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USMNT 1, Honduras 1: Match Highlights

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  1. It would be a great Klinsmann innovation in these friendlies if he tells us in advance which half the team will show up. Waiting for the team to show up in 2H affected me like counting sheep.

    The 3 takeaways: (1) Jozy can finish if given a half chance, (2) Junior is key, even at CB, (3) Garza is legit. Oh, one more (4) MB90 is hit or miss these days playing as a #10. It’s funny how many times MB90 and Mix actually mixed it up between the 2 of them.

    • I would add: (5) Chandler needs to be smarter about when to go forward and quicker to get back.

      It is not so much funny about MB and Mix as it is a reflection of where each of them is more comfortable. MB likes the field in front of him while Mix wants to be higher up where defense is not the first responsibility.

  2. Good atmosphere at the game last night. We were sitting 6 rows behind the US bench. A couple of observations:

    1. Except for that great assist to Jozy, Bradley was just struggling. So many of his passes were back when there were teammates open 15-20 yards away upfield. It wasn’t his worst game, but something is very off. Most likely JK trying to force him into the 10 role instead of his more natural 6. I think the Mexico game where MB shined bright in April was the outlier, rather than an accurate representation of his skill as a 10.

    2. Speaking of which, Mix looked good in the 6 even though that’s not his strong suit. He needs to play more upfield. I’ll give JK leeway to experiment and hopefully someday it all adds up, but I don’t get why Mix and MB were slotted in those roles. and more than once, MB ended up behind Mix anyway, so we lost our midfield shape.

    3. Garza is impressing. He’s built like a college wrestler, but the dude has good technique and great speed. He’s done well with his 2 starts at LB.

    4. I liked Jones at CB. Yes, he lost his man on that goal, but otherwise, he played smart. I guess JK is thinking Jones can be the next Beckenbauer/Mathaus and convert him from a D-Mid. I doubt he’ll last 4 years, but he may be useful through Copa 2016.

    5. Zusi … yikes. Your time is up. I was bummed we didn’t get to see Yedlin play with the full squad. He was pretty ineffective once he came on in the second half.

    • Honestly, Frenchie, I’m not sure I disagree with any of these. Good stuff.

      Zusi was a wasted body out there. He has contributed in the past, but I’m def ready to move on. Far too slow.

    • Jones didn’t lose his man. Watch the replay again. He was marking somebody else. Nobody was marking Quioto. He actually set a pick on Jones then rolled off.

      • I think you’re right. Jones was basically covering two guys. He just happened to be closest to Figueroa. Ream was standing in no man’s land.

      • Yes, and it looks to me like JJ wasn’t worried about Quioto because he was in an offside position initially, but Ream put him onside before the ball was played.

      • JJ ——->WAS<—– marking the player who scored. watch right before the goal. Garza the LB is marking the player furthest to his left. Jones is trying to get the future scorer offsides and is supposed to follow him. he does not and the player scores. it's quite obvious

    • I think JK wants more versatility out of his midfield, hence forcing Mix and MB to play in uncomfortable roles. Ultimately, having Mix as a better defender and MB as a better playmaker creates a more dynamic midfield.

    • Interesting to see your number 1, as you were actually at the game. Watching on TV it looked the same, that MB constantly gave up opportunities for the decisive forward pass to instead carry the ball backwards 10, 20, even sometimes 30 yards into the defensive half. On screen you always wonder if MB sees something upfield that the rest of us don’t, if there’s some explicable reason for moving backwards over and over again. Based on your on-site observations, clearly MB is out of position as a 10 and just all too often ends up killing potential build-ups. Bunkering in the genes? For now, I’ll trust that there’s method to JK’s madness.

      • yeah it was interesting being almost at field level (rather than the usual ESPN angle), and getting a better idea of what players see (or should see). There were a number of opportunities where MB could have pushed the ball forward and it probably would have led to a quick counter but instead, he played it back. And several times, that back pass was not any “safer” than the options going lateral or forward. My non-soccer buddy who was there with me observed the same thing.

    • Ok, agree 100% on MB being a 6 not a 10.

      But does Mix or anyone else complete the great pass to Jozy ? I say no. So now what does a coach do ? Not as easy when you take that into account, imho.

      • NO!!!!

        You can’t say that!

        Michael Bradley is the legendary son of legendary coach Bob Bradley!


      • I agree that there is no easy solution. MB does seem to have the most accurate long ball, and I’m not sure that Mix has that in his skill set yet. Jones can hit it sometimes, but I think his success rate is lower than MB’s and it looks like he’ll be moving further back from the action. My comment on MB was mostly as to his link up play.

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