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Late Jones winner leads Revs to road victory over Red Bulls


Photo by Stew Milne/ USA Today Sports



HARRISON, N.J – With time ticking away in a game that appeared destined to finish as a 1-1 draw, New England Revolution midfielder Jermaine Jones ensured that his side would head back to the friendly confines of Gillette Stadium with a mighty big advantage.

In a chippy contest that saw 10 yellow cards, Jones scored the game-winning goal in the 86th minute to join Teal Bunbury on the scoresheet, as the Revs knocked off the Red Bulls, 2-1, in Sunday’s Eastern Conference Finals opening leg at Red Bull Arena.

The Revs’ midfielder’s finish came against the run of play, as the visitors looked content to take a draw and away goal back home for the second leg. However, Jones finished a siding effort from close range on a pass from Bunbury to all but seal the Revs victory.

“I wanted to win,” Jones said after the game. “I think it was a good counter. I saw Lee (Nguyen), and he’s a guy that, with deep balls, he’s really good. I tried to come behind the line, but they closed it really good, so I still kept going.

“I didn’t score the chances that I had before, so I was really hungry to score a goal. Teal saw me and I don’t know if he wanted to shoot or pass, but at the end of the story, it was a goal and I’m happy.”

The two sides came out flying early, sparking a series of save from each goalkeeper to start the contest. The Red Bulls put forth the majority of the attacking threats through the game’s opening 15 minutes, but it was Bunbury who opened the scoring for the visitors with a spectacular left-footed effort.

After cutting past Red Bulls fullback Ambroise Oyongo on the right side, Bunbury unleashed a curler towards the back post. The shot had just enough spin on it to inch past Red Bulls goalkeeper Luis Robles, giving the Revs the early lead and a crucial away goal.

“I wanted to get matched up with (Oyongo),” Bunbury said. “I was fortunate to get matched up one-on-one. My left foot isn’t my strong foot, but I feel like I took it well… I had a good feeling it was going in.”

“Positionally, he understands where he needs to be to be effective for the team, both offensively and defensively,” Revs forward Charlie Davies said of Bunbury. “That stepover and the finish with the left, it was phoenomenal.

The Red Bulls leveled the score 10 minutes later through Wright-Phillips, who eased home a header from inches away following a pair of Peguy Luyindula efforts.

Luyindula kickstarted the sequence by timing a run on goal to get behind the Revs defense via an Oyongo through ball, but the Frenchman’s shot was kicked away by Revs goalkeeper Bobby Shuttleworth. Luyindula fired off a second effort while laying on the ground, striking the crossbar and back down before Wright-Phillips cut in to head home to push the score to 1-1.

Following Wright-Phillips equalizer, the Red Bulls continued to turn up the heat on the Revs, who were forced to hang on for the first half’s waning moments. The hosts’ pressure culminated in one final chance for Wright-Phillips, whose wide open header from close range soared just over the bar.

The second half started much like the first one ended for the Red Bulls, who once again failed to take advantage of a wide open net.

Following a Thierry Henry shot that caromed off Shuttleworth, Red Bulls winger Lloyd Sam ran in to pounce on the loose ball. However, Sam’s ensuing shot rocketed off the side netting, preserving the 1-1 deadlock.

“Things happen,” Henry said after the game. “I’m not frustrated with the missed chances. We could have scored… We missed chances. We were in good position to score some of them, but we didn’t. Hopefully, we can do that at their place, but that can happen.”

The Red Bulls misfortune continued moments later, as Wright-Phillips, who had a shot on goal just moments prior, picked up a yellow card for a needless foul and will now miss the series’ second leg due to yellow card accumulation.

Although the Red Bulls continued to press through the second half, it proved to be for naught, as the hosts were caught out on the counter attack on Jones’ eventual winner.

“It’s always important,” Jones said of his goal. “I think New York tried to win the game here at home and it’s Champions League rules. If you win away, and go back for your second game at home, it’s now on the Red Bulls. They have to score. They have to win that game. It’s good for us because we can sit a little bit back like did against Columbus and try and catch them.”

“I’ve seen crazier stuff in my career,” Henry said referencing the Red Bulls’ hopes in the second leg, “so hopefully we can add one more.”

The two sides will now prepare for the second leg, which is set for Nov. 29 at Gillette Stadium.


  1. I have to say even though I’m obviously disappointed with the result, it was a good game played with a ton of intensity. The fans on both sides were great, the atmosphere was fantastic. I really enjoyed it, at least until the Revs’ winner.

  2. Red Bulls will regret not finishing some good chances. BWP’s header at the end of the first half! Pete must be going over the Alexander substitution. It opens the door for the Revs.

    Pity regular season matches don’t have this level of intensity!

    • Some of them really do. Not always of course, but there are def some high intensity regular season games these days.

    • You keep saying that, but I don’t know what games you are watching. I think MLS is one of the most intense games out there.

      • Have to disagree. There just isn’t the urgency in the regular season games,….the playoffs offer too many teams a safety net.

  3. But I must say, there were 2 or 3 times in the game that the younger Henry would have scored. One especially stuck out in my mind, he was deep on the left, cut back inside, and with his right leg shot from just outside the corner of the box, a shot that in his late 20’s was classic for him. It didn’t curl enough, there was not enough strength in the shot. but it only went wide right by a meter or two.

    Jones was right, stopping Henry was the key to win the game.

  4. Let’s take a poll. Who do we want Jermane Jones, u know he plays the game for real,play for the championship. The sounders or the other guys. Either way, any team going up against Jones in the back or middle of mid-field will give every opponent nightmares.

    Jermaine Jones is the most dominant player playing in the MLS today and I hope for the best for him. From his hard work and dedication to being a part of the U.S. he deserves it. As he was quoted in the article: “I just want to win”.

    • Disagree with Jones being the most dominant in MLS.

      But, I love his attitude. If he wants to win though, he better stay on the field, an almost red card tackle followed up by him sticking his arm out and missing an intentional hand ball isn’t the right way to do it.

      Sounders-Revs is going to be a great game.

  5. Ref was a diasster and favored the Revs. BWP was off on his goal but whould have two others. Jones should have had a red – tew scissor tackles and neither even gets a yeoow? C’mon.

    • I think the Bulls entered the game thinking they could hack their way to a win. The Ref put an end to that plan. Wasn’t a matter of favoring anybody but simply stopping the hack-o-rama before it got started

  6. Pretty sure the Red Bull will protest BWP’s card. It was pretty harsh, he did not prevent the keeper from putting the ball in play, the keeper released the ball and then BWP touched it. If he prevented the keeper from releasing the ball, how was the ball separated from his hand when BWP hit it?

    Of course, the referee committee will find that the referee is the sole arbitrar of the facrts so I expect the protest will be fruitless. Unless, of course, MLS wants a bigger TV audience and thinks BWP’s absence will hurt that.

    • I’d love to see it overturned because it would make for a more entertaining second leg. But that rubbish gets a yellow EVERY TIME. I can’t remember the last time I saw something like that get blown for a foul, without a card being issued– it’s an automatic at this level. I struggle to understand what BWP could have been thinking– he’s not some teenager and it was 1-1 at the time. Ludicrous. Stuff like that hasn’t worked since EA FIFA ’97.

  7. I have to laugh though, The Bulls have a knack of finding new ways to choke all the time.

    Im glad the ref was throwing all the yellows. It was obvious early that the Bulls were trying to hurt Lee N. I don’t like any team that resorts to thuggery in an effort to take out the skill players. In the end, Lee did make the pass to Teal that went to Jones for the winner so he did play a major role

      • He got a yellow, that’s what he deserved. It was a scissors but he didnt really crunch him with it so I would think a yellow was appropriate. The repeated attempts to injure Lee N though were another matter

      • And virtually every physical challenge by RBNY elicited a yellow card. But Jones’s just-plain-nasty takedown was somehow mor as bad?

    • It was a compelling and physical game, and I’m not sure either team can really say they got the short end of the stick from the referee. NYRB made some gaffes that they may very well regret, but they are not out of it at all.

      Re the officiating–

      Jones’ tackle was not nice — borderline…. he was a little lucky to stay on but I don’t think it was an “automatic red” either.

      On the other side of the coin, RB was definitely all over Nguyen in some unsavory ways, but he was complaining an awful lot about some “meh” challenges on his teammates, perhaps to his own detriment.

      In the end, I’m glad it finished 11 v. 11. Most boneheaded play of the game had to be BWP picking up that yellow for that nonsense that everybody knows doesn’t even work in AYSO. Really amateurish way to get a potentially costly suspension.

      It’ll be a great return match.

      • Jones could have easily received a red card for that tackle, likely the only thing that kept that from happening is that he did not contact McCarty with his studs. That missing contact is not really a reason for it to not be a red card since it was a violent tackle, he left both feet and had both legs extended with studs up. That is the kind of tackle that has kept Holden and others from playing for extended periods and it should be punished.

  8. Revolutions, do us all a really big favor and put the screws to red bulls in the next game. 3 or 4 nil would be perfect. A nice going away present for Henry

  9. Ref was brutal. Jones should have been sent off for the scissor tackle (but he stays on because he was Jones).

    BWP’s yellow was also bogus, he didn’t interfere with the keeper’s release, it hit him after Shuttleworth released the ball.

    Goncalves also should be suspended (yellow and he was already carrying one) for the tackle where the RB player was first fouled by Nguyen and the ref let him go and then called the foul late.

    Plus the two offsides that could have negated goals (Jones one was more flagrant).

    Eckersley could have also seen red too.

    Bad calls both ways but the Red Bulls got screwed worst.


    • I thought the ref was pretty good, actually. Can’t really blame the center ref for offside calls (either way). I personally thought BWP was offside and Jones wasn’t, but they were both close enough to go either way.

      Only real mistake I thought he made was not carding Eckersley for one (or both, but I assume he wouldn’t be as reckless on a yellow) of his early fouls on Nguyen. I don’t think he could send off Jones for one ugly but fairly low-impact tackle after letting Eckersley get away with two late, hard fouls. And the card for Cahill, I guess, but that’s more on Jones. Not carding Eckersley early also let him dive in on Rowe in the second half and knock him out of the game.

      BWP has no one to blame but himself (and maybe the coaching staff for not realizing a yellow kept him out of the second leg). He runs right across Shuttleworth while he’s winding up to throw and sticks his foot out to block it from about a foot away. I honestly have no idea how he thought he’d get away with that.

    • The ref did a good job. BWP deliberately interfered with the keeper’s release and that is an automatic yellow card. BWP was also onside. Your comments are biased towards the metrostars.

  10. I’m going to repeat a comment I made on the commentary page -BWP was clearly offsides on his goal, and I’m a little ashamed if SBI for being too imperishable to mention it. On Luyindola’s second shot, Shuttleworth is beyond the six yard box, BWP is inside it. There’s only one Revs player in there with him. Clear offsides, though I can see how it got missed.

  11. I had never watched a MLS game before. After reading what Jermaine Jones said about having to stop Henry I said I would watch today. Boy, am I happy I did. It was very well played and Jones put on his normal great performance.

    Yes, you may fairly call me an Euro Snob (btw, I do not consider England part of Europe) however I am looking forward to the remaining MLS games.

      • More anti-island. I, and most Europeans as well, do not consider England as part of Europe. We consider them more as Americans, or something in that category.

        But anyway, it was a very good game. Which is my main point. The Euro Snob is secondary.

      • That’s fine. The EPL is weird in a number of ways. I fully understand. I prefer the European leagues to the MLS too but I still watch and go to MLS games. More people should do both.

    • Is this another one of your “confessionals” about watching your first MLS game? How many more of these do you need? I’ll spot you three more.

      • I am proud of your speaking out about watching US soccer, that had to be hard to do publicly.

        Ronald, we are here for you. In the coming days, you will probably cry a bit and hate yourself. That is natural. As you watch your second or third game, it will be easier.

        As you cheapen yourself you, will never reach my level of inferiority, that is not a concern, but if you start watching American college and youth soccer, put your Barca jersey back on and walk away. Don’t look back, consider it your experimental phase.

      • No, Barca is not my fav team. The team I support are much better than Barcelona. btw, I am considering becoming involved in American youth soccer in some way.

  12. (1) If his replacement got beaten on the first goal, is it OK to blame Roy Miller for that one?

    (2) Did Cahill use up all his good luck last year? This year, bad things seem to happen when he enters the game.

    • Matt Doyle on the MLS website confirms that bad luck had nothing to do with it. He correctly lays the winning goal at the undisciplined, out-of-position feet of Cahill, and, indirectly at the feet of Petke for putting him in. It was entirely predictable – almost a certainty – that the Revs would punish RBNY on the break once Akexandwr was replaced by Cahill. I hope the meaningless goal he scored in a meaningless friendly against Haian makes him feel better. Because he treats his on-field assignments for RBNY like he’s Lionel Messi and he’s allowed to roam wherever he wants. He is the ultimate square peg in a round hole.

  13. I watched this game and it was what playoff soccer is all about and just sports playoffs in general. It was intense and there was real weight on every play and every foul. Bunbury’s goal was just filthy and the grit of the NY goal was crazy. The refing was outstanding because even though he called a lot of fouls it kept the game free flowing. He punished over zealous tackling and that was what I’d rather have then hack fests. The LA v Seattle game has a lot to do to out do that game.

      • They do. Just not always. Come to Seattle, go to Portland any day or night.

        To me it is bizzarre why NY isn’t like yesterday every game.
        We have a good thing going here people, whether the Trolls want it to be that way or not.

      • I was part of the 1200 revs supporters (Midnight Riders) that came down for the game. Our supporters section was as loud as the Red Bulls’. I had so much fun at a game, I lost my voice until the next day. Its a shame this atmosphere doesnt happen on the east coast more often. BEST. GAME. I. HAVE. EVER. BEEN. TO.

  14. Two very good teams. Absolutely zero wrong with the quality on display today; MLS debunkers may have to wait until next year before they start lamblasting how bad MLS is. And you just don’t see the frenetic intensity of the playoffs in the Prem, almost reminded me a bit of a Copa Libertadores match in the win-or-die atmosphere and the way the players were teeing off on one another; kinda amazing, actually, nobody got stretchered off that game. There was some [i]enthusiastic[/i] tackling going on, for sure.

    Top 5-6 teams in MLS are pretty durn good, at least in their starting 11’s. And MLS is really going to miss Thierry Henry.

    • Thats the effect is has when you’re in a proper looking stadium and have great DP’s on both sides. If the stadium is not eye-candy on TV, it lessens the appeal.

      The LA galaxy game was less intense (fans), play was ok but the sun exposure make the game look tiresome.

    • Very enjoyable game, though what you call intensity I thought was a lack of polish in the product on display, resembled a Championship relegation/promotion tie, plenty of fight, not much tactical savvy.

  15. Red bulls could have easily won the game, 3 to 0 but something about pretke tactics don’t look good, and revolution came out to battle and see what red bull would do and revolution was smart.
    Now red bull have to attack like they should of at first and revolution will wait and break them easily at Gillette stadium with their turf.
    On the bright side, red bull fans showed support and I feel bad for them, they deserve a 3rd DP.

      • This time, he’ll play. Problem is, going out and trying to attack the Revs means opening yourself up for counterattacks, like on Jones’ goal today.

      • Have to disagree. It isn’t ridiculous – what’s ridiculous is BWP and Mike not knowing the rules and BWP picking up a stupid yellow card for nonsense.

      • Okay, okay, I get it. Maybe it’s the nature of BWP’s yellow yesterday that has me riled. But in the regular season, two yellows in four games doesn’t cost you anything.

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