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Diskerud refutes Tijuana rumors while leaving options open for 2015

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Mix Diskerud’s name has been heavily linked with a move to Liga MX’s Tijuana, but the U.S. Men’s National Team midfielder insists that his club situation isn’t quite so clear.

The 24-year-old said that he has yet to sign a deal with a new club, although his contract with Norway’s Rosenborg is set to expire at the end of the month. However, Diskerud did admit that he was exploring options in the U.S.

“A club somewhere in Estados Unidos – if – in the Americas,” Diskerud said. “If I do sign with a new club – it will either be my new or old club that gets to inform you of it.

“I have had fantastic people, with so much passion for their clubs and our sport approach me lately. I do not want to disappoint anyone. Not now. Not after the season is over either,” Diskerud added. “So things are – pretty much the same.”

Where do you expect Diskerud to end up in the coming weeks? What club would be a good fit for Diskerud’s talents?

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  1. Mix would be a DP in MLS because the salary he would need to be offered would require DP status – any salary offer from Liga MX would be in the DP range for MLS teams … he’s been in Europe since 2008 and none of the teams in a “higher” ranked league (i.e. Premier League, Bundesliga, Primera) have been chasing him for a starting spot and he’s already 24 … and PLEASE GOD don’t let him pull an “Altidore” … and he needs to find more competition to prove to Klinsi that he’s hard/steely/mean enough to take Jermaine Jones’ spot in the starting 11 next to MikeB … so Mix is moving to MLS or Liga MX before February.

  2. Put Mix in the midfield with Joe Corona, Greg Garza flying up the wing and Paul Arriola up top and the Xolos would be fun to watch

    • That was one team I had in mind when I made my comment above. (But since I am a Sounders fan, I didn’t want to mention it.)

      RSL would be interesting too—would love to see Mix/Beckerman—but they’ve been hinting at moving to a 4-3-3. Philly with Edu?

      • with Juninho and Marcelo entrenched already, it could signal a move top a different system OR, more likely, Marcelo would move outside where the Galaxy have used him before; he could tuck inside on the left and Rodgers could get forward with Marcelo/Juninho supplying cover

        whatever it is, I like his talent and skill blended into the Galaxy Mix, pun intended

      • Actually I have to say that I don’t. I do think Dax and Mix would do well together though. Even better would be Mix in front of Dax and Eric. Lloyd on the right and someone to be determined on the left with BWP up front in a 4-2-3-1. Would be pretty good I think.

  3. “Estados Unidos” it can also mean “Estados Unidos Mexicanos” for those that are not familiar with the official name of Mexico.

  4. he loves trying to speak in riddles and be cryptic. i really want to know where he is going to end up! i would think there has to be some European interest as well but i guess not…

  5. He’s not good enough to command this much attention.
    I’m sure you can find better in Argentina, Brazil or Colombia for the same money and without the drama.

    • If we lived in Scotland, Europe, Spain, ETC. than yea I would agree with “He’s not good enough to command this much attention”, but we live in America….

      I think he’s getting this much attention because he’s a USMNT player who took part in the World Cup. I don’t see anything wrong with the league throwing a little more cash at him to have him play in the U.S…. And I definitely don’t see a problem with trying to expose him more in the media.. It gets fans intrigued about what’s going on in the MLS… Also MLS already have a reputation of offering more money to USMNT players (Bradley, Dempsey) so I see nothing wrong with this.

  6. Do expect him to wind up in MLS. Big sticking point right now is the collective bargaining agreement. Nobody’s going after (relatively) high-money names like this until they know how much they’re going to have to spend or how many DP slots they have.

    Expect there’s a fair number of guys on Mix’s level who will soon be in MLS once this becomes clearer.

    MLS could do itself a favor by allowing these guys to sign with the club they would prefer, rather than forcing them into some sort of arbitrary lottery.

    • Not really sure why this guy would get huge money. He’s performed well in spots for the USMNT but he doesn’t have that great a track record at club level, playing in a league below MLS level. I think he can play at a higher level than he has thus far but I’m not even sure he deserves DP status.

      • The league with a tiny salary cap and tons of players making nearly nothing is “notorious” for overpaying players?

      • I don’t think a league with a minimum salary below $50K, and a salary cap of $3.1 million can possible be considered “notorious for overpaying players”.
        Are players ever over-payed in MLS? Absolutely. Are there examples of players that are over-payed in every fooball league? Absolutely.
        Samuel E’to was getting $31 million per year in Russia. That’s overpaid. Dario Conca gets $13 million per year in China. That’s overpaid.

      • “Not really sure why this guy would get huge money”
        Because he’s an American international. Skill level has nothing to do with pay.

      • Ok, but he’s a US international who didn’t even see the field during the world cup. Skill level has “nothing” to do with pay? You may want to rethink that one.

      • “Huge” money? Yeah, probably not. But DP? Definitely.

        I’ve never watched his club, so I can’t comment on his contribution there (and stats could easily mislead). But I’ve seen him play for the USMNT and been impressed by his movement and passing. Put him in an midfield along with a solid destroyer and Mix could be exactly the missing piece some teams need.

        And let’s be honest: his hair alone deserves a DP contract.

    • MLS could do itself a favor by allowing these guys to sign with the club they would prefer, rather than forcing them into some sort of arbitrary lottery.

      The fact that random players from another country can pick a club of their choosing, but our own American’s can’t is a joke. I rail on Don for a lot, mostly in jest, but this is a huge detriment to his argument that MLS helps Nats/Americans.

    • American or otherwise, prospective DP’s who are willing to give an answer besides “LA or New York” will find a considerably more receptive audience with MLS ownership right now when it comes to picking and choosing where they land


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