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Lampard’s agent denies report of Man City loan extension as Lampard remains coy

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Despite all of the rumors surrounding his future, Frank Lampard’s time with New York City FC will reportedly go on as scheduled.

With speculation swirling that the midfielder would extend his stay with Manchester City, Lampard’s agent, Steve Kutner, denied the report to the New York Daily News, stating that such an extension was “not even discussed.”

Kutner’s statement comes just hours after The Daily Express reported that the former Chelsea midfielder would remain with Manchester City for the remainder of the Premier League season.

Lampard himself discussed his impending return to NYCFC Monday while also revealing that he could be ready to return from a leg injury for Wednesday’s Champions League matchup with CSKA Moscow.

“All I can say is how much I’m enjoying it at City,” Lampard said. “I’m contracted here until the end of December and my future will be at New York City at some stage. All I can do now is go week by week and play as well as I can when I am playing to bring a good contribution.”

“When I left Chelsea, I thought I was going to be moving out of the Premier League and that was a different angle,” Lampard continued. “That’s all to come still but this is an absolutely brilliant time for me. I want to look back on it and say I enjoyed it – but more than that, I want to look back and say I made a bit of a difference in a positive way”

“What I will say is: for every minute I am here, I’ll give it everything and we’ll see how it goes.”

What do you make of the Lampard rumors? What do you think of his time at Man City thus far?

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  1. If Mansour has a great player, he will be unable to waste him on NY or Melbourne when the Premiership and Champions League beckon.
    Fans, members, and sponsors would make that impossible.

    New York & Melbourne will always get the leftovers

    Nice move, Don. You screwed up the New York market TWICE

  2. Is it just me or do a lot of these stars seem to be getting cold feet (Lampard) or regret (Bradley and Defoe) about playing in MLS. Perhaps it’s due to the Clearance city and hackathon style of play or the fact that they have to play on fake grass or that most of their teammates will resent their huge contracts, or the fact that the next season will likely be delayed or cancelled due to CBA issues.

  3. Lets see how Garber handles this one. Didn’t the league sign Lampard and now the owners of NYCFC want to keep their object of good fortune on their other squad? Klinsi was right

  4. I wonder who will be nycfc 3rd DP, jozy, drogba, Gerrad or even soldado. Same thing with galaxy and Orlando, galaxy has one spot.
    Galaxys Gonzalez deserves to go to Europe or Mexico and earn and huge paycheck, so will they end up with two new dps. Gonzalez can easily make big money in Mexico and Orlando might have something up their sleeve with robinho or some other Brazilian star.
    By the way ligaMX took golden boot camilo from MLS, will they take Phillips now as well.

  5. If you’re Lampard, come on – you’ve GOT to be having second thoughts on leaving the Premier League, especially when you’re scoring goals and you have so much more to offer.

    He’s a bright, intelligent guy. NYCFCFCFCFCFCFCFCFCFC is very lucky to have him. If he gets used to playing in an MLS, gets more familiar with the structure of the league, and figures out the weirdness of the rules, I can definitely see him as a GM or manager in the future for NYCFC after he’s really done. Just how I see Henry doing the same in the future for RBNY.

  6. Henry, Wright-Phillips, Lampard, David Villa, Raul. Yup the Cosmos just keep contending for the best signings in New York don’t they!


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