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The best American soccer moments in 2014

Brooks Johnson vs Ghana



As the year winds down to a close, it is time to look back and reminisce on the moments that will live long in the memories of American soccer fans.

My latest Goal USA feature took a look at the top moments, events and performances of 2014 in American soccer. The ones that will be remembered long after the year is over, and the ones that had the greatest impact on American soccer fans. It wasn’t an easy list to whittle down to five, and I’m sure everybody’s list will be a little different based on their own personal allegiances, but one thing we can agree on is that there were some moments and events this year that we won’t soon forget.

I settled on a top five for the story, but there were obviously so many more moments that could have made the list. Here are just some of the other events/moments/performances that could have made the cut, and may have made your cut:

Seattle Sounders win first Supporters’ Shield

Charlie Davies caps comeback with outstanding playoff braces

DeAndre Yedlin transfers to Tottenham

Michael Bradley shines in USMNT friendly vs. Mexico

Atlanta is awarded MLS expansion team

Second expansion team in Los Angeles announced

Jermaine Jones scores thunderbolt vs. Portugal

Juninho scores playoff series winner for Galaxy vs. Sounders


These are just some other moments and events that came to mind. Give my Goal USA story a ready and let us know which moments meant the most to you in American soccer in 2014. What individual performances or goals, or events stick out as being the most meaningful and significant to you this year.

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Citing DC United’s stadium is like counting chickens before they hatch. Let’s save the Big Moment certificate for when the stadium opens.

    Landon bidding farewell was a big deal, but doesn’t qualify as a “moment” because it dra.g.g..e…d on for an e….t…..e…..r…….n…….i……….t………yD.

    I agree that Timmy’s goalkeeping and Brooks’ goal celebration should be on the list. And since it’s still 2014, this has got to be in the top ten moments:

  2. I’d nominate the the Zusi’s cutback/cross to Dempsey on the second Portugal goal for the most under rated moment. I was just watching that the other day and Zusi showed surprising calm in that situation. He could have easily had a go and blasted it into the stands. However he waited for the defender to close him down and played it perfect. I think he ran out of gas in the last 2 matches but with 2 assists Zusi actually had a pretty solid World Cup.

  3. Not sure it’sa top moment but it’s at least a top under rated moment:

    Clint Dempsey scoring 30 seconds into the the WC. I mean after the US was drawn into “that” group (let’s be real) fans were on edge. Scoring that goal was as much of a relief (with all the build up of the draw, the importance of getting pts in the first game, that fact it was against the nemesisi Ghana) as as it was as exciting. I almost cried. The bar I was at – with a bunch of AOs went crazier for that goal than Brooks’ goal. But it’s lost in the WC breakdowns. We get Brooks’ goal, Jermaine’s blast, Howards performance, Wondo’s miss, Jozy’s injury, Yedlin’s breakout and even Green’s goal but Deuce’s goal and it’s importance gets lost.

    • The Dempsey goal was quite skillful as well. The only thing about it was it happened TOO soon. I didn’t even believe it when it happened… I was all like…did we just score?


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