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The SBI Show: Episode 181 (Talking MLS Cup, SBI Show MLS Awards, and more)

Charlie Davies New England Revolution 72


After a pair of dramatic conference finals finales, the 2014 MLS Cup final is set and the latest episode of The SBI Show takes a look back and look ahead to the championship game.

Episode 181 of The SBI Show takes a look back at the victories by the Los Angeles Galaxy and New England Revolution, while also discussing Thierry Henry’s departure from MLS.

Co-host Garrett Cleverly also make our picks for the SBI Show MLS Awards, while also discussing MLS commissioner Don Garber’s recent State of the League Address.

Give Episode 181 of The SBI Show a listen after the jump:

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  1. I think Marshall’s selection is kinda lazy (no offense)…Boswell and Hedges had to deal with a lot more during the season than the comparably stable Seattle. I’m not saying that they and he wouldn’t have been able to cope with the team-in-flux or the injury nightmare that BB and MH respectively had to endure, but making him the “clear” choice doesn’t take those difficult situations into account.

    • Those situations were taken into account Dace, but perhaps you should consider the fact that as an FC Dallas fan you’re going to see it for your guys in each case. I’m sure you think Hedges, Akindele and Oscar Pareja should all have won MLS awards. The reality is they weren’t all deserving.

      Marshall played at a level that neither Hedges or Boswell played at this year, and while Hedges certainly did have plenty of adversity to deal with (which I point out in detail), he still didn’t play at the same level Marshall did. Marshall was just better.

      • To be honest, you’re right about Tesho. He turned it on when it mattered and his struggle to make a difference in the first half of the season was mostly forgotten. I’m going to stick to my guns though with Matt (no need to stick up for Oscar when you and Garret both agree), and also mention that the difficulties weren’t just limited to a consistent inconsistency in the backline that helped elevate Chad over him. The midfield, particularly the defensive mid(s), must also be taken into account. In much the same way that a keeper cannot/should not be considered culpable for letting in numerous goals when a backline is nonexistent, and in fact are generally venerated for preventing the scoreline from becoming even more embarrassing, it seems to me that taking the almost equally as unsettled and untested FCD midfield into account versus the arguable best-in-the-league midfield would….
        oh geez look at that, I’ve run out of steam.

        I get it though, it’s about defending overall not “defending under the circumstances” and in that regard, Marshall is the winner.

      • FC Dallas fan here, and I don’t think Tesho or Hedges deserve awards. I do think Pareja did, though.

        Not every fan sees things through a fans-eye view all the time. I think that one undermines people’s opinions to say “oh, it’s just because they support that team.” For example, I’ve consistently held that the away goals rule is farcical, but I can’t speak out against it because my team lost on it. People dismiss my opinion as whining about that.

        Maybe I’m different than other people, though. I have an analytical mind. I’ve noticed that I’m prone to analyze things and am a stickler for proper punctuation, spelling, and grammar, which seems quite writery, doesn’t it? Then again, I used the word “writery,” so I clearly still have work to do…(just like the MLS awards committee that didn’t even nominate Pareja)…

    • Dude, Marshall was a boss. Just look at the last two legs vs. LAG (and I’m a Galaxy fan) — he took 2-3 slam dunk goals off the table with stellar reads and tackles He may have had a great team around him, which obviously helps, but he was there like that all year long. For me, one of the easiest team of the season selections.


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