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Petke unfazed by recent Red Bulls sale rumors

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HANOVER, N.J. — Mike Petke is so unfazed by the latest batch of rumors surrounding his club that he did not immediately know what he was being asked about on Thursday.

Following the New York Red Bulls’ morning practice session, Petke was asked for comment on the report from Wednesday that said the club’s ownership group was open to selling the team. The second-year head coach initially needed clarification as to which report he was being questioned about, and responded only by saying that the rumors are not a hindrance to him or his players in their quest to reach the postseason.

“I didn’t give it a thought. I actually had to think about what you were talking about,” Petke told SBI. “I’m a coach, these are players. How accurate that report is? I have no clue. Not a clue.

“It’s not even a distraction. It’s not even a story for (the team) to talk about. Red Bull is a billion-dollar company. We’re one small part of that company and our job is do stuff on the field, nothing to do with business.”

Petke was then asked if any word had trickled down from within the organization about a possible sale, and he said the only thing he had heard in regards to the matter came from the outside.

“Only the rumors that you just brought up,” said Petke.

In the past 24 hours, the Red Bulls and MLS commissioner Don Garber have shot down the notion that the club’s owners are open to selling the franchise.

New York, currently sitting in fifth place in the Eastern Conference and in the midst of trying to lock down a postseason berth, has had its status in MLS has come into question in recent weeks and months due to them not signing a third Designated Player this summer and foregoing the decision to start up a USL Pro team next season.


What do you make of Petke’s comments? Not buying it? Or are you starting to think there is no truth to the club being up for sale?

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  1. Does he know that red bull might be out if the playoffs if Toronto get their game on and that would be miserable for their fans and team, since they represent red bull, New York and have Henry.

  2. Maybe red bulls are pushing the for sale story in order to push the league into increasing the salary cap and increasing number of dps. They spend big everywhere they go but in NY they have always been unable to spend big. they have always complained about the league. the fact is that Soccer in the US is more about the best team you can get on the cheap!
    By the way maybe they didn’t sign a third dp cause they need to give the money to BWP, maybe he earned it. Maybe they are hoping for one more year of henry. Then there is the option of staring over. Three new dps. Just a thought!

  3. Red Bulls sell the team and stadium to the Cosmos,…who rebrand the team as the Cosmos. Then they sell stadium naming rights back to Red Bull,…and it stays Red Bull Arena.

    Pretty straight forward.

  4. well he apparently didn’t know he fielded a “B” Team in the CCL last week. SO he might not be the poster child for awareness.

  5. Being unfazed is different from being unaware. Once the reporter made him aware, *then* he was unfazed.

    Not surprising that he wouldn’t know, since he seems to be the last to know about lots of things in this organization. It must be difficult to work in such a giant enterprise where decisions get made by others, often thousands of miles away, and then gradually trickle down to you.

    • He turned down alot more money when he was younger to stay with the Metrostars. He loves the area. I’m sure he is quite happy making whatever he is making as a head coach and living in his home area. I think a bigger concern for him is making the playoffs and keeping his job. Who the owner is doesn’t make a big difference to Petke and criticizing the ownership isn’t a wise thing to do.

  6. Yeah these rumors aren’t really worth worrying about. I’m sure every club has there price if someone came along willing to pay it.

  7. Not a surprise, its not his job to comment on these rumors. Even if he knows something it wouldn’t be smart of him to talk to the media about it.


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