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Klinsmann previews USMNT match vs. Colombia


  1. There are plenty of British citizens who will be happy to show up and support their American allies. I just know they will. they have to. I mean we are practically family. Cameron will be there definitely. if nothing else it will be a good opportunity for them to make fun of American Soccer.

  2. Im sure the Brits will be lining up to see an American ‘B’ team play Columbia. I’ll be surprised if they sell 5K thickets for this one. I

    f you want an American home game. Maybe it should be held in American? The only thing this location is good for is Euro based players

    • Wreck it Rslph!!!
      Congrats on one of the worst comments I’ve seen in some time,. Utterly devoid of anything that might be mistaken for value. You and the peanut butter crammed into the keypad of your clamshell phone should be very interested to know that the friendly sold 13,000 tickets in the first 4 days, and may very well sell out. We will never know how well it might have done if it were held in American? though.

      • Because a half filled football stadium in Boca is such a huge advantage. Unless the federation schedules friendlies in Columbus, Portland, Seattle, etc. there is not an enormous advantage. Remember the Gold Cup match in Baltimore that was pro El Salvador? Besides, they need to get comfortable in Europe. At least Klinsi has them playing better on the continent. It used to be we never even won in Europe, so at least that expectation has changed.

      • Hey I’m all in favor of playing games in Europe…. just not in favor of boneheads like Rslph who have no idea what they are talking about.

      • Stop reading the Daily Mail. It’ll rot your brain. Brits do not have any urgency to see Falcao…. he plays for Man U they can do that every week if he’s healthy. James is not that big of a star– and he hasn’t played in England in… well… 10 days.

        Most of the people who have bought these tickets are likely not Brits at all, but ex-pats from the US and Colombia.

  3. That would be really nice…

    How about FFC brings in Altidore, Shea, other troubled yanks abroad

    Or makes offers for Okugo, Hamid, others looking to make the jump?


  4. JK: ..make it a real American home game. So, basically a crowd of 60/40 American support?

    He mentions this game being a real benchmark for where we’re at today. Assuming the big boys are being called in for this one then?


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