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USMNT set for 7 friendlies in 1st half of 2015

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With the 2014 campaign in the books, the U.S. Men’s National Team has already lined up a busy schedule to start off 2015.

The USMNT will play seven times in the first six months of 2015 ahead of the Gold Cup next summer. Headlined by visits from Panama and Mexico, the U.S. will travel five times for matchups against Chile, Denmark, Switzerland, the Netherlands and World Cup champions Germany.

Starting the year with a Jan. 28 visit to Chile, the U.S. will then host Panama in February before spending March in Europe for matches with Denmark and Switzerland.

The U.S. will host Mexico in April for the second friendly between the two rivals in as many seasons before finishing out the first half of 2015 in Europe with a pair of challenging clashes with the Netherlands and Germany.

Following the seven friendlies, the U.S. will enter the Gold Cup, which is set to kickoff July 7.

Have a look at the U.S. Men’s National Team’s early 2015 schedule below: 


Jan. 28 – at Chile

Feb. 8 – vs. Panama

March 25 – at Denmark

March 31 – at Switzerland

April 15 – vs. Mexico

June 5 – at Netherlands

June 10 – at Germany

What do you think of the USMNT’s early 2015 schedule? What games are you most looking forward to?

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  1. Most of this schedule is solid, but the matches in June are NOT good ideas. Do we want 2 butt-whippings before the Gold Cup? The lead up to the 2011 tourney did more harm than good.

    The thing I like most is the match with Mexico in April. We’ll get a preview of their team before we meet them in the Gold Cup. Things are really playing into the US’s hands this cycle. Even if we lose in April and again in the Gold Cup to Mexico, the third game is essentially a trap game for them. Of course, Costa Rica could screw that all up.

      • There are seven matches listed above.

        Two are Concacaf teams, Panama and Mexico. One is a a South American team, Chile, The other four are good European teams. Bear in mind that a lot of the USMNT talent pool is based in Europe so any games in Europe make it easier on them. This may shock you but Bob Bradley’s USMN teams actually played exhibition games in Europe.

        And remember the last two games are against two of the best teams in the world. What’s wrong with a tough test? Or do you think the guys are too weak minded to deal with the challenge?

        And do you really think the USMNT need any reminders on how to deal with their CONCACAF opponents or that they have any secrets from each other? Don’t you think the US scouts these teams?

  2. I like some of these friendlies, however I don’t get why were going over to Europe to play two teams who are going to dominate against us, before the gold cup. We should play some south American teams, or concacaf teams that didn’t make the gold cup in order to get used to being able to break teams down who bunker in

    • By the time we get through the first five of these friendlies and to Netherlands and Germany, those two teams will be bunkering down against us too.

    • Because the group stage of the Gold cup is crazy easy sometimes. Beating Cuba? Not too difficult. So we should be able to build back some rhythm and confidence after the Germans and Dutch smack us around a bit.

      On the plus side, both those teams like to randomly and horribly underproduce in friendlies.

      • California has had like 50 more USMNT games than any other state. They get them pretty frequently. I hope we get another set somewhere in Texas.

      • You’re in luck. Ives tweeted that the Mexico friendly is looking like it will be in San Antonio…

        …Which means that the crowd will be about 95% green, with a tiny sliver of red, white and blue behind one of the goals.

    • There’s a decent chance the Panama game will be in SoCal, as this has historically been the site of January camp games. Gold Cup siting is decided by CONCACAF, so hard to say,.

  3. That April 15 game should be corrected to reflect “at Mexico” and I hope “The Kommandant” uses a more consistent core of players during this build up to the GC.


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