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Klinsmann includes Nguyen, Ibarra, Morris on 25-player roster for final USMNT games of 2014

JurgenKlinsmannUSMNT2-Ecuador (Getty)


As 2014 comes to a close, U.S. Men’s National Team head coach Jurgen Klinsmann has called in a balanced roster ahead of friendlies against Colombia and Ireland.

U.S. Soccer announced the 25-man roster Monday, which includes New England Revolution superstar Lee Nguyen, Minnesota United winger Miguel Ibarra and Stanford standout Jordan Morris. Also included are 16 players from this summer’s World Cup, including Jozy Altidore, DaMarcus Beasley, DeAndre Yedlin, Jermaine Jones, and John Brooks.

In total, the U.S. roster features 12 players with less than 10 international appearances while also including the same amount of players under the age of 24.

“We want to finish 2014 on a high note and continue to try to meet the top teams eye to eye,” said Klinsmann. “In these last two games we want our veterans to really become mentors both on and off the field, and we want to see our youngsters take advantage of the opportunity to make their case and grow from the experience. These performances will set the tone for 2015.”

The U.S. is set to take on Colombia on Nov. 14 at Fulham’s Craven Cottage in London before jetting off to Dublin to take on Ireland four days later.

Take a closer look at the U.S. roster below:

GOALKEEPERS (4): Brad Guzan (Aston Villa), Bill Hamid (D.C. United), Sean Johnson (Chicago Fire), Nick Rimando (Real Salt Lake)

DEFENDERS (9): DaMarcus Beasley (Houston Dynamo), Matt Besler (Sporting Kansas City), John Brooks (Hertha Berlin), Geoff Cameron (Stoke City), Timmy Chandler (Eintracht Frankfurt), Greg Garza (Club Tijuana), Fabian Johnson (Borussia Mönchengladbach), Jermaine Jones (New England Revolution), DeAndre Yedlin (Seattle Sounders FC)

MIDFIELDERS (6): Kyle Beckerman (Real Salt Lake), Alejandro Bedoya (Nantes), Mix Diskerud (Rosenborg), Julian Green (Hamburg), Alfredo Morales (Ingolstadt), Lee Nguyen (New England Revolution)

FORWARDS (6): Jozy Altidore (Sunderland), Miguel Ibarra (Minnesota United FC), Jordan Morris (Stanford), Rubio Rubin (Utrecht), Bobby Wood (1860 Munich), Chris Wondolowski (San Jose Earthquakes)

What do you think of the U.S. roster? Any surprise inclusions? Any snubs? Who are you most looking forward to seeing?

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  1. A few curious decisions, but this roster isn’t all that difficult to understand.

    It’s defense-heavy and midfield-light, but several of the listed defenders can and have played in the midfield for the NT. Yedlin in particular is probably as likely to see time in midfield as defense.

    People question the inclusion of guys like Beasley, Wondo and Beckerman; but it’s a no-brainer. Clearly he wants some experience on the field and in camp and these guys are exactly the type to show the youngsters what is expected of them in camp.

    Leaving off Dempsey and Omar while including other guys like Jones and Nguyen that are still involved in MLS playoffs isn’t that difficult to grasp either. Klinsmann has relied as heavily on Dempsey as anyone. He’s always the one that goes 90 even after long trips, short turnarounds, despite his age, etc. As captain, he was expected to be on the field and has been a ton. JK is probably just letting him really focus on staying fresh and winning a championship. Omar hasn’t been quite the same fixture, but Klinsmann knows what he needs to know about him at this point and can afford to let him focus on the playoffs. Nguyen and Jones have different situations. Jones has been a fixture like Dempsey, but obviously he’s being looked at in a new position and being used to light a fire under the other CB options. Nguyen is playing too well to be ignored and Klinsmann hasn’t had him in camp yet. You could say Beckerman is the counter argument, but being a little light in midfield, he probably just wanted the experience.

    AJ, Williams and Boyd are better left to continue to get fit and earn time with their clubs.

    I’m not necessarily a Klinsmann fan myself, just saying I get it. The roster is not without questionable decisions, though. Wood could have been left off this time. Not tossed aside mind you, he’s young and can earn more chances, but he’s had a few runs and hasn’t really distinguished himself. Ibarra, I guess we’ll see. He hasn’t really gotten many minutes yet to base anything on. I don’t get the Morris call up really. There will be plenty of time for that. I get the arguments people are making for Zardes and Tesho. Personally, I think both have a lot to improve upon, but have earned some consideration given this roster. Brooks could have been left off given his club form. Besler could have been given a break. etc. etc.

    The main thing I’m hoping for out of this roster is to see Nguyen get some real minutes and get a look at Rubin.

      • I’d file that one under the “Wood could have been left off” comment. Wooten has done more in terms of club form to get the call.

        It’s also too bad Hyndman won’t be there for this one on his home pitch. Bad timing with the U20s I guess.

    • Wood played well vs Ecuador except for his finishing. He wasn’t very good against Honduras, but he’s definitely shown more in 2 games than a lot of other prospects.

      Maybe Wondo’s in camp to teach him a thing or two about finishing.

      • If you are a forward and don’t score when you have a very good chance, then is a bad game for the forward.

        Sort of like the GK that stops all the tough shots and lets a roler go through, people are not going to say the GK had a good game.

    • “AJ, Williams and Boyd are better left to continue to get fit and earn time with their clubs.” You do realize that Jozy has played about the same amount as AJ and Boyd? Yet, we see him here, next to daddy K.

  2. Jozy




    ————— Guzan——————–

    Nguyen for Rubin

  3. Truly awful roster, why do we need to see more of beasley, beckerman and wondo, too old and not that much better than younger players in the pool. I would have liked to see players like klute, edu, trapp, kitchen, boyd, wooten get the call-up. Why is there a need to bring 4 keepers? Why is there no williiams, johannsson? Why no gonzo, dempsey? Theres no rhyme or reason ever to his call-ups.

    • Correction: no reason you or I am privy to.

      In this case, though, we know the reason, he wants the older guys to demonstrate the work rate he wants to the youngsters.

      • I understand that but these players have those role models at the club level. Being called up is an honor and should be something you work for. Not to just be an extension of the coaching staff.

  4. Now Klinsmann starts to worry me with Wondo and Wood continuing being part of USNT. Wondo isn’t enough for USNT and his age not helping him. Wood is failing with club!

  5. some of these guys haven’t played football in a month, like Beasley, Besler, S Johnson (GK) and even Fabian Johnson. Besler hasn’t played good football since returing from the WC, and needs to sit. I like the Nguyen callup, but where and how will JK play him?

    We need to see the “new” faces, IMHO. Maybe he’s waiting for the next January camp to go all in, or even after CONCACAF U-20 qualifyication.

  6. Why did Perry Kitchen not get called up? He’s been solid all year and is a great future holding mid for the national team.. DC is out of the playoffs so why is he not called up?

  7. I don’t understand why Wood is getting call-ups. He’s not even playing much for 1860 anymore and he hasn’t scored since last May or something. Meanwhile Andrew Wooten has five goals this season in the same league…

      • Cunningham fell out of favor in his second season with Toronto FC, missing scoring a goal line ball that would have taken Toronto to the CONCACAF Champions League. After the match, TFC coach John Carver said “I am thinking, ‘How did he score 99 goals?’ That’s what I thought.’”

        You could make it a case for Boyd too yet he gets called. Something about Wooten turns off JK, what? I have no idea.

      • Boyd gets called in and then gets limited minutes but has rarely done anything good with his limited minutes. Hopefully, he is raising his game now that he is in a tougher league.

        I’ve never seen Wooten play and I wonder just how many people here have. I did see Cunningham play and I’d say he left no impression at all other than his goals which were real enough. He never did score more than one goal for the US though. Maybe Wooten is like that.

      • I have seen a few games of Wooten when available and he is a faster version of a Boyd. What impressed me the most was how tenacious he can be when played as a winger. The reports are he is very good defensively like Bedoya, cuts inside very well when attacking because he is a forward after all, he did lacked crossing skills for that level of a player.

  8. Surprising roster overall. Some inclusions many of us seem to have not expected. Very shocked to see Wondo, Morris and Wood over guys like AJ, Boyd, Zardes and Wooten.

    A better 25:

    Gk: Guzan Hamid Rimando Johnson
    Def: Garza, Chandler, Fabian, Lichaj, Jones, Cameron, Brooks, Besler
    Mid: Mix, Green, Morales, Nguyen, Yedlin, Ibarra, Williams, Beckerman
    Att: Jozy, Aron, Boyd, Wooten, Rubin

  9. If people “read between the lines” on many of JK’s comments (including today’s) you can see there are certain attributes that he values and wants to cultivate…and Wondo is a part of a select group that he feels will set the right example as they teach and mentor the younger players.

    Other players have always gushed about his “team first” attitude, a crazy level of competitiveness, an uncanny level of fitness and a remarkable daily work ethic. I’ll lay a bet that Wondo will have no shortage of coaching opportunities when he’s through playing. His is truly a “Cinderalla” story with soccer as the backdrop…

    When Dominic Kinnear traded him from a talented Dynamo team back in 2009 he told a Houston reporter that he while he was “glad to send Chris home to the Bay Area to play” that it was “truly a gut-wrenching emotional decision” because he “had never seen a better team mate and locker room guy in his entire career, either playing or coaching.”

    It may be that Wondo’s hidden “value” to the team is found in the less-obvious, but equally important, dimensions of being a professional athlete…

  10. I think everyone is getting too worked up about Dempsey. Maybe kinsmann is just giving him a break? I don’t think there’s as much behind it as everyone is insinuating.

    • I do. He doesn’t fit a 4-3-3.

      This time around, I suspect, is all about the 4-3-3.

      With a short cycle and a limited pool, Klinsmann took who he had to. This time around, I think he’s going to take who he needs…and if he doesn’t have it this second, he’s going to look everywhere – including college and the NASL – to find it.

      Amazing what an extra year gives you.

  11. Surprised that we didnt see Boyd, Johannsson, Williams, Ream and Lichaj – all starting and playing regularly in Europe. I guess a few of them are just coming off injuries..

    Overall strong roster. Il go with
    -Chandler—Brooks–Jones—F. Johnson-
    Possibly Yedlin or Green over Nguyen to start. Bring more of the North American guys; Beckerman, Besler, Garza, Ibarra in vs Rep of Ireland

  12. On the Dempsey exclusion. I think, in the past, Clint has not performed well with the USMNT when he has had to make long trips and big time-zone changes with little recovery time. His best games for the US have been in Europe when he was playing there or in the Americas when he had ample time to adjust to the travel, his play in the US when he had to travel from Europe with only a few days transition time have been less than his best. Perhaps either he or JK noticed this.

  13. Lead ESPN story: JK omits Bradley and Dempsey…
    Considering Bradley just had foot surgery you would think that the “Staff Writers” of the biggest sports network would have just a teeny tiny bit of a clue….

  14. Klinsmann loves his favorites, but Beckerman, Wondo, and Beasley need to be phased out very soon. If they were just called in to serve as a bridge with Dempsey, Bradley, and Howard out of the picture at the moment that is fine. However, they no longer need to be called up in the future. Time to move on with Johannson/Boyd or Zardes, Williams, and R. Rodgers or Lichaj.

  15. I am a Wondo supporter, but am surprised he got this call-up. By Wondo’s standards over the last 5 years, 2014 has been a disappointment. Still, with Dempsey not chosen, Wondo makes some sense given that he is the most prolific scorer at the club level and senior enough to take on a role as a model for the kind of effort JK wants to see. Yes, I know he only scores in MLS, but he does so at faster rate than anyone else over the last 5 years and that includes some pretty good company (Donavon, Keane, Henry, and now Dempsey and Defoe)

  16. Why did he not call up Lichaj who is starting for his club team all the time. I would rather have him then Beasley on the team. Also, why no Bradley?

  17. Interesting lineup. As much as we want to see Nguyen, Klinsy rarely plays completely new guys more than garbage minutes the first time out. I doubt Heaps wants Nguyen to play more than 15-20 either–this is about Klinsy and Lee getting to know each other. Look for January to be when Nguyen makes his mark.

    I laugh at posts that say “don’t call in any of the older guys.” Either we call in some of them, knowing that only one or two will be there in four years, or we get creamed with a bunch of guys who don’t know how to settle this kind of game down. Jones and Beckerman will keep the game competitive, and even if you hate Wondo (and so many do), he has the work ethic that Klinsy wants the young guys to see. He also is coming off a pretty good season for a pretty awful team, so I don’t think he’s washed up by any means. I can only imagine that Clint was asked but said no. Otherwise he’d be there–nobody else scores goals with any regularity. Honest question–what is Wood’s big skill? Haven’t seen him enough to know–blazing speed? Smart runs? tireless runner? He’s hanging around Bundesliga 2 so he’s obviously got some game.
    p.s. any word on whether Gatt will play for his club team again? I don’t think he’s ever going to be what we all hoped, but i do hope he gets on the field somewhere, sometime.

    • What makes you think Lichaj will be on the 2018 roster? He’s not getting regular time any more for Forest. And he has never looked as good for the USMNT as Garza has recently..

      • Bro, stop hating on Lichaj. Look at the last 10 yanks abroad articles, then lets talk. He does get time for Forrest. He also was great at

      • Eric’s playing time for Forest keeps diminishing.

        In the 2011 Gold Cup final Eric’s clearance went straight to Guardado who then turned that into the tying goal and Mexico went on the humiliate and massacre the US. That is what I remember about Lichaj’s Gold Cup.

  18. Wants to finish on a high note, but doesn’t bring in Dempsey or Bradley. Obviously, Bradley hasn’t had the best of years (thank you terrible finishing from Toronto forwards) and Klinsmann is really determined to play him as a high-midfielder, and Mix as the deep-lying midfielder. He can get it right with some players but misses entirely with others. Wondo still being called in?

  19. I love how Jurgen talks about Craven Cottage and the American link. Encourages Fulham fans to adopt USA, but doesn’t select Clint or Emerson?

    • Chuck,

      Emerson is in Spain with the U-20 team. Clint has a very long flight and some playoff considerations.

      On the other hand Los isn’t busy and neither is Eddie Lewis, Kasey Keller or Brian McBride.

      Why not field a Fulham alumni team for 45 minutes and watch Colombia tear them to pieces? Great fun for the Fulham faithful right?

      • Clint is playing today. I think that does have something to do with it. The other got done 24 hours earlier. That doesn’t sound like much but it matters.

      • Thanks GW and I understand,
        but wouldn’t a regular call up and work be more beneficial to Emerson then perhaps under 20s like Rubio is doing?
        Also,Yedlin has a long flight and playoffs just like Jones and a couple others?

      • With Nguyen called up I’d say Emerson would not play that much and might not even get that much attention in training.

        And maybe Tab has big plans for him.for the upcoming Under 20 WC.

  20. I guess Tim Ream and Eric Lichaj can kiss any USMNT future goodbye. They have both done what JK wants by going to Europe and challenging themselves. Each of them have played in the BPL and can’t be blamed for the relegation of their teams. They should start looking for the biggest paychecks they can find rather than worrying about playing time and exposure for the National Team. Danny Williams may still have a chance with JK because he is half German, but he has been back from injury and training with the first team for almost a month now.

    • In regards to Lichaj:

      In the most recent weekend Lichaj played 22 minutes in a substitute role, correct? To my knowledge, he’s continuously injured and his playing time is erratic. Who exactly do you want him unseeding?

      • Lichaj is also not really a wingback.

        It’s been obvious that Klinsmann values pace, pace, and more pace at his outside back spots – he wants these guys to go thundering up the field and do damage up the flanks.

        Lichaj isn’t going to scare anyone with his pace or ability to penetrate down the flank.

        I never understood why everybody keeps yelling “Lichaj! Lichaj! Lichaj!”

        He looked OK when the USA was playing a bunkered-up 4-4-2. But them ain’t those days anymore. He doesn’t fit what the USA is trying to morph into.

      • quozzel –
        I suggest you go back and re-watch some of Lichaj’s appearances for Club & Country. He is every bit the type of outside back that JK says he wants. He has loads of pace, overlaps well, and sends in very good crosses.
        People have been calling for Lichaj for a very simple reason… He’s a good, quick, outside back who can (and has) played on either side (left or right) of the defense. When we were trying out backs before during the last cycle (Evans, Beltran, Etc…) Lichaj was a viable option. To many he still is, but for some reason JK isn’t interested.

      • Mr. Space,

        “I suggest you go back and re-watch some of Lichaj’s appearances for Club & Country’

        Like the 2011 Gold Cup final where he sent his clearance directly to Guardado resulting in Mexico’s tying goal? I would think he wants to forget about that.

        In four years or so at Villa, Lichaj never really won a starting job. The majority of his starts came because of injury to the starters or the starters just being so awful. The first thing Lambert did when he got to ViIla was buy a right back. Then he bought a left back. Then he got rid of Eric.

        Lichaj is a solid defender but the rap on him going forward was that he constantly gave the ball away cheaply, as they say. Not what you want in a successor to Dolo.

        So if you want to make a case for Eric don’t do it on his past record for the USMNT do it on what he is currently doing at Forest, where he seems to be losing his job.

        Lichaj is an okay right back and a less okay left back but the US has better options right now.

      • We’re talking game-breaking pace.

        I’ve been impressed, at times, with Lichaj. But he doesn’t bring out that, hey, look-at-that pace that you look for in an International-level wingback.

        People spent most of the pre-Brazil cycle perpetually annoyed at DaMarcus Beasley, for instance. I got it. He had that turn of pace you had to watch, every second, or he’d catch you napping and be up the field on you. And then he played every second of the 2014 World Cup and held up…and got forward repeatedly. Even while the German press – who was familiar with Beasley from his stint in the Bundesliga – was busy panning him, he was busy running up and down the flank. And the Germans didn’t want to…but ultimately, they had to respect it, because he was getting in on them. And that changed that game. We were busy surging for an equalizer against Germany, despite the fact that our midfield had been dominated 90% of the game, precisely because the Germans were having trouble with lowly Run DMB up the flank.

        You either have the speed or you don’t. Beasley’s got it. Garza appears to have it. Fabian Johnson has it. Even the much-maligned Timothy Chandler has it.

        Lichaj doesn’t. It really is that simple. And that’s the end of the discussion, as far as Klinsmann is concerned.

    • The ship has sailed for Lichaj. While I don’t agree with your insinuation that it’s related to his nationality, I share your disappointment about the decision on Ream. That’s a pretty strong group of defenders on this list, but at this point surely Ream rates just as highly as Beasley and Besler. (By the way, can we call tham the Beez Brothers?)

      • I think you have a short memory. Ream is a good passer for a CB, but he cost us goals on a number of occasions when he took the field for the USMNT. Unfortunately for Ream, the tolerance for errors is quite small for CBs.

      • DMB just put in 4 very solid games at the World Cup at left back for the US.

        When has Ream ever done anything remotely comparable to that?

    • Someone hypothesized that Lichaj was the one who leaked that information to the journalist a few years ago, hence why he’s never invited. I’d like a journalist with steel man-bits to really dig in and find out.

      As for Ream: Yet again, he didn’t impress at the top level. Some guys, no matter how well they play at club level, never replicate that for country.

      • Yup, Ream has had chances and Lichaj well… maybe he was the leak but I remember him getting called up maybe a year and a half ago then getting injured right before he would have come.

        I think it just hasn’t worked out.

      • Supposedly Lichaj got into a fight with a teammate either before or after the Scotland match last fall.

    • It is simply the creme rising to the top in the backline. Lichaj had a moment but failed to capitalize and has become erratic. Ream is simply slow and not to spec. The german influx has helped push them out but it basically comes down to talent. Who would you push out for them? Anyone from these callups, the likely response will be, no I think x is better than him. Strictly quality.

    • While I am always up for players going for the money, I really do not understand the obsession with Lichaj. He is a decent Championship pro (who doesn’t start), but who is he going to displace at outside back? DaMarcus Beasley, Geoff Cameron, Timmy Chandler, Greg Garza, Fabian Johnson, DeAndre Yedlin are ALL better than he is. Maybe that will change in the future. He has to displace someone. Should we call in Spector? He plays more than Lichaj when not hurt. I think we might even see Robbie Rogers at outside back before Lichaj. JK has even called up other MLS outside backs/wing back instead of Lichaj (Tony Beltran, Chris Klute, Michael Harrington, Chance Myers, Seth Sinovic). However, it must be because he is not German .

      Ream is a guy that I would like to get additional shots, but JK is not impressed by him, and I doubt that has much to do with him not being German. JK prefers players to push themselves in Europe (Ream did that and earns a lot more money), but what is UNDENIABLE is that JK has called in more MLS based players than any previous USMNT coach. He clearly considers MLS talent highly as well as fit. I hearken back to what he said about Beckerman months ago. He stated that he wished that he had him when he was 21 to help him grow because he is an excellent player. I think he sees some top level talent in MLS, but he wishes they push themselves at higher levels against better competition. He probably just thinks that there better CBs. Think about it, he would rather play Cameron at CB than bring in Ream.

      • Where Klinsmann may not be “getting it” is, where is he supposed to push them to?

        USMNT players in Europe have not done well. There just doesn’t appear to be a next-level league that is really receptive to them. Everything is a push.

        Unless you’ve got a break-the-bank contract, you’re better off signing a DP contract for MLS than you are taking your chances in Europe. By a country mile.

    • Getting first team minutes, although limited, in the Bundesliga is certainly enough to “earn” a national team call-up. Get over yourself.

      • Matt,

        Go back about two seasons and watch the derby match between Manchester United and Manchester City.

        Rooney scored on an overhead bicycle kick that got all kinds of honors for goal of the whatever. Watch the replay. The cross hits his shin and goes in. Was he lucky? Sure, but he was good as well, same with Green’s goal Are going to complain about Dempsey’s World Cup goal in 2010 against England?

    • Convenient you choose to target Green and not any other players. Your posts are tiring and I wish there was an ignore button on SBI to avoid the minimal effort of having to scroll past them.

      • “Your posts are tiring and I wish there was an ignore button”

        look in the mirror Old School. always trying to bully folks these days who don’t see things or post things the way you think they should

        you’re so tough…lol

      • I fully understand that ignore function would be applied to me, as well.

        As for your statement of me bullying people: when people attempt civil discourse I follow suit. I like debates and enjoy engaging in them. However, we have a vocal minority that appear to live deep in the woods harboring outlandish conspiracies and regularly troll the board. They aren’t attempting to debate. You know this. They know this. Everyone knows this.

        Calling out those who appear to have the objective equivalence of throwing feces on the wall and drawing pictures with their bare hands on it isn’t bullying. It’s calling out a segment that has greatly reduced the quality of this website.

        I know that can be tough to recognize for some or ignore for some. Hence, ignore feature.

      • I don’t think you are a bully, we have agreed and disagreed and it has always been civil, well on your side 😉

        But that was a little harsh.

        Unless he is constantly ripping on Green, like the infatuation with ripping on other nat team players ( Adu, anyone have a really stupid joke there ? ), it was a little tough.

      • It’s a body of work. If you’re bored (like I am when I peruse SBI) take note of his name and watch his future posts.

        They’re always divisive, conspiratorial, and with nonexistent facts that yield zero follow up to support on his part to engage in debate.

        I’m guilty of a lot and far from perfect but shying away from a debate or someone that disagrees with me is something I can’t be accused of. Labeling me as a bully is just lazy and is nothing more than intentional digression.

      • you are applying selective memory or reading what you choose into my posts. But even if what you say were true, which it is not, I have never personally attacked another person on this site nor have I even entertained the idea of something as insulting and judgmental as this,

        “Calling out those who appear to have the objective equivalence of throwing feces on the wall and drawing pictures with their bare hands on it isn’t bullying”

      • Now that is true Zip. You don’t insult others. I think you often go for controversy but you do it about players not posters.

      • When someone criticizes me, or thinks differently than I do, how do I know whether they are an infidel, hater, troll, or bully? Can they be all four, and if so, what should I dismissively label that kind of person?

      • Then have civil discourse with me on why Julian Green should be called up to the USMNT. He has played all of 94 minutes total this season for a desperate bottom dweller. There are American players in european first divisions who are scoring winning goals and getting winning assists. Andrew Wooten is on fire. Why did I single Green out on that list? Because he was the only one on it who made the world Cup squad with no first team appearances. Note the word “continues”. I’d be perfectly happy if Green was off to Spain with the U20s like Hyndman or if he’d gone to Brazil last month with the U23s. That is where exciting young prospects who have yet to make an impact at the club level belong. But then again I’m old school in thinking players need to earn their spots.

      • I’d love to.

        why Julian Green should be called up to the USMNT. He has played all of 94 minutes total this season for a desperate bottom dweller.

        Unfortunately, this has been the theme for most of our Americans Abroad. I wish it weren’t the case, but it is. Green isn’t an anomaly, yet, I have a sneaking suspicion on why you’re choosing to call him out instead of someone like say: Altidore.

        Green has talent. Green has ability and Green has potential. Additionally, Green has proven he can “help” the team and did so by scoring as a substitute on the biggest stage.

        Whether you’re 32, 18, or 20. Starting or seeing limited time as a back up. If you can add quality or a unique skill set to the senior side, then a u-20 call up is a irrelevant.

        Far too often gaining experience, and tutelage with the senior coaching staff is overlooked. If they feel he benefits more from these call ups instead of U-20’s, I’m going trust their professional judgement.

        Earning spots go beyond just beyond playing for your club. Camaraderie, intangibles, leadership and having a team oriented mind set can easily earn you a spot on just about any sporting team.

        Unfortunately, too much xenophobia attached to Green (and JK) for my liking. Green is like far too many Americans Abroad: seeing limited playing time. Those getting playing time don’t always fit into the scheme of things.

      • “xenophobia” – again being judgmental. And where are the facts in your post that seem to be always so missing from mine. I see words like “ability”, “potential”, “intangibles”, “comradarie”. Green is getting very little playing time, which I happen to think is crucial to development. JK has stated it many times as necessary for national team call-ups. I honestly think Green would be far better served playing full games at an international tournament in Spain with Ramos, who happens to be one of the senior team coaches (so he would still be getting that first team coaching tutelage that you want). Ramos was the one with the clipboard giving directions to the players in Brazil anyway. When Ives projected Hyndman to be on this roster, I posted the same thing on this site – that he would be better served playing with the U20s and U23s so there goes your xenophobia

      • I have more than enough reason to suggest your posts are on the side of xenophobia, Wood Chip.

        Keep in mind, this isn’t the first time I’ve responded to your posts and they’re all generally of the same theme.

        There’s being civil and there’s being naive. Let’s not mince words.

      • Old School, I have explained many times why I am critical of the number of German-Americans Klinnsman calls up and the seemingly different standards applied for them to earn a call-up. It has nothing to do with xenophobia. Klinsmann was given unprecedented control, resources and salary because he said that is what he needed to improve player development in the US and take the program to the next level. He was given control of every level of soccer in he US so he could connect the dots. Yet he is calling in as many foreign developed players as ever. Part of developing domestic talent is giving the players international experience. Reyna, Dempsey, Bradley, Donovan, Beasley, McBride, Freidel and others were all developed domestically and yet they showed they could compete at the highest levels of the sport. We should be producing more of these players than ever yet where are they? He has done next to nothing to improve player development in the US and I would argue he has hurt it. My opinion along these lines is the same as Arena’s and Garber’s, two guys who got where they are by being great at their jobs and smart. Klinsmann got his coaching jobs by being a great player, not by earning it or being smart so I know who’s opinion I value more. Klinsmann obviously doesnt trust our ability to develop players, something that is his job btw, the way he trusts the Germans. He has made many comments about our culture and how it isn’t there yet. If there is anyone who is xenophobic it is Klinsmann.

      • Just my 2 cents, but Green has the quickest feet of any player in the USMNT pool. He is young (green?) and reminds me in some ways of Beasley when he was a teenager but with a bit better ball skills. He is clearly one of the young players with the most potential. Whether that potential will become reality is an open question.

    • Wood Chip, a goal on his first touch in the WC and getting playing time in the Bundesliga may seem like a thin resume to you, but there are players who have parlayed less into national team careers. I’d be curious what Green would have to do in your mind to earn future opportunities with the USMNT?

      • “but there are players who have parlayed less into national team careers.”

        I’d be curious as to who. Anyone in the last 10 years?

      • Benny Feilhaber comes to mind. First called up in 2007 after after 9 appearance in the Bundesliga. Had a wonder goal against Mexico in a Gold Cup final which kept him on everyone’s radar despite getting very little playing time in Europe. Has earned 41 caps and may get more. Brek Shea has 27 caps after first getting called up in 2010. Because of a few flashes of brilliance as a late substitute he continued getting call ups even after his playing time diminished to nothing and numerous poor performances for the USMNT.

  21. ————guzan——————–
    Yedlin——————–F Johnson

    Not interested in Jones, Wondo, Beasley, Beckerman, why are we still calling them? Where is Aron Johannsson?

      • both johannsson and boyd are just starting to get consistent minutes again after injuries. klinsmann probably doesn’t want to mess with that just for a couple of friendlies.

      • I wouldn’t be surprise if AJ already played more first team minutes than Jozy since the WC break. But then, this is JK’s team and he can pick anyone he wants.

    • I’m interested in Jones at CB, but I more than agree with all the others you mentioned. Why doesn’t JK give Brad Friedel a look? Maybe he is interested in returning a decade after retiring from the national side.

      • Why doesn’t JK give Brad Friedel a look? Maybe he is interested in returning a decade after retiring from the national side.

        Was this sarcasm?

  22. Why take Yedlin if not Omar and Clint? Simple Yedlin needs a work permit.Clint does not. Also Nguyen and jones will not have the extra three hour time difference on a short week like Dempsey will. Yedlin probably only gets in for last minutes against Colombia so he gets an official cap. Will see Yedlin against Ireland.

    • All due respect but can’t it simply be a first team defense that Gonzo is currently not making? Some of the M and F look experimental but the GK and D are basically the best players if we had to play for real tomorrow.

      So Yedlin makes it as a RB option — and Jones at CB — but not Gonzo or some others.

    • Yedlin will play against Colombia. They NEED his pace against Colombia….someone to keep their fullbacks honest and he is the only guy, other than maybe an injured Gyau, that can run with the Colombian wingers like Cuadrado. Yedlin probably doesnt even stick around for Ireland

  23. I am really looking forward to Diskerud, Nguyen, and Jones in the middle!!! I think Lee and Mix will really gel and provide for some creative attack

    • Jones is listed as a defender, will almost certainly be a centerback if he plays.

      More likely Diskerud will be asked to play deep again while pairing Nguyen with Bedoya, or Beckerman will slot into his usual holding position.

    • Nguyen is a conundrum because he has enough pace to be a factor because of it. He has also has very good skills but I have to wonder if he will be there in 2018 at the age of 30-31 (turns 31 right around the time of the world cup). I say its 50/50 that he is there especially if some of the young midfielders come along

    • Because he’s taken players from teams still in the playoffs (Jones, Nguyen, Yedlin.) In addition has even taken TWO players from one team, so that can’t be the reason he didn’t take both Dempsey and Yedlin, nor can age be a reason he hasn’t taken Dempsey. Can’t figure that or leaving Gonzalez out.

      • I agree, Latvia, but I think the concept is “one way or another.” Get him the caps to try one way, while he pursues Latvia for the other. Whichever gets him to White Hart Lane first.

      • Ugh its COMPETITIVE GAMES THAT MATTER. NOTHING ELSE…FRIENDLIES DONT ACTUALLY ADD TO THE 75%. There is no way Yedlin can get to 75% until playing THRU the Gold Cup.

      • Sure they do….as long as they are “A” international games, which these are, they count. Does not have to be official qualifiers/tourneys etc.

      • Yes and no. A friendly is not an “A” game for the math criteria, but routine selection might sell his case in an appeal.

      • He will win an appeal, new guidelines that are strict or not. He will get one. He is going to one of the bigger clubs not Sunderland, he has a world class talent with his speed and he is proven to be able to play on the international level whether small sample or not-he is proven. Agudelo had a much different problem because he hadnt gotten calls to the national team very often and he really wasnt anywhere close to the best at his position in our own league. Yedlin’s resume is impressive

      • Of the 3 MLS playoff guys, I think Nguyen is a bit of a special case, in that he has had such a fantastic year and JK hasn’t seen him up close at all. I would assume JK feels he needs Jones and Yedlin to be competitive. Dempsey left out because of how crucial he is for Seattle, and the US has alternatives to use, or plays a 4-3-3 where Clint doesnt really fit anyway. Those are all assumptions of course, but not huge leaps I don’t think.

      • Also Sigi, German-American, may have asked him to give Clint a rest especially since Clint has said how tired he is a few times. He has had a long 18 months

      • They’re friendlies! Lets look at new people! More than anyone in the player pool, Jurgen knows what Dempsey brings to the table.

      • Because JK is a smart coach. Not everything is about what happens on the field. Beasley, Beckerman, Wondo, Jermaine, these guys are all team first guys. Leaders who will show the younger players how to do it right. Even though they probably won’t be there past the GC, their influence will be.

      • USA 2022 –
        I wouldn’t have called him either, I’d rather call in more young guys. But I can see Jurgen, and other posters points, about wanting some experience. And Beckerman’s season is over.

  24. boy, that forward line up is going to put a scare into people- a benchwarmer on a relegation-contender, a guy from US minor league, a guy from a college team, 2nd div Germany and Chris Wondolow-sky the ball over the open net

    how could the forward pool have gotten worse over time?

    • I think some of the younger players are being brought in as much for age group consideration as senior play. We of course think senior team because that’s what the call is for. But JK can call in very marginal younger senior players with an eye to seeing how they play amidst talent, for use in both senior and age group teams.

      I also don’t mind experimenting at this phase although I wish Wood hadn’t gotten a second set because I felt like he wasted the first.

      I actually think the waste of time is Wondo. We know how that movie ends.

      • I would have left him and Wondo off the roster. I would have replaced Woods with Andrew Wooten and Wondo with Ruben Rubio.

      • You know what Woods first cap reminded me of, Charlie Davies first cap. It was awful. It really was bad for both of these guys. So many opportunities blown. However, they kept finding themselves in places where they got opportunities. I never wanted to see Davies again after cap one. Then he became a star. I’m not saying Wood will follow the same exact path, but maybe it is worth giving him another chance.

    • I imagine, actually, that JK starts Green at left wing, Altidore up top, and Yedlin at right wing. Only way to really read such an unbalanced roster. JK has never really seen Yedlin as a right back and I see FJ and TC on the roster anyhow.

      Wood, Ibarra, Wondo, and Jordan Morris are bench guys. Admittedly unimposing depth guys, but hey, if you’re going to take a flyer on guys, I guess early on in the cycle is the time to do it.

      Glad to see Nguyen in there. Hope he gets plenty of PT and a good long look.

      • Jurgen wants pace on the wings. Why do you think Shea kept getting called. Shea has some pace but Yedlin has world class speed. If we had Brad Evans as the only RB for now that was getting time, then Yedlin would be starting there. You get your best XI on the pitch where you can get it. Yedlin is in that best XI

      • That’s too logical for Klinsman along with knowing that Landon is at 25% fitness is better than Wondo at 100% fitness but taking Wondo anyway

      • A bunch of young MLS guys played D3 this year. None of them did as well as Ibarra playing in D2.

        Anyway, I was just posting a tidbit of news. Thanks for jumping on the messenger.

      • Jones might be able to hold together as a back despite his age. It’ll be touch and go but I think he’s responding to the normal CBs being insufficient.

      • I agree except as a practical measure I think JK wants some midfield experience, and he wants to continue the Jones experiment. If that goes well then I think JK leaves him there and starts to sort out DM. At that point I think Beckerman needs to be marginalized because of age. But right now I think he’s putting a patch on the Jones hole while he decides if this is how he wants to proceed.

      • Because even if he likes Besler/Jones he’s sorting out the pecking order behind them. Is he better than Brooks? Gonzo? etc. You need to know subs too.

        Because maybe he’s not sure on Jones and wants them all to fight for it.

        Because he can play a few different positions. LB and RB look filled but he could in a pinch play DM.

      • I wouldn’t hate seeing Mo Edu getting a look again –IF –we are still struggling to find someone experienced to step into the “box-to-box” role –inplace of Jojnes and if/when Bradley is not playing or playing poorly. Edu has had some storng showings. Not a great creator, but still had some very good games alongside Bradley…and had some timely goals.

      • There are plenty of competitions between now and WC18. To say Clint’s not being called up because he’s done is premature, to say the least.

      • No reason to call in Clint from the US west coast to fly to London. Yedlin on the other hand needs more caps to justify a potential UK work permit appeal.

      • Yedlin said so in an interview I saw a month or 2 ago. Taking both tracks simultaneously to get to Tottenham doesn’t hurt anything and just might get him there in the Jan window.

      • Isn’t the requirement to be in 75% of your national team matches that year? He played in camp cupcake against RoK. He played against Mexico. I thought he played in two of three send off matches before Brazil. He played in three of four WC matches and two of three matches since the WC. I have counted him being in nine of 12 matches this calendar year. If he plays both matches in Europe, he meets that requirement.

      • And considering his age and recent emergence, he should get approved on appeal if necessary. It’s complicated because maybe only 5 players on the USMNT fit that ridiculous 75% qualification.

      • Not really. The FA seems to be going out of its way to decline foreign players these days, not the other way around. The FA has set a target to reduce the number of foreign players playing in the Prem to 33%…down from its current 45%. They aren’t going to be doing foreign players any more favors unless it’s some “gotta have” guy like Falcao.

        Stinks, because England, seeing as how they speak English and all, is the logical point of entry for USMNT guys into Europe, but they’re busy slamming their borders shut right as Klinsmann is trying to get guys in.

        Like I said, we either build it in the MLS, or we probably don’t have it, going forwards.

      • You dont follow much do you…..Dempsey is fatigued and needs a break. He still has the playoffs but I bet we may not see him in January

    • I’d imagine it’s one of two things:

      1. Dempsey said he needs a rest
      2. It’s Klinsi showing Dempsey he isn’t expendable. He’s done very little for us since the WC. So this might be a welcome call.

      As for Gonoz: There are plenty of CBs in Europe. Bring Jones for his experience and to keep him playing at CB.

      Yedlin needs more time at a higher level and this will give him an opportunity to check in with Spurs.

      Wondo is a mistake. I’d have preferred Aron or Boyd.

      • Dempsey hasn’t done very much for us since the WC? What kind of statement is that? The US has played just a couple of meaningless friendlies since the WC; nobody has done much since the WC and Dempsey was the only player to score more than once in the WC. To bring Wondo and not Dempsey makes no sense unless it is by Dempsey’s request or Seattle’s position in the playoffs.

      • I guess you did not realize that Clint has to score a goal in every single game for the USMNT , even if he isn’t there.

        Boyd and AJ probably were left out because they have just gotten back from long injury lay offs,and probably are better off getting themselves established where they are.

      • “I guess you did not realize that Clint has to score a goal in every single game for the USMNT , even if he isn’t there.” lol

      • No Hyndman? The first game is at Fulham. Give him his second cap. I thought he did well in his first.

      • I think Jones is called because the CB position is now his to lose. I believe that in JK’s eyes, Gonzo is now a bench player. Too many mistakes

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