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Report: CONMEBOL looking at 23 cities for 2016 Copa America



The 2016 Copa America Centenario is set to be held on U.S. soil and the picture is starting to becoming a little bit clearer on where exactly the games will be played.

CONMEBOL are reportedly eying 23 cities in the U.S. as potential hosts, while two, Miami and Atlanta, have been disqualified, despite their Latin populations, due to incomplete stadiums ahead of the 2016 tournament.

A map detailing the potential stadium sites shows 11 cities (Seattle, Los Angeles, Kansas City, Dallas, Houston, Tampa, Nashville, Philadelphia, New York, Boston and Washington, D.C.) listed in one color, with 12 more (San Francisco, San Diego, Phoenix, Denver, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Baltimore, Charlotte and Jacksonville) in another.

The list of potential destinations reportedly came up during a recent CONMEBOL Exective Committee meeting and is expected to reduced as the tournament approaches.

The 2016 tournament, which will represent the competition’s 100-year anniversary, is set to feature the ten members of CONMEBOL (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Venezuela), as well as the U.S., Mexico, Costa Rica, Jamaica, and two other CONCACAF participants.


What do you think of the potential cities? Which cities would you like to see CONMEBOL choose? Plan to attend any of the games?

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  1. Frustrating. Atlanta has hosted with the Georgia Dome before. Not having two of the busiest Latin American connections for flights doesn’t make much sense.

  2. Minnesota has an amazingly diverse population and continuoisly growing soccer fanbase. With the new Vikings stadium coming up, and the reliable public transportation, Minneapolis would be a perfect host city.

    • No. It would Metlife stadium. As RB fan, I don’t have a problem with that. I have a problem with people who never lived in the area that troll because a team doesn’t play in New York shouldn’t be be part of New York.

      Technically, that map should say East Rutherford or New Jersey.

  3. Excited about games in Tampa, RayJay Stadium. It’s a fantastic venue for football, and the grass on the field is always immaculate.

    Please tell me they will force Seattle to put real grass over that abomination of a plastic turf…otherwise, no games must be played there.

  4. Jacksonville!!! We have the largest USMNT crowds in the SE, host international club teams, and have our own NASL team, Armada FC, starting next year!!!

  5. Indy would be great, they get 12,000+(sell out every game) for their NASL team alone and had the 2nd most attended match of the 2013 International Champions Cup, with the final being the only one ahead of them.

      • If i still lived in Arlington, I’d be cursing his name on a regular basis…traffic was always horrendous anywhere near the stadium (I lived on the same street, a couple of miles north) and the city became a parking lot if the Rangers and the Cowboys should happen to play on the same day.

        Arlington is the largest city in the country without any form of public transport…that might work against them for the final venue voting…

  6. Any clue what the different colors mean? Preference (ie primary locations vs secondary? Stadium size minimums? Also, I believe SF/San Jose/Santa Clara is in the other grouping with LA, Seattle, Nashville, etc.

      • conmebol had no say in USA’s WC 1994… USA did alright, and it still stands as the most attended WC ever… and we have learned even more about demographics since then…

      • Yea, but this is a CONMEBOL tournament, World Cup is a FIFA tournament. I know I’m excited to see it, but its like having the Euro’s here. It really doesn’t make much sense, and clearly they’re still going to want to run the program.

  7. Despite not being very up to date, Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego is a great place for soccer. And who doesn’t want to come to San Diego?

  8. Tampa and Jacksonville?

    Brazil vs Colombia pulls in 73k+ (2/3 were Colombian) which broke all Florida soccer viewing records and they are not even looking at it?

  9. With the new Vikings Stadium set to open in July of 2016 right before the Vikings season kicks off, and all the discussions of landing an MLS team, I thought that we would have an upper hand in getting one of these games up in Minnesota. I guess not 🙁

    Maybe it won’t be ready in time for this tournament? I thought the timing would be perfect.

  10. Games like this will be sick in Boston, wondering if its going to be at Alumni Stadium or Harvard Stadium, or maybe by Boston they mean Foxboro

      • Yeah, Alumni and Harvard Stadiums, forgetting size, are not even close to international in width. Size-wise, these games will sell-out Foxboro very quickly. At 42,000 or so seats, and a downgrade to Harvard (going down from 30k to 22k), these are non-starters.

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