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2014 MLS Cup final: SBI Live Commentary

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The Los Angeles Galaxy will be paying for their fifth MLS Cup title while the New England Revolution will try to win their first as they square off in the 2014 MLS Cup final.

Landon Donovan will play the final match of his storied career today as he tries to win the sixth MLS Cup title of his career, but standing in the way is a red-hot Revs team that has lost just once in the past 16 matches.

SBI will be providing live commentary on today’s match so please feel free to follow along here. As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today’s Live Commentary is after the jump):

Live Blog 2014 MLS Cup: SBI Live Commentary


    • Picking up the keeper is one thing– I get that he’s frustrated and it WAS time wasting. And the game is basically over at that point. But the shove at the end? Straight red. That’s when it crosses the line and it’s a good way to start a brawl. It’s embarrassing that the ref let that go.

  1. People will jump on me and say I am a troll/Eurosnob. I really try to watch this league, give it the benefit of the doubt since it is a relatively new league, but, my God, this is appalling.

    20 years of MLS to get to this? Unwatchable, turnovers, kick and run, pointless athleticism, subdued crowd…and God shows up at half time to tell me that the league is doing great, and about expansion, and this and that.

    The only thing that could make this a bigger joke is the game being played at an artificial turf, at, say, Sounders or New England’s NFL stadium, with the NFL lines clearly visible.

    Sorry, this is a sad excuse of a “professional league”.

    • Both teams are afraid to play normally in the play offs. Look how much the Sounders because a team that defended with 9 and attacked with only Clint and Martins…

      You’re not really wrong about this game. It’s not great.
      New England has had particularly bad passing though. Physicality counts for too much in the MLS to my mind. I do think it has improved though. A lot better than 5 years ago.

    • I also cannot defend the quality in this game. On the other hand, I would not judge the state of world soccer by the normally lower quality of the WC final

    • to give you the opposite perspective, i don’t really make a point to watch mls (pretty much just watch dc united games), because my game-watching time is pretty limited, but i completely disagree. 🙂

      cup finals in any league (champions league, for instance) are rarely the most watchable games.

      and as you said, 20 years is still young for a professional league, especially one that’s vying with at least 4 other huge sports.

      i’m not much of an mls apologist, but i think the league is right about where it should be at this point.

    • This sort of crappy final is par for the course for many games of this sort.

      There is the pressure not to lose and the fact that for many of these guys it is the last game of very long year.And of course the LD circus.

      As a game it was pure horses++t. But that does not MLS is. I’ve seen worse Champion’s League and World Cup finals.

      • hey GW, of course, but it’s all agenda here these days, not compelling and insightful banter. maybe we can get that back here, idk

  2. What a joke of a game, not a supporter of either team, but all is slsnted for LA from ESPN, the commentary, and the ref. MLS is worse for this corporate posture, of picking LA.

    • Ya, it was a penalty. He kinda maybe got the ball but he went through the back of Nguyen to do it. I’ll admit that replay wasn’t exactly great.


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