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Pellegrini: “(Lampard) wants to stay” at Man City

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Frank Lampard is looking less and less likely of being in New York City FC gear come the first day of preseason training.

Following another goal-scoring performance in a 1-0 victory for Manchester City against Leicester City, Man City manager Manuel Pellegrini reiterated to the media for the second time in as many days that the English club is interested in extending Lampard’s loan, and the player wishes to stay as well.

“We know exactly what we must do,” Pellegrini said, via “Frank wants to stay, we want to keep him. Now we must resolve the problem with New York City and MLS.”

Lampard signed a Designated Player deal with NYC FC last July after 13 years with Chelsea, but was quickly sent on loan to Man City through the end of December, with the idea of keeping him fit ahead of NYC FC’s inaugural campaign.

The 36-year-old’s time in a Man City shirt has gone better than expected however, scoring six goals in 14 games all competitions, putting NYC FC in a difficult spot. NYC FC sporting director Claudio Reyna is in Manchester now to negotiate with the Man City technical staff about whether to extend Lampard’s loan at Man City or have him report on Jan. 24 for preseason with the rest of the squad.

“When we made the decision for Frank to stay with us until December, I was sure he would be a very important player,” Pellegrini told Man City’s website following the win at Leicester City. “We are very happy with him and we hope he can continue with us.”

Working against NYC FC is the fact that Man City are expected to be without midfielder Yaya Toure for a period of up to six weeks, beginning in early January for the 2015 African Cup of Nations.

If Toure and Lampard leave the club as originally planned, Man City would be left with just two first-team central midfielders in Fernando and Fernandinho, a scenario that the Sky Blues are hoping to avoid.

Man City has a couple of options if they do extend Lampard’s loan. They could do what Toronto FC did with Jermain Defoe last season, allowing him to stay with Tottenham through the end of February before joining his new teammates ahead of the 2014 MLS season. The other option of course is to have Lampard finish the EPL season with Man City, before joining NYC FC in June.

NYC FC are expected to have at least one Designated Player around when they begin preseason fitness training. Man City have ruled out the loan signing of David Villa, according to the Daily Telegraph, as the club look to bring in a new forward in the January transfer window with injuries piling up on the front line.


What do you think of these developments? What are Lampard’s chances of joining NYC FC at the start of the season? Are you disappointed in the recent comments?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. He’ll come in June, he’ll struggle as June arrivals always do, and he’ll need the next preseason to get ready for MLS action, assuming he doesn’t go back out on loan for City. Good start for New Man City FC.

  2. This is Chivas USA all over again. MLS is stuck because they need Mansour’s $200 million to finance that NYC stadium. He’ll be calling the shots on Lampard, unfortunately.

  3. MLS loaning out its stars back to Europe (Beckham, Defoe, Lamps) is akin to a husband/boyfriend being convinced to letting his wife/girlfriend go on a three week vacation with her long-time ex. Sure you trust her and may even have “a legal contract”, but they’re probably rooting for things not to go too well while away…

  4. I’m starting to think the league should have went with Cosmos. This is the Chivas situation all over again. Man City will eventually lose interest in thier sister club and decide to sell.

  5. Here’s the perfect solution:

    1. Let Lampard stay with Manchester City until June.
    2. Arrange a Man. City-NYCFC friendly when he returns.

    If you’re a Galaxy fan, you’ve already seen this show, if you know what I mean.

  6. LOL @ most the comments here.

    Wow, none of you have the slightest idea what is going on. NYCFC and MCFC are owned by the same people, what are they going to do, demand themselves to send Lampard back before June? Is Garber going to tell one of his bosses they have to send Lampard back before June?

    Sorry, these guys spent the equivalent of a large transfer fee at MCFC to buy into MLS. If they deciode Lampard has a higher value for them in Manchester, that is where he is gonna stay until June,. End of story.

  7. Um guys, this isn’t MLS vs Man City or NYCFC vs Man City. The owner of Man City owns NYCFC, so there is simply no “headbutting” going on at the top, the decision makers are the same. Why would Garber, the talking head of the owners, publicly cry when one of their owners wants to keep a player loaned out to one of their other proprieties? There is a reason Reyna and Kreis said they will go with the decision, its because their boss is making it.

    • “Why would Garber, the talking head of the owners, publicly cry when one of their owners wants to keep a player loaned out to one of their other proprieties?”

      Did you miss the Chivas USA debacle entirely?

      Garber will absolutely do somethng if he feels that a foreign owner is damaging the brand, and he has shown this. However, NYCFC isn’t in that territory just yet– in my mind, NYCFC will have Lampard or a similar-calibur star in uniform on Day 1. But to say that Garber is simply a talking head for owners who will treat their properties as they please utterly ignores very recent history.

      • You mean when Garber and MLS stood by Chivas USa countless times in their history despite plenty of complaints and only truly broke away and admitted to the problem when Vergara sold his stake?

        You have no concept of what a commissioner is do you. He is hired by the owners of the league and answers to them. The owners designate a person to speak for their interests in MLS LCC, and essentially run the day to day aspects of the league HQ.

  8. re-post from a different thread but it is very appropriate here:

    The solution to the Lampard controversy is to sell him out right to ManCity. It is a win-win-win.

    ManCity USA gets a boatload of cash to spend on another big time star so everyone can forget about Lampard as soon as possible, saving face in the process. ManCity USA gets to show that THEY owned Lampard and controlled his fate vs. ManCity/Lampard controlling ManCity USA’s fate. ManCity gets Lampard for the rest of the season and beyond. Lampard gets to continue being a football god in England.

    Win-win-win all the way around. SELL LAMPARD NOW!!!

    • I’m hoping MLS is a little more sophisticated than EBAY which has rules negating the option of bidding for an item you already own or selling something to yourself.

      Then again, maybe I’m giving the league more credit than it deserves.

      • After the Chivas USA contraction disaster the “League” doubled down on ManCity USA. All the same problems that rub local fans the wrong way except under a MUCH brighter spotlight. So yeah, you probably are giving the League too much credit.

        I like MLS as a whole but certain aspects of it are amateurish. To me the best success stories are the ‘locally’ supported teams. Cascadia, RSL, Sporting KC, etc. Absolutely great fan bases and most importantly ownership and management that makes ist own decisions and not subject to the whims of a higher authority that most definitely views the team as a second class child.

        That kind of crap pisses the real fans, the local fans, off.

    • Exactly.

      When MLS ( NYII ) offered him a spot in the best competitive soccer league in the world, it was something he and many others want. A chance to be on a team that can win after the downhill, easy victory days, with the “bigger club” is over.

      It is not MLS’ problem that he wants to delay his move, because his fun dowhill days can still exist. If he doesn’t want the offer, move on. The NYII train can’t wait at the station for him to enjoy the amusement park ride a few more times. Sell him and move on. It is 100% his loss. He is VERY replaceable…there are many others that don’t want to be on the losing teams in their uncompetitive leagues.

  9. frank was the wrong signing from the get go. time for the don to step in and for the good of the league allow the mother ship to swap a player for frank so nycfc has a dp and mr. arrogant can stay in manchester

  10. If Lampard stays is no big problem for me, it’s not like mancity is going to win the epl or champions. In contrast, mancity might have 2 open dps now and mancity might loan nycfc some players.
    Don’t get me wrong I feel bad for their fans but Lampard will come and nycfc might even get 2 new dps since Lampard salary might just count half of the season.

  11. Is Lampard’s contract with the MLS? If so, Garber should make him come and play from day 1.

    Lampard’s obviously an excellent player. But he’s a strange pick up. He’s old. He’s not committed to the club. And he’s got a notable blemish from a NYC point of view

    Oh. He was a 19 year old kid? He was old enough to know better, wasn’t he? And still doesn’t really take responsibility.

  12. Everyone here can complain and moan all they want.. but grow up and realize the situation for what it is and act like it. If you pull Lamps in the winter window you get an unhappy unmotivated player, you come off looking like petulant children and everyone becomes less likely to want to come over.

    Turn this into a positive and spin the quality you will be getting and the benefit of the relationship. In the meantime secure loans for two MCFC. Players at least 24-34 on their depth chart. Arguably those two players will help more than Frank in March anyway.

    • You seem to be discussing how to solve this, but I think most of the commenters seem to be discussing the wisdom of getting in bed with Mansour in the first place.

      We’ve seen two ownership groups who’s true interest lies with other teams (Chivas, RBNY) and have failed to learn our lesson.

      This was a chance to get things right in the most important market.

      It gave a lot of New Yorkers hope that there would be a team they could support (here come the Cosmos people) not attached to anything else. Like a normal team.

      The steady drip of bad news doesn’t help. Let them vent, because it’s not like we can go back and undo it.

    • On a completely pragmatic, fact based level, you are dead on. That said- sports fans are pretty far removed from and not motivated this way nor are athletes/team mates. The massive industry of sports and the marketing behind it feeds off of image and pure, irrational, tribalistic emotion. To this point, NYFC has no history, no fan loyalty…. is nothing but a marketing campaign doing it’s best to win supporters to join a winning side.

      When your first sales pitch is a much ballyhooed signing sold as the face and leader of a quality new, big-time franchise…. who a few months later turns and essentially says…. “Eh…. I’ve got better things to do…” Sorry- that matters… puts a big crimp in what NYFC is trying to do in building a cohesive team, as well as winning image. Certainly if played right, it can and will be overcome, but unless it is nipped in the bud, as evidenced by the situation with Beckham in a well established club….. it can take a while to get fans and team mates completely on board in the same way.

  13. I think Man City should simply look elsewhere on this site for the solution. They need someone to score goals for them and Jozy is available, sign him and let Frankie come to his heroes welcome in the Big Apple. Next…

  14. CFG will place their best players on the Varsity.
    They will place their second tier players on the Junior Varsity.

    Lampard showed that he was capable of helping the Varsity. This means his time on the JV will be trimmed so as not to negatively impact the real team in Manchester

    Only the truly delusional should be astonished by this

    Nice work, Don

  15. Man City / NYFC need to get their act together. If I was a potential NYFC fan, or even someone who had already bought tickets, this would turn me off from the team completely.

    NYFC has been promoting Lampard and telling me how massive the club is going to be, and then we find out that all of the club’s goals and my enjoyment have to take a back seat to some other club in England that I don’t care about?

    I would be sending in my demand for a full refund.

    MLS is supposed to be a first division. Now it turns out one of the biggest market teams is really just a second squad for some foreign team. Garber should not have let this or any similar deals happen.

    • What exactly has NYII done wrong ?

      IF they let it happen I agree with you …I would even go a step futher and say, commit today, otherwise bye-bye.

  16. No kidding, Frankie still delivers for one of the best teams in Europe when he is called upon, and he wants to stay at Citeh.

    As opposed to coming to play for a brand new “franchise” that will be playing on a baseball field, in a sub-par league.

    How dare he? LOL!

    • Yup, completely understandable…… had he not put pen to paper, signed a contract, given his word and paid much lip service to wanting to lead the charge in NY and play a part in growing the game in the U.S.

      • Yes, this is how professional athletes and sports work. Or do you believe every new signing when he declares it was always his “dream” to play for team x?

  17. NYCFC continues to state that they are not interested in extending the loan. MCFC keeps bringing it up, in quite a disrespectful way. It shows the lack of respect for MLS. Either way, it really comes down to Lampard…if he doesn’t want to play in New York, he can’t be forced to perform.

  18. Can people even read? Toronto FC did the same thing with Defoe and he joined up at the end of Feb.

    MCFC is freaking out because Yaya is leaving in January, leaving a big hole and they want Lampard to stay until he comes back. Most likely Lamps stays until the end of Feb, misses some preseason games, and covers Yaya’s absence. Now if Lamps stays until June…then NYCFC has some serious beef. Otherwise it’s not without precedent.

    • Precedent or not, NYCFC should be pissed that Man City keeps raising the issue. No means no, unless they sweeten the offer.

      Didn’t work out so well for TFC, did it?

    • Yes, it does have precedence. Let’s review….. the way the story goes is despite spending lots of money on highly publicized signings and talk ofplayoffs, maybe even hardware, Toronto went on to have a disjointed debacle of a season in which marquee player DeFoe played a minor role amid rumors he is on his way out. Noooooope… not too sure Toronto or this situation would be something I’d want to emulate. Particularly it being the first steps/impression in a teams inaugural season in a very fickle sports city with high expectations.

    • Why is that funny ? I say do that. If he doesn’t agree to that today. Release him. NYII can do better.

  19. As an NYC fan this is a total embarrassment.

    The team and MLS should be so embarrassed it’s even gotten this far.

    If Frank misses games, he might as well not come. He will get booed every game.

  20. Let’s be honest, man city won’t win epl or champions, so it will be his lost and what if he breaks down.
    In addition, then they might be able to get 2 dps now and mancity will send them some players.
    By the way, if cosmos keep growing in the NASL and get better players, then cosmos might be the only true New York team.

      • In theory, that would be a good thing. Promising prospects, up and coming talent and extra bodies residing with their sister/farm club in NYC. However, I’ve read nothing, heard nothing, and would avoid speculating this will be reality. Especially when the parent club is actively weakening NYC with no regard or remorse.

        When I read things like: When we made the decision for Frank to stay with us until December, I was sure he would be a very important player”…yes, December. It’s December 15th for those keeping score. Only to be followed by Now we must resolve the problem with New York City and MLS. Problem? It’s fairly clear contracts mean nothing, agreements mean nothing and their word means nothing. Yet, people believe the parent club is going to do favors for the lowly sister club? I have a bridge to sell you, too.

        The Don likes to pretend he’s The Don, until he actually has to be The Don. I guess it’s easier to stand up to national team managers through the media than it is to stand up for your actual league.

      • If Garber can make them buy Lampard then fine, anything else even a loan extension is a slap in the face.

        The MLS owns the contract they should be able to force something through and its not like money means much to the Emirates.

      • Well, I am not sure NYC FC would be fine with the sale. Lampard was a marquis signing. It created buzz and interest in a new franchise. It would only be good if they can reload and get another big name with a few more years left in the tank.

      • Yeah, he was they would have to get someone high profile to replace him. I can’t really think of anyone quite that notable available right now.

      • Lampard signed with MLS on a free. Turning around and seeling for 5 million pounds would be a good bit of business. They’re NYCFC, they can attract decent talent, they don’t NEED Lampard.

    • It is a total mind F@#* that the owner of a player has to ask permission from the team they loan the player to as to what they are allowed to do. Man, that is ugly.

      Or should I say “ManCity USA, that is ugly.”


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