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USMNT 1, Ecuador 1: Post-Match Interviews


  1. Part of what made him special is how cerebral he is. It’s also a big part of what held him back. The talent he had for the game was absolutely immense. As Jozy said, he smelled the game. I’ve never completely attached to him because I always thought he was a bit soft. But I certainly appreciate everything he’s given to the game and the immense talent that he was (and is until his last kick of the ball). Part of me hopes that he’ll take a whole year off and then get the hunger back . . . come back for a few years and play in one more world cup. Even without his pace, he’d still be an elite player if he had a hunger for the game. I doubt it though . . . As much as I think he’s leaving the game too early, I give him credit for leaving on his own terms. Adios, Lando.

    • As much as I can appreciate what LD has done for US Soccer, it is time to move on from the whole scenario. Donovan, Boca, & Dolo were all great for the US, but father time is the all time champion. Expect that over the next 3 years the likes of Howard, Dempsey, Beasley, Jones, and Beckerman will fall to the wayside as well.
      The good thing is that there are now players who could potentially fill the holes that these players leave. At least much more so than in the past. Looking forward to the youth movement in US Soccer.


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