by a trio of red cards, with the first coming against the Impact’s Heath Pearce for a desperate tackle on the pacey Dominic Oduro. TFC then lost Jonathan Osorio in stoppage time when the midfielder was sent off for a frustration tackle, before the Impact saw Hassoun Camara sent off for a second yellow.

The loss eliminates Toronto FC from the playoffs, which they will miss for the eighth time in as many seasons.

TFC will finish up their season Oct. 25 against the playoff-bound New England Revolution, while the Impact take on conference leaders D.C. United that same day.



  1. I’m trying to recall their regularity with which one years about the ref “losing control of the game” in other top leagues (England, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Mexico).

    This issue of sub per refereeing needs to come front and center. More than promotion/relegation, more than Landon “the legend” Donovan.

  2. In 2008, David Beckham’s first full year with the LA Galaxy, the Galaxy finished next to last in the western conference and out of the playoffs.

    History would indicate that signing a superstar will not reap immediate benefits; it took a while for the lofty ambitions to be matched by on field accomplishments.

    In 2009, the Galaxy did win the Western Conference, were 2nd in the Supporters Shield and lost to Real Salt Lake in the Finals.

    In 2010 they won the supporters shield but failed to make to the finals.

    It was not until 2011 that the Galaxy won the Supporters Shield and the MLS finals.

  3. Was talking more about the Pearce red. Thought it was a joke and it went downhill from there BC he went at Oduro and yadda yadda yadda, two more reds.

    Provided a ton of entertainment though. I’m not a fan of either team but was happy I watched the game tonight solely for the keeper picking up Felipe. Should prob make that into a Gif.

  4. while Heath Pearce may have had a ‘desperation tackle’, he barely touched Oduro who supermaned like Soulja Boy. No way that was a red.

    Then to call Osorio’s foot stomp a ‘frustration tackle’ when the ball had obviously been passed for a second seems a little light. I’d call it dirty as hell. But it did provide some fantastic comedy as Toronto’s keeper picked up Felipe like a kid who refused to get up when it’s time to go.

    Was another great example of a MLS ref losing control of the game. Instead, Garber is worrying about Klinsmann talk. May want to reevaluate the priorities there, Donnie.

    • I don’t really know what more the ref could have done, TFC were just getting frustrated and desperate. It’s not like he could have handed out anymore cards really.

  5. Bradley is overated and should have stayed in europe, no excuses and learn from the best.

    Defoe, should stay and prove himself like beckham and henry but he will be gone or why no trade him to galaxy or red bull.

    Gilberto needs time but i don’t think his a real DP for toronto, trade him as well.

    As for torontos next coach, why not bruce arena then he retires once he makes TFC champion.

    If Arena gets defoe, bradley and some other DP, then Arena has something to work with.

    So Arena, make galaxy champions then go to TFC.

    As for available coaches with MLS experience, there could be sigi, arena assistants, ex colorado coach, mariner and nicol, cosmos coach.

    • Galaxy don’t really need another striker and are alright at center midfield as well. They’ll need a creative wide midfielder to replace Donovan in driving the attack.

  6. It was never about to make the playoffs. It was about selling shirts. If Toronto wanted to make the playoffs they would’ve bought six players as good or better than Bradley for a million each (what Bradley was making at Roma) instead of massively overpaying for just two.

    They got exactly what they wanted.

  7. Why are people so upset? Can’t we just chalk this up to bad coaching and an increasingly competitive league? Imagine how we’d feel if this team rolled over MLS? People would say, “wow, MB and a half lame Jermain Defoe can conquer MLS on their first try!” I, for one, am glad they weren’t able to buy a winner.

  8. I would like to thank TFC, Jermaine DeFoe, the Legend of Michael Bradley and all the haughty Toronto fans for all the laughs they have given me this year.

    Thank you.

  9. How sad. I really expected TFC to break through and at least make the playoffs this year. World Cup, injuries, coaching change, all things that didn’t do them any favors. There was at least progress, and despite this season, I could see them doing some damage next year…

  10. Garber should be mad as hell. To spend so much money on a team for them to miss the playoffs is inexcusable. After he fires those responsibe for this debacle he should send Bradley and Defoe back to Europe and demand a refund.

  11. Toronto FC is the worst professional football team in the history of mankind and id the perfect ambassador of promotion/relegation in the US.

    The team’s shocking displays on the field, season after season, must be punished with relegation. to the 2nd division.

    Well done, Bradley, what a well-though out step forward in your professional career!

    • There are 7 clubs with less points then TFC, Its the most points they’ve ever had in a MLS season. Sure its a disappointment but there still was some progress.

    • True soccer pyramid you wish. A wise soccer fan you are. Garber, well, he’s more into competing with other American sports leagues. Better luck next time.

    • “Well done, Bradley, what a well-though out step forward in your professional career!”

      Pretty sure Bradley would do the same thing over again. Nobody turns down a pay raise like that. Nobody.


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