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Club America’s Alvarado still open to USMNT call

VenturaAlvaradoClubAmerica1 (Mexsport)

Jurgen Klinsmann hasn’t lost out on too many U.S.-eligible dual nationals since taking over as U.S. Men’s National Tema head coach, so when reports out of Mexico had Club America central defender Ventura Alvarado choosing Mexico over his native USA, there was a bit of surprise.

Now it appears that Klinsamnn hasn’t lost out on Alvarado just yet after all.

In an interview ahead of Club America’s appearance in the Liga MX Apertura final against Tigres, Alvarado revealed that he was still open to playing for Mexico or the United States.

“I would love to play for the national team, both the U.S. or Mexico,”  Alvarado told “I’d be so happy if they called me.”

As for whether he hopes Klinsmann will be watching him play, Alvarado replied “I hope so. I’m going to keep it in mind that he watches and do a great job.”

The 22-year-old Phoenix native is a versatile defender capable of playing anywhere along the back-line, but has long been considered a good central defender prospect. Alvarado has slotted into the Club America starting lineup at right back, and will be playing in his first professional final starting Thursday, when Club America faces Jose Torres, Herculez Gomez and Tigres in the two-leg Apertura final.

What do you think of this development? Think Alvarado could help the USMNT?

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  1. Isn’t that rising star tattoo on his wrist the arizona flag design. I wouldn’t be upset if he got a look and it may or may not be worth it but Club America is no slouch so it can’t possibly hurt to get him into a January camp. If we have a guy from NASL getting looks why shouldn’t this young player?

  2. good to hear. Mexican press really like this kid and everyone rates him highly. so it’s not a matter of Mexico not wanting him. hopefully he can maintain a spot when Aguilar is back from injury or can earn a starting CB spot. if he can do that, he’d be another good prospect for us.

      • relax. i am not sure why i said injured. it’s been a long day. in my comment above, i said Aguilar was “removed” so it was a simple mistake.

        what i meant was if Aguilar comes back from suspension, and stays at America, and AV can maintain his spot anyway, that would be great.

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  4. This guy has barely any professional experience and already people can’t wait to cast aside experienced players for him. He only played a couple of games in the Apertura. Why don’t we wait until he actually is worthy of being selected before we worry about whether he would accept an invitation from the country where he was born and raised?

    And before the usual PC clowns start – I think he should play for the US if/when he’s actually good enough.

    • Thank you slow!
      Ventura is playing due to the poor form of Paul Aguilar ( injury?). It’s crazy to me that after a few games, there is a sudden stir of what national team he will represent.

      • i agree but don’t forget he beat out Valenzuela for the starting spot with Aguilar removed. so it’s at least a positive. and he’s had a few appearances at CB.

      • If he becomes a regular starter for America and is playing well, then he should be considered. Hopefully, that happens and he plays for the USMNT. I guess I’m just tired of guys being overhyped before they’ve really done anything.

      • i get it, it pretty much happens with any young player these days. well, now that i think about it, it’s been happening as long as i remember.

        anyway, hope he works out.

      • He might, but I doubt it. Aguilar was suspended for the rest of the playoff and might be shipped out if the new coach doesn’t want him. But I see America just buying another defender though.

    • Neven Subutic really wanted to play for Germany (he spent a good part of his youth there before being denied asylum and moving to the US), which he did consider but could not because he played for the US at the youth level (thus making him only available for Serbia and US). Besides, if a a slight by 1 coach (and not the head coach) deters you from playing for 1 program then your heart was not in it.

  5. I think the Televisa reporter had it right. I think that after ther article came out here him and his family took a lot of heat stateside and rightfully so. After that he backtracked. We will know for sure with Camp cupcake because if you are on any team in Mex you get an automatic start for the US under Klinsi. He seems alright there are probably many in
    MLS just as good athletically. Technically and passing abikity are prob much higher cause MLS defenders couldnt pass it to the side of a barn or dribble past U-12 AYSO players. Then again in Mex defenders are really lax on the actual defending side. They give the NFL 10 yard cushion

    • Haha alright kid, keep inferring things when there’s no basis for it. The initial report never even said anything about him not wanting to play for the US.

    • said a lot of duel nationals, many of which ended up on our team. Omar Gonzalez comes to mind, but you can add Castillo, Jones, Johnson, others..

      both teams have openings on their back lines. not surprised he wants to play for a Herrera (old coach) led El Tri. but realistically he was deep on the depth chart for both teams and this little duel-national decision has really pushed him forward.

    • i think the jj switch is more about jk trying to find a way to hang on to (arguably) our best outfield player.

      it’s also not really that unusual for a d-mid to convert to cb, although he’s kind of late in his career to be learning a new position.

      • +1. At CB, Jermaine Jones is a guy that I could see making the final 23 in 2018 if only of be a presence in the locker room and able to come off the bench if he loses his wheels before then, At midfield That seems much less likely. But I have a feeling that he’s primarily there to bring a level of quality and expectation to training–he has the deepest European pedigree of all our active filed players (except for maybe Dempsey?), so I don’t see him crowding anyone out of taking a run at a place in the CB depth chart.

        Plus, II think JJ has shown that he is the kind of competitor that will force the younger players to pry “his” position from his cold, dead hands through their now quality of play in matches and training—that kind of competition can only bring good things. I do not think we will see him become some kind of sacred cow that gets a pass at the expense of other players if that’s what folks are concerned about.

    • JJ is a born leader both vocally and physically. I support any effort to keep that fire on the pitch as long as possible, especially as we bleed in a young backline. He’s also by far one of our most experienced players, both in terms of how long he’s played and at what level. So he’s steady regardless of the pressures or scoreline.

      And so far, at CB, he hasn’t had any blunders. So there’s little need to knock him. Gonzo < Jones at CB.


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