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Kreis, Reyna state decision on Lampard to come mid-December

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Frank Lampard’s club future will be determined in the next couple of weeks.

The New York City FC Designated Player signing has spent the last four months on loan with Manchester City and some impressive performances have raised speculation that Lampard’s loan could be extended.

Speaking at a question and answer session in Manhattan at a public event on Thursday, both NYC FC head coach Jason Kreis and sporting director stated that a decision on whether Lampard will join NYC FC full time in January or not would come by mid-December.

“The decision should be made in the middle of December,” Kreis said, via the New York Times. “It will be made by the people that own this club, and I have full trust that they’re going to make a decision that’s going to be best for Frank, best for Manchester City and best for New York City. At the end of the day I have full trust in that decision and we will live by whatever it is.”

Both Kreis and Reyna said that no matter the decision, they would “respect and support” it. The decision is expected to come from both club’s technical staffs and Man City’s chairman Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed al-Nahyan.

Kreis admitted that he’d prefer to have Lampard available for the first day of preseason, on Jan. 24.

“In an ideal world, for me, we want our players to be with us from day one,” Kreis said. “And day one for us is January 24.”

Man City head coach Manuel Pellegrini recently told reporters in England at a press conference that he was open to the idea of extending Lampard’s loan, but the decision had to come from the player himself. If Lampard wants to start the season in New York, Pellegrini said, he wouldn’t stand in the way.

After spending 13 years at Chelsea, Lampard signed a Designated Player contract with NYC FC on July 24. One week later, his loan move to Man City was confirmed. Lampard has made nine English Premier League appearances this season, mostly off the bench, scoring three goals.


What do you think of this development? Do you see Lampard arriving for NYC FC preseason on Jan. 24? Do you see Man City extending his loan?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. “they’re going to make a decision that’s going to be best for Frank, best for Manchester City and best for New York City”….In that order

    • I won’t be convinced until I can see his feet. Looks like he and Kreis flipped a coin for the telephone books they found, and Villa won.

  2. Where are those clowns that accused Ives of click baiting when he first reported the possibility of Lampard staying in England?
    It looks like he was right all along.

  3. bottom line frank will not be in nyc until july. he came for a cameo appearance when he signed and had a look of “what am i doing here” on his face. just the signing they did not need cant wait to see david villa in chicago tho

  4. Last I heard…

    New York City FC head coach Jason Kreis denied rumors linking new signing Frank Lampard with an extended loan stay at Manchester City. The 36-year-old is on a short-term loan with the Premier League champ until the MLS pre-season begins in January, although NYCFC’s first league game isn’t until March. “There is no truth to that rumor at all,” Kreis said during a conference call with reporters following the MLS Expansion Priority Draft event on Wednesday.

    Ol’ Donnie boy. Jurgen Klinsmann doesn’t hurt the credibility of your league. It’s these cases of backtracking and/or misleading that makes you and the league look foolish, amateur and Mickey Mouse.

      • Count me among those who were vaguely shocked when there was no SBI link to the follow up Tim Howard excerpt yesterday on ESPN regarding the LD omission. Seemed like perfect fodder for an SBI dumpster fire.

      • Oh, I have a strong inclination SBI will make about 5 stories out of the book excerpts and LD will be mentioned no less than 142 times in the comment section.

  5. If this happens then man city will definitely payback nycfc with some good loan players or even sell them players.
    Chivas USA would have survive if they had a good communication with the real team in ligaMX but now their gone, better for MLS 🙂 and now the new chivas USA might be nyrb or nycfc.
    How funny one of the fanciest city in the world ( New York) has 2 teams with possible chivas USA future, but I got more faith in nycfc as they plan to get their stadium and red bull has a very cloudy future since red bull won’t commit to a USLPro team.

    • If this happens then man city will definitely payback nycfc with some good loan players or even sell them players.

      Complete nonsense. If this happens, the complete opposite is equally (and more probable) to happen.

      • Out of curiousity, why would you say so? I honestly have no idea how this plays out, but I’d think intuitively it would be in the best interests of the parent company to keep with their strategy of trying to buy market share and outspend NYRB to win the New York market. Doing a “bait and switch” on the initial season ticketholder base does not seem like very good business (even if these guys haven’t exactly killed it thus far)

      • Club A going back on it’s word is suddenly going to do favors for a club B? Especially when the league has a propensity of catering and bending over backwards in these scenarios?

        While it’s worth noting both clubs are under the same ownership, the clubs are ran by entirely different people, different employees and have different objectives.

        Why would (you or) I believe otherwise, is the question.

      • I think you’ve answered your own question, but the fact is IT’S THE SAME PEOPLE. There is no “Club A giving its word to Club B” Are you really of the opinion that Reyna or Kreis went out and sourced the Lampard signing themselves?

      • Whoever cooked the meal, the chefs work for different restaurants within the same food chain.

        This notion that someone from the parent club front office is going to do favors as a direct result of doing a disservice is naive.

      • What “favors”? Nobody is doing “favors”. Abu Dhabi Group does in fact still have a vested interest in the success of NYCFC, same as they ever have.

      • What do you mean “favors” and “disservice”?

        Man City did NYFC a “favor” by giving Lampard a place to stay in match shape while waiting for the season to start. I doubt anyone involved thought that Lampard would turn out to possibly be a vital piece in helping City in the Champion’s League and the EPL title race.

        Guess what? Things change.

        Will Lampard showing up a month or two late irreparably harm NYFC? That does not seem likely although there will always be those who will be insulted by that ownership’s priorities.

        Is the Champion’s league title and EPL title more important than NYFC not looking subservient to to European proirities?

        Ask the owners.

        MLS allowed that ownership group to buy into the league knowing they also owned Man City so they have to accept their priorities may clash with MLS’ from time to time. Based on Arena’s recent interview, I would say this issue is an internal NYFC matter which means Lampard will probably stay in Manchester for the duration unless Lampard himself thinks otherwise.

  6. They went from “no way he’s staying in England” to ” whatever they decide it’s fine with us”
    Way to stand your ground, Claud.

      • NOT ideal but, considering the location and all around quality of the facility and other options, I think using yankee stadium as a temp home isn’t such a disaster however- this comment had me laughing. That %$#@ is funny.

        Withholding Lampard is an absolute crap first impression and immediately damages fan confidence with the biggest issue / question mark for prospective fans they need to be courting. Like telling a first date you are trying to impress that you may be late because you have to hang out with your Ex girlfriend.

        Good luck with that.

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