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NYCFC reveal away kit for inaugural MLS season



Unlike their very public home uniform reveal, New York City FC decided to go with a more subtle approach to unveil their away uniforms for their inaugural MLS campaign.

The expansion MLS club revealed their away kits in a Twitter post on Monday night before releasing more information later in the evening. The jersey is similar to the home uniform in that it’s a fully solid color, this time black, with sky blue stripes down the shoulders and arms and a sky blue stripe at the bottom of the arms and chest.

More subtly, the away jersey also features five black stripes that are barely visible going diagonally across the uniform from the left shoulder to the right hip. According to the club, the five stripes stand for the five boroughs of New York as the club attempts to brand themselves as the city’s soccer team.

The uniform also features their inaugural season patch on the lower left side, this time colored orange, and a strip just below the neck colored orange. The club’s crest is over the left side of the chest, similar to the home kit, with the Etihad Airways shirt sponsorship taking center stage on the uniform. Both arm sleeves feature the new MLS logo, outlined in orange and colored in black.

According to the club, the jersey will go on sale in “early 2015.”


What do you think of this uniform design? Like it more than the home jersey? What do you think of the manner in which the uniform was revealed?

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  1. As a fan, I wouldn’t be embarrassed to wear that jersey outside a stadium (unlike a neon green Seattle jersey). It’s nice. And it’s not a near-copy of Man City this time.

  2. So the home shirt is a man city shirt with a NY logo slapped on it and the away shirt evokes the Mets. Wow, everything about this club screams little brother team.

    • A tiny splash of orange on black evokes the Mets? Also the Mets don’t own the team so how would that scream little brother regardless?

  3. It looks like King Kong took a swipe at the player. Which is fitting for New York, if not in the intended way. NYCFC is going to sell a lot of these.

  4. I like the bit of orange. Nice touch. The slanting stripes are a little too much, though. If you wanted to represent the boroughs, you could have gone with five thinner light blue stripes on the shoulders.


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