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Must-See Video: USMNT players take half-court challenge


  1. No surprise that this squad got smoked by Ireland & Colombia, they’re too busy chucking up half court airballs in basketball. Even more embarrasing is that they only made 1 shot out of 25 attempts.

  2. This kind of cross pollination of sports from my favorite team on earth is certainly entertaining to see. Hope this is seen not just by the die hards, though.

  3. The older guy has a strange reaction after he announces that he’s the senior director of basketball operations for NBA Europe. He does a quick laugh, says no, then continues as normal. Was he joking?

    Anyway, maybe they try a free throw contest next time, because what kind of madness would this video turn into if nobody scored?

    • Yeah, I’m a little concerned that there were a lot more than the supposed 20 shots taken here. And I’m pretty sure they borrowed those wobbly port-a-goals from my high school.

      • Cameron seemed to have the best shooting form, but none of those guys are leaving the carnival with a stuffed animal. It was fun to see though.

        Maybe the next stunt could be taking on selected Dream Teamers at piggy in the middle.

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