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USMNT 1, Ecuador 1: Match Highlights

Landon Donovan final match by David Butler II - USA TODAY


  1. The game was very disjointed after all the subs after the 60 minute mark. But we were bright for most of the first 60 minutes going forward, with a few worrying moments in the back given the high line and high press. Certainly some bright spots. Diskerud growing in leaps and bounds . . . he needs a move and it’s hard to believe there aren’t teams in several leagues queuing up. Yedlin has ALL of the tools. I hope he makes his mark with Spurs (just not against my Liverpool). Garza is a very solid player, certainly an option going forward at left back. And I actually liked a lot of what Bobby Wood did out there — good movement, assured, aggressive first touch . . . it’s just the final touch that was missing. That will come with more game time and experience. All in all, the future is bright. Our player pool is far deeper than ever, and there will be several new faces to emerge from nowhere by the end of this cycle.

  2. A few subjective takeaways from watching the game:

    That near assist from Altidore, in the 25th minute…amazing! Jozy really impressed me with his choices, even though he looked a little rusty early on, with hard touches, that last chance he gave LD in the 38th minute was a really thoughtful look, and gracefully executed. Was happy to see Jozy get the armband when Donovan left, as much as I appreciate Guzan.

    Diskerud looked good on offense, and made the right decisions, but he played 2-3 through balls in the first half that could have been scoring chances. Great shot on the goal.

    It was painful to see Gyau go down. He moves on the ball with a spark, an aggression, that I think the US attack desperately needs.

    Besides Gyau, and Yedlin, I thought Chandler was the most athletic player for the US tonight, but I still question like 25 percent of his tactical thinking.

    Wood looks for real, although a bit invisible early on, and despite blowing three decent chances, it seems to me like a confidence issue, rather than one of talent.

    I thought Brooks and Orozco were really solid.

    I also watched the replay of FC Boot Room Extra, on ESPN3, and thought it was extremely well done.

    • Im with ya bro. on that last play i dont feel its as big of a deal as people may make it. he could have shot, he did pass, it wasnt a bad pass, the ECU defender just hustled back to clear it. wondo could have curled in a little to help hold him off but meh….

      Jozy played well and made me ponder; English (rather, Sunderland) soccer is played very spread up top. players pass into their forwards and expect them to create. as shown today, Jozy’s ideal style is one of constant movement and lots of “shown” runs once he gets the ball, he really likes to pass the ball (construed as a negative for him since he’s a “big ST”), but for club his team seems to just pass to him and stand there. only Giac makes runs off him and usually gets shot attempts. but essentially jozy needs a team that has a free flowing movement characterized by quick, possessive passing until a run is shown. This is the style
      the USMNT is growing towards and helps Jozy. Sunderland is the opposite, haha….. etc….

      aside from that….. the team looked good, attackers and mids moreso than defense. there is still some standing around when the ball is loose atop our box.
      Gyau is what we need; speed, confidence, what-we-thought-brek-would-be, etc. hope for a speedy recovery.
      Mixx, played well.
      Bedoya is “that guy”; he’s probably not gonna ball out of his mind but he’s gonna hustle every second and plays the simple balls when needed to move posession around
      Garza looked good, chandler looked not bad
      CBs had an outing
      wood looked liked he had the talent (great first touch in the earlyish highlight,) yet aslo looked like he was gonna “willie beaman” at any point
      guzan, good saves

      overall the USMNT is starting to play like a solid cohesive unit rather than “bunker and hope.” we’ve been making strides for several years now but it’s really coming together with the speed we’re adding.

      im intriged to see a 4-3-3 with

      Green Jozy Gyau


      Garza CB CB FJ

      Jozy as a False 9….. sorta…… FJ and Yedlin overlapping and perhaps at times switching positions unspoken, Mix staying tucked in to help on D

      aaaaaaaand im done.

      • Yeah, good game from the US. Subs made everything weird like they always do.

        PS. The runs from deep are something Sunderland never does. Some players like Lampard make careers out of runs from deep. They don’t because they are a small team worried about getting hit on the break. There is a reason they have 5 draws so far.

      • Mr. Davis,

        In general, USMNT players are more used to more of a team oriented, free flowing attack than what Sunderland practices. Poyet’s comments seem to indicate that he gets this but he has as yet been unable to install that system into his team , if he even wants to.

        All you have to do is watch last night’s game and then any recent Sunderland match.

        The mystery is why Poyet keeps Jozy around. Perhaps he is working towards evolving Sunderland’s attack towards a style more conducive to using Jozy. We’ll see.

      • I’d rather see

        Johansson – Boyd

        FJ – Zelalam – Diskerud – Parker

        V Alvarado – Brooks – CB – Yedlin

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