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Germany’s Bierhoff reveals June friendly with U.S. Men’s National Team


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The U.S. Men’s National Team are set to get another crack at Germany roughly one year after facing off at the 2014 World Cup.

Germany general manager Oliver Bierhoff revealed Tuesday that the reigning world champions are planning to face off with the U.S. in a friendly next June. The potential matchup would see the U.S. take on Germany for the third time under current head coach and former Germany manager Jurgen Klinsmann.

Klinsmann hinted at a potential meeting between the two teams in a recent interview while discussing the USMNT’s current connections with other nations around the world.

The U.S. most recently faced off with Germany at this past summer’s World Cup in a matchup that saw the Germans emerge with a 1-0 victory due to a Thomas Muller finish.  Germany is currently preparing to face Gibralter Friday for Euro 2016 qualifying, while the U.S. is currently stationed in London ahead of a friendly with Colombia at Fulham’s Craven Cottage.

What do you think of the potential friendly? How would you expect the U.S. to fare?

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  1. I like it when we play stronger teams. Germany may win but we don’t need to be scared to try and beat them. The only thing I don’t like so far is that JK is still calling people that won’t be there in 4 years. Beasley? come on… we need to retire him now. I suspect Jones will be able to keep Gonzo on the bench the next time out. He still has game but Bradley and Dempsey are most likely done. We need to start developing younger players and that isnt done by having them on the bench

    • Over the next 4 years a number of players will likely fall out of favor or be too old to continue to compete at the international level….Wondo, Davis, Evans, Beckerman, Beasley, Jones, Dempsey, Howard, Etc…..
      Bradley is not ear-marked for replacement just yet just because he had a sub-par WC and MLS season. There is a very good core of players to build around this cycle, and some very attractive prospects (Yedlin, Brooks, Green, Gyau, Hyndaman, Rubin, etc…). This cycle could be when the USMNT takes that next step towards becoming a consistent threat to the acknowledged powers in world soccer.

    • Developing players is not the role of a national team. Development is what happens on club teams and earlier on youth teams. National teams identify the best players for the roles need for the national team and ind incorporate them in to the plan.

      You can argue that (certain players should be incorporated into the team by the national coaching staff, or that national team coaches are responsible for making it clear what they expect of players, but developing talent is not what national teams are about.

      Advocating calling up random young players to replace veterans is just silly unless there is a cogent argument that certain young players are better (or will be better in 1 or 2 years) than the veterans, the veterans should stay and the neophytes should be left off the roster every time!

      • I would curse loudly, but the censors would bleep it out.

        Developing players is the role of ANY team. Any team that allows itself to forget this had better be a club financed by the Spanish government, a Russian oil tycoon, or an oil sheikh, with basically an infinite bankbook…or it dies.

        It amazes me, the number of otherwise intelligent idiots that take the “horse can’t clear the hurdle, so shoot the horse” approach. Which is a fine approach. As long as you have an infinite number of horses.

        But national teams are a different story, because you can’t just buy all the best ponies in the world the way Real Madrid, Chelsea, or Man City can. Nobody has an infinite number of horses. Let me repeat that: NOBODY DOES. Especially not America. Look no further than entitled idiot nations like Italy, England, and more recently, Brazil – who all think they invented soccer, and will accept nothing less than Absolute Perfection, Or Else, out of their players if you want to see where that road leads.

        The alternate approach is: you accept that ALL horses are flawed, but you look for pones with certain traits, and you invest in them, and develop them. Do it well enough – out of a big enough pool – and hey, eventually you’re competing.

        Being a coach who’s generally had to do more with less, I figured out real quick that shooting imperfect horses and refusing to develop flawed ones was a real bad idea.

    • That is what I was saying. He keeps avoiding players like Lichaj Who could be in Beasley spot and is getting playing time at forrest. Heck he could have called up Andrew Wooten who has been scoring a lot recently in Bundesliga 2 over C. Wondo.. Smh,

  2. Any chance this will be in the first few days of June? Would be great to combine it with the CL final in Berlin on June 6th. Something tells me that instead it will be around June 17th 🙁

    • All the reports I have read suggest it will be in Germany, although the exact date and venue have not been set. As background Germany have a cupcake qualifier against Gibralter on June 13. The CL final is set for June 6 in Berlin (it’s probably not too much of a stretch to think that a few Germans will be invovled in this)

  3. Based on many of the comments, I’m assuming most of you guys forgot we have played Germany the previous two summers in 2014 and 2013. We beat them in a friendly 4-3 in 2013 and lost 1-0 at the World Cup. I don’t have an issue with the USMNT playing Germany tbh. It should be a good test and a great game. Our boys will be ready.

  4. I think JK let the cat out of the bag on this one in that video yesterday. Good stuff playing the champs as dress rehearsal for the CG. I like it.

    • I actually dont like it, remember in 2011, we played spain prior to the gold cup and got spanked. Which hurt us during the whole tournament. I would like to see us warm up with like a middle of the road south american team, like paraguay, peru or even a uruguay. I think it would give us a better test prior to the tournament.

      • I have to agree with Chris on this one. Playing 90min of defense against a European team isn’t going to prepare us for the Gold Cup in any productive manner.

      • they got worked vs. Belgium summer of 2013 before playing Germany, Jamaica, Panama and Honduras and most of the players commented on how productive that learning experience was before their tear thru qualifying.

        it can work either way. that Spain game was miserable, but really we had Kljestan, Rogers, Spector, Lichaj and Ream vs Spain in their prime..

      • agreed. sheltering the team is equally bad. it’s basically saying USSF and the fans have no faith in the players.

      • I disagree with you, if we are going to be sheltering our boys from playing a powerhouse just because it may play games with their psyche then maybe we don’t deserve to be CONCACAF representatives in the next CC.

      • We played Germany right before the 2013 Gold Cup. And beat them. And won the Gold Cup.

        Grow a spine. We are not that bad.

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