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Must-See Goal: Carlos Vela


  1. eh, the goal was alright, not really ‘must-see’. was cool just because it was vela on his return, i guess.

    i was actually more impressed with herrera on that play. boy can ball.

  2. Not sure why people are criticizing the USMNT for losing to Belgium.

    Usmnt doesn’t have a CB as good as Kompany.
    Usmnt doesn’t have a CM as good as Fellaini.
    Usmnt doesn’t have a creator as good as de Bruyne or Hazard.
    Usmnt doesn’t have a striker as good as Lukaku.
    And sorry to say even Courtois > Howard.

    Belgium was stronger at every position. And yet, USA was a Wondo finish away from beating them. Impressive.

    • Oh please, I like how you ignore how Belgium dominated the whole game!

      “USA was a Wondo finish away from beating them. Impressive.”

      How about.. USA was a few Howard saves and bad Belgium finishes away from losing 6-0. Pathetic.

      • Oh please, how about …

        If “if” was a fifth, we’d all be drunk
        If your sister had an “Outie”, she’d be your brother
        If I wanted to get a good look at a T-Bone steak I could stick my head up a bull’s a$s, but I’d rather take the butcher’s word for it.

  3. like i said before, usa and mexico could of done something special in brazil, it was wide open.
    klins hold back usa with his weird tactics and wondo missed an easy tap in.
    mexico needed vela and more time with their new coach and hold the netherlands a few minutes more.
    By the way mexico has like 3 Ateams, just like the big soccer countries.

    • Mexico probably shouldn’t have been there. If not for a late game collapse by another country, they’d have burnt their country to the ground and lost hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

    • I just wanna say this. I know why people blame our tactics. It’s because its hurts to blame our players. The guys are all good but we don’t have someone even as good as Kevin de Bruyne let alone an Hazard. Dempsey was our closest to a De Bruyne but Clint is a finisher and not a creator.

      It’s players just as much as tactics. Tactics are why teams like Italy fail to win. They have the players to do it. We only have some of the players and certainly none of the depth.

      • I’ll wait and see who is brought in for the Gold Cup. I agree that USmnt looks to be going down, but its a roller-coaster how long our slump last will depend on injuries, age/fitness of veterans, and who if any diamonds in the rough Klinsmann can find.

        as well if he punishes/sits/doesn’t call up anyone for being on MLS teams

      • i recall thinking before the hex that the US looked unsettled and every goal seemed so labored while El Tri were flying high..

        not too different now. we will see how next summer turns out.

        that said no question that Mexico is clicking right now.. and we have a lot of good players in terrible form.. hopefully this changes in the next six months.

      • “as well if he punishes/sits/doesn’t call up anyone for being on MLS teams”

        He hasn’t done it to anyone yet. I’m not saying he wouldn’t.(Although in the short term it really only applies to Jozy and punishing Jozy like that is not going to help.)

    • And yet one must go back 16 years to the 1998 qualifiers to find a time that Mexico topped CONCACAF WCQ. Check back in with me when they manage to do that again.

      • Mexico didn’t top the Hex in 2009 and they humiliated us in the 2011 GC final, people really overrate the Hex results, Costa Rica was second last time and made it to the QF in the WC, Honduras third and was one of the worst teams in the WC

      • Of course Ian, you are entirely correct. No one really tries that hard to qualify for the WQ … and they only play 10 matches?!? How can you judge quality over only 10 matches?! Give me an off-cycle GC any day. That’s where the boys really come to play!

      • Jay Heaps started and went 90 in that game. You really think that was a competitive team? That was a C-team at best and it was the only game Mexico won convincingly in the whole tournament.

      • That was the 2009 GC.

        Donovan, Dempsey, Bradley, Howard, Boca, Jones and Adu played in the 2011 GC.

        Basically our strongest team.

      • I don’t agree. Hex results are just a good as indication as the Gold Cup.

        The Gold cup only requires true effort in the Semis and Final. The hex is a long slog that requires focus and endurance.

        What I’m saying is that part being a good team is playing well over a long period of time.

    • Yeah, USMNT will lose 1-0 to Colombia but get a few good looks at goal and everyone will say “look how good we looked, we almost tied the #3 team in the world! And we played so well!!”

  4. Wow. Dude is back. If I was Herrera I would find a formatioN where I could include all three of Vela, Gio Dos Santos, and Chicharito. Lethal.


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