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TFC’s Leiweke insists team will be better next season with or without Defoe



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After one of the most exciting offseasons in recent memory, Toronto FC’s regular season was nothing short of disappointment.

Disappointment is unacceptable to Tim Leiweke, CEO of MLSE, who revealed that he expects the team to improve upon its regular season failings when they take the field to for the 2015 campaign.

However, TFC are currently facing an unknown future when it comes to star forward Jermain Defoe, who has been linked with a move back to England since the summer months. Leiweke, who is scheduled to step down from his position next summer, insists that he believes that TFC will be a better team next year even if Defoe opts to depart.

“As I’ve said before, Jermain Defoe was not a mistake,” Leiweke said. “He is a very good player and I think in his heart, in his soul, a good man. But we have to determine does he want to be here. There’s no DP that is ultimately going to leave this organization and we go backwards on the capital invested. That’s not going to happen.

“We know where we are going. If we have a DP slot open, we already know who we’re going after. And I am 100 per cent convinced we’re going to be a better team on the pitch next year — without a lot of changes.”

Leiweke went on to state that any deal involving Defoe would have to be one beneficial to the club, as TFC aren’t planning on letting their expensive forward go without proper compensation.

“Jermain needs to decide if he wants to be here,” Leiweke said. “If he does, then I think he’s one of the great strikers in MLS. If he does not, then that situation is ours to ultimately decide — not his — because we own his contract. We’re not going to give him away. And so we’re in a good spot.

“The one thing I can promise our fans — one way or another, this will end well for TFC. (I) guarantee it.”

What do you make of Leiweke’s comments? How will TFC look next season? How do you expect the team to get better?

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  1. I’m sorry, Nick in LA, but Leiweke is an impatient gust of hot air who’s never been into long-term planning. He *always* goes for the big splash at the expense of such planning. Yes, I’m very aware of Beckham and Keane but don’t forget that Beckham almost left the Galaxy after 2008 because of the chaos surrounding the club — chaos for which Leiweke ultimately was responsible because he allowed 19 Entertainment to have too much of a say in the club’s operations. If Bruce Arena wasn’t around for Leiweke to hire, the Galaxy would be just like TFC. Arena made that team what it is today, not Leiweke.

  2. As a Galaxy fan, you guys should be jumping for joy you have Timmy on your side. He will get the job done and make you better whether you want to or not. He was instrumental in the Beckham and Keane deals and just look at how those worked out. When he says he’s got a plan, trust him. TFC is already in a better position now than they were at this point last year. MB has had a foot injury all year and that is the difference between making and not making the playoffs this year. Next year I expect at least a #4 finish for Toronto.

  3. Bradley is staying, Gilberto is staying right and who would they go for. This guy has magic and what he says is real, so I’m guessing drogba or a mega surprise like zlatan or jozy.
    Money talks and jozy would fit with Bradley but how about Rooney.
    Only if there was a leweike for every MLS team. Ever sine he left galaxy, their not the same and Houston has never gotten his magic.

  4. Everyone is following the old script of Toronto will never be good, not a hard one to follow.

    I will take the other side. Not hard to beat a season where you spent that much money on one guy….who couldn’t handle it and only played 1/2 of the season. Just because they chose the wrong guy…who seemed like the right guy to everyone going into it, shouldn’t be a strike against Toronto. It wasn’t like management was alone in thinking he could be the man and being wrong when he was a boy.

    They will move one with money to spend and desire to be even better. That isn’t a bad place to be for a marginal just missing the playoffs team.

  5. I feel bad for the fanbase, this franchise has been a $hitshow from the get go. How can you build on anything good or learn from anything bad if every season there is new coaches/general managers/business models.
    I’ve only been to the stadium once and absolutely loved it (and that was with the turf). The passion, location and the willingness to spend should have this team (and Montreal) as a go to destination, but every year its turnover and turmoil.
    The Don should take a good look at both Montreal and Toronto and devote some time in to making these 2 franchises run better


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