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MLS introduces official 2015 match ball: Nativo



Say good bye to the Brazuca and say hello to Nativo.

The new MLS official match ball, which will be used during the 2015 season, follows closely along with MLS’ “next” theme that included changing the league’s crest. The ball features colors of both the flags of the USA and Canada, and according to Adidas is “the most tested ball ever.”

“Our partnership with MLS is incredibly important to us because together, we’re ensuring our homegrown athletes have viable opportunities to play soccer at the highest level,” Ernesto Bruce, director of soccer at adidas America, said in a statement. “Entering the league’s 20th season, we’re excited to bring our most advanced ball ever to the soccer pitch so we can help players perform at their best.”

According to the release on, the ball contains six identical panels to “optimize aerodynamics, stability, and symmetry in flight,” and features the materials and technology used in the Brazuca ball.


What do you think of the Nativo? Like the design? Think it’s another marketing ploy?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. It would be kinda of cool if the ball had the colors of the MLS cup winners. For all of the losers just one more thing to motivate them every game.

  2. Just noticed the Star & Maple Leaf.

    Still kinda sad not to see the blue & green. I realize that to prove that you are dynamic these days you have to have red in the logo, but I always felt the blue & green worked.

  3. I like this a lot more than the previous ball. I never understood why we had a ball with bright orange coloring all over it when nothing about the league has to do with the color orange. This shows the new league colors and has a nice, more simple design. The Brazuca was a great representative for the color and the beauty of Brazil but for MLS I definitely prefer this design.

    • Brian Guy clicks on a link anyway, reads the story, then comments about how he doesn’t care.

      The lengths some guys go to whine.

      I didn’t realize the silver ball thing…is that real ? That would be pretty cool if it is unique to MLS/created in MLS. Unveil the silver ball in the first game.

  4. This is not news. This is transcribing a press release. Who, except for the owners and Adidas, could conceivably care? Is this

  5. Does the champion team still play with the silver ball, I think thats a unique idea and Should be kept.
    What about The MLS website, is it going through a makeover since the new logo is kicking in for MLS.


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