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23 for 2015: Projecting the USMNT Gold Cup roster (October 2014 edition)

Soccer: Friendly-USA vs Honduras

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The two October friendlies played by the U.S. Men’s National Team didn’t really reveal any truly new national team prospects, but did help some relatively new prospects boost their stock in the latest SBI projection for the 2015 Gold Cup roster.

Greg Garza was already part of the SBI 23 for 2015 back in September, but his strong outings in October have only served to solidify his place. Garza and Mix Diskerud were the stars of the October friendlies and are looking more and more like viable starters next summer when the Americans look to defend their Gold Cup title.

The latest SBI 23 for 2015  has two changes, one which came about in the wake of Joe Gyau’s knee injury, which will sideline him for the rest of the year. Another potential replacement for Gyau on the list, Joe Corona, also suffered an injury that will likely rule him out for the rest of 2014.

That has made room for New England Revolution star and MLS MVP candidate Lee Nguyen to make the latest cut. He has yet to be called in by Jurgen Klinsmann, and may not be an ideal fit since he’s not really a winger at this point and may not be what Klinsmann is looking for as a playmaker, but Nguyen’s MLS form makes him hard to ignore at this point. Gyau and Corona will also return in early 2015, so Nguyen’s spot on our 23 could be very temporary if Nguyen doesn’t get a national team look between now and then.

Here is a look at the latest SBI 23 for 2015:

Projected USMNT Gold Cup Roster (October 2014 Edition)

(New additions in BOLD)


Brad Guzan, Nick Rimando, Bill Hamid

Outlook- Guzan is leading the race to replace Tim Howard as the starter in 2015, but Rimando continues to put pressure on. Hamid is capping off a career year in MLS, but remains a distant third for now.

Missed the Cut– Sean Johnson, Steve Clark, Cody Cropper


Fabian Johnson, DeAndre Yedlin, Omar Gonzalez, Jermaine Jones, Matt Besler, Geoff Cameron, Greg Garza, Timmy Chandler

Outlook- The Jermaine Jones Experiment was a success and it looks more and more likely that he will be a central defender come the 2015 Gold Cup. That will put pressure on the likes of John Brooks and Geoff Cameron for their places on this squad. For now, Brooks loses out while he works to get back into the playing rotation at Hertha.

Missed the Cut– John Brooks, Michael Orozco, Tim Ream, Matt Hedges, Chris Schuler, Eric Lichaj, Robbie Rogers, Will Packwood, DaMarcus Beasley


Michael Bradley, Mix Diskerud, Alejandro Bedoya, Julian Green, Wil Trapp, Graham Zusi, Alfredo Morales, Lee Nguyen

Outlook– Jones’ move to central defense opens the door for another defensive midfielder to jump into the picture, and Morales fits the bill. He is starting for the top team in Bundesliga 2 and showed well in the October friendly in limited minutes. Danny Williams is back from injury and should challenge for a spot in the coming months. Gyau’s injury drops him for now, but if he can come back and play the way he was playing before the injury, he will be back on the list shortly. The same can be said for Corona.

Missed the Cut– Joe Corona, Danny Williams, Perry Kitchen, Harrison Shipp, Joe Gyau, Luis Gil, Miguel Ibarra, Brek Shea, Emerson Hyndman.


Clint Dempsey, Jozy Altidore, Aron Johannsson, Terrence Boyd

Outlook-  Both Johannsson and Boyd have returned from injuries and retain their spots on the 23. Wood had his chance to impress and had mixed results, and now with playing time at 1860 Munich up in the air, Wood failed to close the gap on Johannsson and Boyd.

Missed the Cut– Gyasi Zardes, Rubio Rubin, Chris Wondolowski, Bobby Wood, Andrew Wooten.


What do you think of this group of 23 players? Who are you happy to see included in the squad? Who is missing that you feel should have made the cut?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I don’t understand why Shea is even mentioned in this discussion. After all of the hype a few years ago, it didn’t take him long to flame out.

    • RR is already producing, I think is matter of keeping it up and waiting for his chance at the MNT level. We need had a true ACM and it looks like we may have a couple of good options on Lee Nguyen and Rubio Rubin.

  2. This is my 23:
    GK-Guzan, Rimando, Hamid
    CB- Besler, Gonzo, Brooks, TBA
    LB- Garza, TBA
    RB- Chandler, Yedlin
    DM- Jones, Bradley, Mix, Williams/Edu/Trapp
    AM- Bedoya, Zusi, Green, Fabian Johnson
    ST- Jozy, Deuce, Iceman, Boyd

    The reason for the TBAs at the back is that we need to wait and see with cameron on what position he will play

  3. If he indeed makes the roster, I think the Gold Cup will be Graham Zusi’s last stand. He had his moments in qualifying, but looked overmatched at the World Cup and mediocre in the friendly against Honduras. This tournament could determine what his role is for the National Team going forward, if he has one at all.

  4. That team will get smoked by Costa Rica, Mexico and Panama. The illustrious leader has a deep pool of mediocre at best players. USMNT is in a world class player crisis after the legendary Landon Donovan was forced out of the team by, who else, the illustrious leader.

  5. I’m not sure if will trapp or nguyen are necessarily gonna be on this roster I think were more likely to see gyau and possibly beckerman.

  6. I really hope Ives is quite wrong on the number of older players in this list. What is the point in bringing in Dempsey or Fonso or chandler or any of the ones we know full well what they bring?

    I do hope he brings in Green so that he can be exposed as being no better than any of the MLS players he’s bringing in

    • “I do hope he brings in Green so that he can be exposed as being no better than any of the MLS players he’s bringing in”

      Like who? Names please?

      How about Quincy Amarikwa? Actually I saw Amarikwa play just one game and I thought he was an interesting prospect. He is already 27 though.

  7. I think the kinds of players the US is short of are 1) players who are good with the ball in tight spaces,
    2) Central defenders who can do all of a) be physical, b) maintain 100% concentration, c) defend 1v1 well and e) start the attack from the back, and 3) forwards who scare the opposition every time they touch the ball. For the team to be successful in the Gold Cup 2) is the first order of business since we do have plenty of players who can score some goals at the Gold Cup level. None of the present CBs have all the attributes at a high-enough level.
    Every team wants a forward or two who can just plain scare the opposition and the US more so than many. None of the US forwards really frighten opponents.
    Of all the US players, Greene is the one most likely to successfully dribble against multiple defenders, but he is young, needs more strength and some better decision-making. I think the quickness of his feet is something no other player in the pool can match, he will continue to be in the pool unless he fails abysmally to show improvement in the other areas (or gets injured).

  8. I am not sure about Michael Bradley. Is he in Klinsmann’s good graces? I thought Diskerud has really improved. I also don’t know what’s happening with Zusi. Lately Matt Besler has not impressed me. Lee Nguyen has really impressed. I am waiting to see who plays well in the coming play-off games.

    • So far LN is holding par. I’m very impressed with his game, especially during these playoffs where he is usually double teamed and still make things happen.

  9. I’m a big Jones fan but he will be an absolute liability at CB. He played his heart out in Brazil, but if he can’t keep up at CM then he should make way for someone else on the roster. Klinsmann is stubborn as a mule though.

    • At least give someone else a chance for now. If the position becomes a problem down the road, like left back was with Beasley, you can still bring Jones back into the picture.

    • I don’t think Jones is as big a liability as you’re making him out to be. He was excellent against Honduras despite the midfield and defense leaving him strung out several times. Yes, he did get a YC that could have been dangerous in a WCQ situation. That said, Besler and Gonzo have both been redcarded at least once this season in MLS.

      • Well, IIRC the US didn’t manage to win the game, and Jones wasn’t tasked with the scoring. If it “was [only] Honduras,” why didn’t we win 3-0?

        Jones played well and covered for a lot of mistakes made by other players.

      • i hear ya on the midfield not helping him against honduras, but the defense played exactly how it was supposed to. klinsmann wants his fullbacks to attack (especially if we’re going with a 4-3-3), and that means the centerbacks will sometimes have to be scrambling to clean up the opposing wingers.

        yes, mix and–to a lesser extent–bradley should have been tracking back more, but it certainly wasn’t chandler’s fault that jones was having to run that much. jones looked like he was a step behind mentally, and he’s just that much of an athletic freak that he could cover for it (at least against honduras).

      • “jones looked like he was a step behind mentally”

        just to clarify, i think he’ll get better at that. it was understandable considering he’s hardly ever played the position before.

    • And here is the quandary, JJ is playing much better than MB but is 4+ years older. What is JK to do? bench MB? bench JJ because of age? No, he wants to have both of them on the field but he knows he needs to upgrade the midfield. If I was JK I would keep MB on the bench until he regains his form. I believe JJ has a decent chance to make the next WC if he continues to play at this level but I hope is as a sub, after all, the WC is so brutal on players that IF we are going to improve we need to get a stronger bench. Think how Belgium played us for a clue on what I’m talking about.

    • Kitchen doesn’t do what Nguyen can. That doesn’t make sense.

      Boyd is a much better player than Zardes. They’re also the same age, and Boyd has scored goals against Europa League opponents. Loads more experience, and he hasn’t relied on Robbie Keane and LD to serve him balls on a silver platter.

    • We have to be realistic. Beckerman isn’t an option for 2018, and we have a lot of upcoming (and existing) talent that need to be cultivated to fill his role. Also, unlike Jones, Beckerman doesn’t have the size or speed to convert to CB.

  10. i didn’t know they Jones to CB was real thing… i thought it was more of a encase we need it option.

    either way this roster works well in a 451 or 433.

    still very unclear on what CB’s will be used. Besler-Cameron is probably the best, Besler-Gonzalez works, Jones-Cameron sounds powerful; still don’t think that Brooks or Orozco are bad options. –> better figure this out cuz Mexico’s offense looks good!

  11. I’d like to see more new players get an extended look. Players like Bedoya and Zusi are fine but we know what’re going to get out of them at this point. You can even call in a few guys after the group stage if it’s going poorly.

  12. Jk seems to look at the central back positions a pretty categorical.
    Rcb has been Gonzales, Cameron, and now Jones. The LCB has been Besler, Brooks, and Ream. Jones inclusion at CB is more likely to leave Gonzales or Cameron out than Brooks. With Cameron able to play RB and dmid, as well as Yedlin playing more midfield that RB – Jones inclusion may still have most effect on the midfield

    • Yeah. Klinsmann seems to absolutely demand that his LCB be a left-footer. Some coaches just want athleticism back there; Klinsmann places a premium on distribution, which is why he’s so high on Brooks.

      It does matter, at that level. When you’re trying to build out of the back, it does tend to look…clunky, at times, when your LCB is a right-footer and can’t pass smoothly at the angles he needs to pass out of.

      One thing I’ve seen time and again is that Klinsmann isn’t putting together a “Best XI” and then trying to make it work, he looks for specific components. Which is why, say, DeMarcus Beasley played every minute of the World Cup; he was the only guy in the pool who could do what Klinsmann wanted his left wingback to do. He didn’t always look beautiful doing it, mind, but Beasley ended up getting it done.

      For exactly that reason, I think you can go ahead and pencil in Robbie Rogers in the Nats’ player pool at left back this year, along with Garza, even though Rogers hasn’t gotten a call-up in recent memory. He’s got the catch-up speed and ability to rampage down the flank that Klinsmann looks for, and he’s a left-footer. I’d be surprised if Rogers isn’t a lock, actually, if he stays healthy.

      • Rogers actually has an amazing chance of getting called back into the National Team picture.

        Robbie’s a personal friend of JK. Klinsi was already giving him calls up at the beginning of his coaching career when Robbie wasn’t playing in Europe, and Rogers actually put in some decent performances in those appearances. Now that he’s excelling at LB, and LB has been pretty sparse (aside from some good recent showings by Garza), Rogers has an excellent chance of making the First 23.

      • Go back to the 2009 Gold Cup and watch RR. He was on the left wing but there were a few games where it seemed as if he was pushed back and wound up playing left back for a while. I thought he looked like a bigger, faster version of Eddie Lewis.

        Robbie has had an up and down career but I remember posting that if Rogers could ever get his head on straight and get his act together he had all the tools you want in a left back.

        It seems like that has happened at LA so I see no reason why he should not get a shot.

      • I agree, I’d like to see him get a shot. He reads the game very well. Great at picking off passes and keeping possession.

    • I don’t think the JJ experiment at CB is a permanent one. JJ is a reaction type of a CB, he has great speed but he lacks the smarts of a true CB that gets from years of service at the position. There is a reason why most CBs are usually a few years older than other field players. JJ has been relying on his speed to bail himself out of a jam this come to bite him soon enough against more experienced attackers, PLUS, he is not as strong in air as some may think. This is not the first time he has been beat in the air while defending his own goal.

  13. Wouldn’t Cameron and Jones just switch positions? Cameron is now playing CM for Stoke regularly and playing well. Jones moving to defense just opens his spot and Cameron is the most reasonable swap.

    • I agree. And most neutral opinions seem to think Cameron put in an excellent showing at DM against Belgium in the WC.

      I’d say that Beckerman has probably seen his last days as a USMNT player, and that Cameron’s the man at DM that Danny Williams, Alfredo Morales, Wil Trapp, and Perry Kitchen are aiming to beat out.

  14. Surprised not to see Klejstan at least mentioned. I know he’s been in a bit of a slump, and didn’t play well when JK gave him a shot last cycle, but he has so much more talent and experience than most of the midfielders mentioned. He seems to fit JK’s system. And he is still the only American playing on a champions league team.

    • When are people going to stop giving him a chance? It seems as if all people do is make excuses – he was out of position, he wasn’t playing with our first choice team, etc. Well, last time out he played exactly where he likes to play and pretty much sucked. He’s a nonfactor.

      Oh, and he plays for Anderlecht. That doesn’t mean he PLAYS for Anderlecht. He’s been seeing the bench for some time now.

      • Well I can’t speak for “people”, nor defend his recent form or most recent USMNT appearance. But that midfielder list above is dreadfully short on central attacking types. And though it’s been awhile, I can remember a time when a klejstan/bradley duo dominated some concacaf games. And besides the german-americans, what american has done better in europe over the last few years in the way that JK seems to want? Bedoya maybe. Not saying pencil him in the starting 11, but if he gets back to regular PT at Anderlecht, why not bring him in to a camp for a look.

      • Sacha did not make the provisional 30 for the World Cup. He seems to be less of a factor today for Anderlecht than he was then.

        So if he was somewhere between # 30 and 40 in the player pool then, today he’s maybe between # 40 and 60.

        Fans on SBI love to condemn players to hell. But you never know when a guy like Sacha might revive himself and prove useful. If he wins a regular place back with Anderlecht and tears it up the rest of the season the he becomes someone you have to consider. But I’m not holding my breath

    • Kljestan’s ship has sailed. He simply hasn’t impressed in several opportunities for the Nats. Even if you’re played “out of position,” you still have to bust your butt and try to show your best. That said, Klinsi gave Sacha a chance to play in position in his most recent showing, and Sacha was a complete dud. Second worst USMNT performance in recent memory after Brek Shea vs. Cuba.

  15. Nagbe may have his citizenship by the Gold Cup = game changer for our midfield. I’d love to see him and Nguyen on the field at the same time for the USA

    • Have you watched the Timbers in the last year? Nagbe’s got some mad skills, but he has been mired in a season-long slump. Performances like that don’t get die Klinsy to harp about his “next level” and place him on the team.

      • Nagbe was good for assists and drawing fouls this season. We don’t have anyone on the Nats with his skills. Put him on the field with the likes of Altidore, Dempsey, Bradley, Mix and he will be that game changer. He season certainly warrants national team call-ups more than Julian Green who for some reason has comfortable earned a spot on Ives’ GC list.

      • For some reason? Are you really that clueless? JK picks JG every chance he gets. That’s why he’s on Ives’ list. He’s JK’s boy.

      • Yes, I’m well aware Green is JK’s boy. I’m just making the point that Nagbe’s slump of a season still deserves a call-up more than any season Green has ever had.

      • Apparently Nagbe was awesome in the season finale, and everybody knows it’s current form that really counts.

      • AcidBurn,

        I’ve only seen a few games but how much of Nagbe’s productivity is due to playing alongside Valeri?

        Valeri strikes me as one of those under the radar makes everyone else better guys.

      • Oh yes of course. Good thought. Any success an American developed player has must be the result of being alongside an Argentinian or European. What could people be thinking. All of Nagbe’s dribbles around two, three guys, the fouls & free kicks that resulted, and his assists, are because of Valeri.

      • Mr. Zip
        It must be wearing constantly having to defend the American developed player from constant attacks of all those unjustified critics. Paranoia is very wearing.

        Nagbe may be the next savior of US soccer and therefore exempt from all criticism but the fact is he is also a fairly new professional having only become something of a regular in the last two seasons.

        In contrast Valeri is four years older, is an international, has played for a Championship team in Argentina and won the Portuguese Cup with Porto in Portugal. Plus, he seems like a great guy.

        Well silly me, but it seems like he might just be a good role model for a younger attacking player like Nagbe. In fact, the management of Portland, who I assume are patriotic Americans seem to agree with me since they made Valeri a DP and he seems to be doing okay with the Timbers, playing alongside Nagbe.

        This is hardly an original idea. Look down the coast and there is another young American developed player in Zardes who has been similarly paired up with older more experienced attacking players in Donovan, Keane and , in the past, Magee.
        Wonder of wonders two of those three are American developed.
        And wonder of wonders, the same questions are asked about Zardes as are asked about Nabge i.e. how much of their production is due to presence of their prodigiously gifted colleagues? And how will they look without them around?

        But one problem for MLS teams is that Americans like Donovan and even Magee are few and far between so, shock and horror, they have to hold their nose and hire non-American developed players. It’s a tough world isn’t it?

      • Nguyen has pretty much done this. I don’t read to much into MLS hype when a player has just 1 good season.(1 just isn’t enough.) Nguyen has turned playing well for many seasons into excellence. Having JJ around seems to have helped a lot.

    • Two things jump out at you in regards to Nagbe. One he is the most fouled players in MLS and two has won the most duels, 50/50 balls, or one v one balls this season. The stats backs what Nagbe has consistently done while getting hammered every time he touches the ball. What is the glaring weakness the USMNT has? A lack of confidence in possession of the ball! You want to build from the back and have confidence that the second ball will go to a guy who can maintain possession and shake defenders being dangerous with a dribble, pass, or shot. He can do that!
      The negative is Nagbes health and confidence has been shaken this season. He makes runs getting fouled multiple times and refuses to go down and will often look at the ref while maintaining possession. Eventually the beatings add up and he played through an MCL sprain and his lack of scoring shook his confidence this year.
      The thing is where do you play him? He operates best in the middle of the field but serviceable on the wing. His speed is an asset going forward and reeling in guy on defense. Is he better than Mix or MB? He has attributes that he is better at but not as complete box to box those guys are. He does not compete in the aggressive manner JJ does but few do. The one thing plaguing him is he does not have a defined position. He is not an outright striker. Lacks the vision to be a number 10. He has all the tools to be a really good wing. I think he would do best where he can interchange in the middle and on the wings but needs players who are also similar.

    • Nagbe for all his attributes that he has displayed has shown he is not consistent enough. The kid goes into hot and cold streaks.

  16. I think this is mostly right for now, but I am hoping that Zardes fights his way on and eventually surpasses Jozy and/or Johanson and Boyd. The current options, while probably the best we have, leave something to be desired–Zardes may not eventually be better, but I hope he is. I like Jozy but if he’s our striker at the next World Cup I will be a little disappointed.

    • Some perspective: They are about the same age, yet Jozy was doing what Gyasi is doing this season 6 years ago. He’s got to accelerate his development by a few light years to surpass Jozy any time soon. More likely we see a guy like Rubio explode and take the spot away than Zardes at his age, and that’s not terribly likely either.

      • Another perspective would be Jozy is having about the same output now, as he did 4 years ago at while at Hull.

      • Only to those who look at goals only. That Hull team was atrocious. Actually, kind of like that Sunderland team is now.

        Jozy is light years better on the national team than he was 4 years ago.

      • Um…way to conveniently ignore, 1) Jozy’s national team goals, and 2) Sunderland’s atrocious form. I seem to recall them losing 0-8 recently without any help from Jozy.

      • At least Zades plays a lot higher tempo than Jozy ever did. When Jozy was in MLS it was nowhere near the league that it is today.

      • Louis Z says:
        “At least Zades plays a lot higher tempo than Jozy ever did. When Jozy was in MLS it was nowhere near the league that it is today.”

        Not true about the tempo..

        It interesting how Jozy’s critics forget he also played for the USMNT. Jozy played in the Confed Cup with Davies and LD when they were both much better than they are now and I remember the entire situation being very high tempo with those three. Jozy is hardly a stranger to high tempo, high level play.

      • Jozy is still better than Zardes, can play with his back to goal but I still like Zardes work rate, I just hope the other parts of his game comes together soon. I disagree Jozy had or has better work rate than Zardes, it just doesn’t pass the eye test with me.

      • Work rate is a hard thing to compare when you consider Jozy and Zardes have never played for the same team and manager. We don’t know what the respective managers have told them what they want them to do.

        Just because one guy looks like he runs around a lot more than another guy it doesn’t necessarily mean much. As a USMNT and not a Galaxy fan I’m only concerned about what these guys do for the US.

        You seem to be taking for granted that Zardes will be a success for the USMNT when he has yet to be called into camp, has yet to be capped and has yet to prove he can score for them.

        Jozy has 24 goals and 74 caps for the US and is a little less than two years older than Zardes and far more experienced.

        And then there is the little matter of Boyd, AJ, and even EJ to consider.

        Zardes is interesting but his advanced age and comparative inexperience work against him.

      • No, I haven’t taken for granted, that is why I’m hoping for Zardes to get his whole game together soon because as you pointed out, he runs a lot to help out, but his attack game still a work in progress. Once and if he gets it together he seems to have the tools to surpass Jozy.

      • “Once and if he gets it together he seems to have the tools to surpass Jozy”

        Big if.

        I can think of a fair number of players, first and foremost starting with Boyd, for whom your statement would apply.

        But we’re still waiting. .

    • I watched Zardes carefully in that game in L.A. vs Seattle. He was a total non factor.
      For example: He doesn’t have anything near Altidore(admittedly mediocre) hold up play. This is to say he has almost none.

      Kitchen… hard to say. Bedoya hasn’t done anything to lose his spot but hes definitely limited.

      • This is my take on Zardes as well. Admittedly, I’m looking at a small sample size (just the two recent games against the Sounders), but it seemed like he wasn’t that involved with the build-up, had a so-so touch, and couldn’t create opportunities for himself. I will be happy to be proven wrong, but at this point, I’d wager his productivity is more a result of the service and space created by Keane and Donovan than his innate abilities. Of course, it requires a certain skill to take advantage of that, but I don’t get the vibe that he’s going to be anything more than a serviceable back up at the international level.

    • Can’t compare Kitchen and Bedoya.
      Bedoya normally plays on the wing and sometimes as CM.
      Kitchen is Def, CM. I would see him take over Bradley ( assuming Kitchen is called up to the USMNT of course).

    • Um…lol? If anything, both of those guys have uphill battles to climb to prove themselves…and that’s IF they have a good showing in January.

      Zardes has to beat out Boyd and Johannsson.

      Kitchen has to beat out Cameron, Danny Williams, Morales, and Trapp.

  17. I want to see Klinsmann put his team where his mouth is. He’s constantly harping on American players to get to Europe, well the way they get seen is playing for the national team. Let’s see more guys with no/few caps, and fewer guys already in Europe. We don’t have to win this Gold Cup, we can beat whomever in a one game playoff for the Confed Cup birth.

    • You really want to just throw away our current inside track for the Confeds Cup that easily and reduce it to a one-game winner-take-all toss-up? I certainly don’t.

      Besides, if Klinsmann does that, the outcry for his head will get to be deafening. Last thing he needs going into qualifiers.

      • Fine, then I don’t want to hear Klinsmann yapping about players getting to Europe. If he’s not giving them a chance, teams in Europe won’t either.

      • No, Klinsmann would rather try and make Jones a center back. We can’t keep waiting until guys are 26 or 27 before they get a call up. Clubs aren’t scouting players in MLS unless you’e in a national team.

      • Jack,

        ” Clubs aren’t scouting players in MLS unless you’e in a national team.”

        That is not the reason for why top Euro clubs are not signing American MLS players in bunches.

        So you are blaming JK and saying it is his fault that these guys aren’t in Europe?

        Quite a stretch there.

        Most Euro teams want them younger like 18 or so.

        You look at a guy like Lukaku and he was banging them in for Anderlecht at 18 and moved to Chelsea when he was 19 , went on loan to WBA and Everton and did very well and now at the ripe old age of 21 is a starter for Everton and a World Cup veteran and already has 36 goals in the EPL.

        Compare him to Zardes who is 23 and has zero goals at the EPL level.

        That’s why guys like Zelalem ( I know he is not a US citizen yet ), Hyndman, Pelosi, Gyau are in Europe at their age. They are trying to get a jump on things. Of course it is not for everyone.

        Like most teams in any pro sport these teams prefer young, cheap and proven good.

        Zardes is promising but compare him to Lukaku and you can see the kind of expectations these clubs have.

        Unfortunately for you, you can’t blame JK for most of this.

      • You think Tottenham was looking at Yedlin before he was in the national team? I honestly doubt it. I’m not saying its all Klinsman’s but if he wants player to reach that next level he needs to give them there shot. Too many guys seem to think they have the position in the national team for life anyway. Its time to start building something rather then hanging on to Jones, Dempsey and that generation.

      • Yedlin is an exceptional player and he has earned everything he has gotten. It also helps that Schmid knows JK well and put in a good word for his guy early on.

        You seem to think the USMNT needs to institute some sort of twisted version of affirmative action while at the same time actually assembling a real team.

        The USMNT does not play enough games to accomodate that strategy. Those committees that review the permit applications in the UK look at things like is the player actually in the future plans of the national team. And from what I can tell Juan has yet to get to that point.

        Juan, for whatever reason, has not seemed to have impressed JK enough to earn more caps.

        That’s on Juan.

      • So to get more guys to move toward europe, klinsmann should leave every european-based player off of the gold cup roster?

        I’m not sure you understand how incentives work.

      • Mr. DC,

        You have it bassackwards.

        It’s not up to JK to get players to Europe.

        It’s up to them to raise their games to the level where some Euro club will actually want to pay them to play.

        If they raise their games that much then maybe the USMNT gets interested.

      • Stoke wanted to sign Agudelo but couldn’t because he didn’t have the national team caps.

        Even goal keepers have been told by clubs they aren’t interested unless you’re in the national team, and that’s probably the deepest position we’re known to produce.

      • “Stoke wanted to sign Agudelo but couldn’t because he didn’t have the national team caps.”

        That’s on Juan not JK.

        As for keepers, that just how it is when only one guy can play at a time. You will blame JK for that but it makes no sense.

        Keller and Friedel had to jump through all the hoops to get permits, Hahnemann, Howard and Guzan all had Euro passports. But JK is giving Rimando a well deserved real shot it seems. Or are you blaming JK for keeping Nicky out of Europe?

      • I’m not blaming anyone. However I do think it’s part of Klinsmann’s job to see some potential talent and give them a chance. I think he’s done a good job of this, for the most part. I just think now’s a good time to see some new faces. If nothing else just to let a few players know they don’t just have the job for life.

      • I like Rimando but its really too late for him. It’d be better if Klinsmann was giving those minutes to Hamid.

      • Jack,

        This Gold Cup, and the Copa America are very important tournaments.

        I doubt Timmy ever plays another USMNT game so what do you if something bad happens to Guzan? I have no problem with keeping Nicky sharp. Hamid has a ways to go before he gets to Nicky’s level.

      • If you are in a fourth division team in Europe, the illustrious leader will consider you for the team.

  18. Agree with most of the selections except I think Joe Gyau makes it barring injury. He is ahead on Klinnsmann’s radar over Will Trapp and Lee Nguyen. We also need a true winger. Also think JAB will make it.

    • I don’t think you can include him while he’s injured. Let him recover, regain fitness, and start playing again before talking about more caps.

      • History has shown that if Klinsmann wants him, he doesn’t care if he is injured, especially if he is based in Europe.

      • Numerous times JK has called up players who were injured. Donovan, Cameron, Johannsson, Chandler, etc. Sometimes I think he’s calling them up because he doesn’t believe they are really injured

      • This is a 23 for 2015 Gold Cup. This is nine months away. Gyau is scheduled to be ready in February. Since we are looking at a projected roster nine months into the future, you can absolutely include him if you think he will make it.

      • I don’t think anyone questions Gyau’s quality. He’s got a skilled touch, strength, and above all, blazing speed.

        The problem is, after his ACL surgery, who knows if he will still have that extra gear? He is young, and plenty of people make it back and shine after injuries that are much worse, but until we know more…well, he’s not a safe bet.

      • Minor problem here: it wasn’t his ACL, it was his meniscus. That’s why he’s only out until January (less than 3 months) instead of the 6-9 months ACL surgery is supposed to take.

      • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Jermaine Jones defender. The 2015 GC is between Costa Rica and Mexico, and then in the playoffs they will smoke the USMNT, because the coach would still be experimenting with a different lineup every game and playing everybody out of position.

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