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MLS reveals list of 55 players invited to 2015 combine

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The 2015 MLS Combine is closer than most might realize, and clubs will soon begin ramping up their preparations for the event after finding out the majority of the invited players.

MLS revealed on Thursday morning the 55 NCAA Division I college seniors that have been asked to participate in the upcoming combine set to be held in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, from Jan. 8-13. A committee of NCAA Division I coaches from every conference as well as MLS coaches selected the invitees, all of whom completed their college eligibility this past season.

Some of the more notable names on the list include UCLA midfielder Leo Stolz, Northwestern goalkeeper Tyler Miller, Virginia midfielder Eric Bird and UCLA g0alkeeper Earl Edwards Jr.

The 55 chosen players are not guaranteed to participate in the event, as any of them could turn down their invitation.

Generation adidas signings, non-collegiate players, and other college seniors will be announced in the coming weeks. Additionally, Notre Drame midfielder Nick Besler, younger brother of Sporting Kansas City’s Matt Besler, has already been invited.

Here is the entire list of invited players:

First Name Last Name School Position Hometown/Citizenship
Saad Abdul-Salaam University of Akron DF Gahanna, Ohio – USA
Miguel Aguilar University of San Francisco FW Sacramento, CA – Mexico
Fatai Alashe Michigan State M/D Northville, Mich. – USA
Tyler Arnone University of Michigan DF Hicksville, N.Y. – USA
Dominique Badji Boston University FW Dakar, Senegal – Senegal
Oumar Ballo UMBC DF Baltimore, Md. – Mali/ process USA
Laurie Bell UW-Milwaukee D/M Poynton, England – UK
Salvador Bernal UNLV M/F Las Vegas, Nev. – U.S. Resident
Nick Besler Notre Dame MF Overland Park, KS – USA
Adria Beso Marco UConn MF Lleida, Spain – Spain
Andrew Bevin West Virginia University F/M Napier, New Zealand  – New Zealand
Eric Bird University of Virginia MF Virginia Beach, Va. – USA
Connor Brandt University of San Diego MF Temecula, CA – USA
Sergio Campbell UConn DF Clarendon, Jamaica – Jamaica
Seth Casiple California MF Rocklin, Calif. – USA
Wesley Charpie University of South Florida DF Tarpon Springs, Fla. –  USA
Andy Craven University of North Carolina FW St. Simons Island, Ga. – USA
Otis Earl UC Riverside DF London, England – British/USA
Earl Edwards, Jr. UCLA GK San Diego, Calif. – USA
Marc Fenelus California State University Fullerton FW Providenciales, Turks and Caicos – Turks and Caicos
Oniel Fisher University of New Mexico MF Portmore, Jamaica – Jamaica
Tomas Gomez Georgetown GK Webster Groves, Mo. – USA
Connor Hallisey California MF Granite Bay, Calif. – USA
Cameron Iwasa UC Irvine FW Sacramento, Calif. – USA
Daniel Keller University of Louisville DF Carmel, Ind. – USA
Robert Kristo St. Louis University FW St. Louis, Mo.  – USA/Croatia
Sagi Lev-Ari California State University Northridge FW Haifa, Israel – Israel
Rob Lovejoy University of North Carolina F/M Greensboro, N.C.  – USA
Fabio Machado Providence College MF Santa Catarina, Brazil – USA
Ignacio Maganto Iona College FW Madrid, Spain – Spain
Anthony Manning St. Louis University DF Mesquite, Texas – USA
Ramon Martin DelCampo UC Davis DF Chula Vista, Calif. – USA
Shawn McLaws Coastal Carolina University DF/MF Edmond, Okla. – USA
Dan Metzger University of Maryland MF Holmdel, N.Y. – USA
Tyler Miller Northwestern GK Woodbury, N.J. – USA
Luke Mishu Notre Dame DF Knoxville, TN – USA
Adam Montague Michigan State FW Toledo, Ohio – USA
Craig Nitti Loyola Marymount DF Calabasas, Calif. – USA / Italy
Boyd Okwuonu University of North Carolina DF Edmond, Okla. – USA
Tim Parker St. John’s University DF Hicksville, N.Y. – USA
Nikola Paunic University of South Florida DF Toronto, Ontario – Canada
Matt Polster SIU-Edwardsville DF Las Vegas, Nev. – USA
Jose Ribas Creighton University D/M Guayaquil, Ecuador – Ecuador
Sidney Rivera Old Dominion University FW Hampton, N.J. – USA
James Rogers University of New Mexico FW Sierra Leone – USA
Manolo Sanchez Clemson University MF Philadelphia, Pa. – USA
Will Seymour Oregon State MF Soham, England – USA/UK
Khiry Shelton Oregon State FW Leander, Texas – USA
Aaron Simmons UCLA DF Mansfield, Texas – USA
Leo Stoltz UCLA MF Munich, Germany – Germany
Andy Thoma University of Washington MF/DF Los Alamos, N.M. – USA
Skylar Thomas Syracuse University DF Pickering, Ontario – Canada
Andrew Tusaazemajja UCLA MF Panorama City, Calif.  – USA
Christian Volesky SIU-Edwardsville F/M Henderson, Nev. – USA
Andrew Wolverton Penn State GK Atlanta, Ga. – USA  



What do you think of this list? Is there someone who isn’t on here that should be? Who do you consider a can’t-miss prospect?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Is Tom Skelly going to make a run for my kids spot at the combine? All those hours at the field. All those soccer mom/dad stickers on my Honda Odyssey. This can’t all amount to nothing. If Tom Skelly is out there, please don’t come to the combine for the sake of my sperm/eggs dignity.

    Best regards,
    The keeper of the book

  2. Alright tough guys. I know what you said, I’ve seen the results, and you bet I’ve read the elements. Go ahead lets play hard ball. Fabio Machado? Matt Polster? Really? I’ve seen my grandmother’s dentures chew-up tougher talent than these amateurs. This list doesn’t supply the competition necessary to begin Tom Skelly’s domination of the MLS and change American soccer as we know it. I guess it’ll just be another year where the fans pull the plow and the players fear the reaper.

  3. Dr. Resslemen here, doctor with over 15 years and 7+ five star yelp reviews commending my services, and the only thing I have enjoyed more than being Tom Skelly’s Proctologist for the past 5 years is watching him play Soccer. Any list without his name is not what this doctor recommends.

  4. Any brothers who have not posted a comment pimping Tom Skelly on SBI will face immediate sanctions at Sunday’s chapter meeting. Are we clear?

    • One thing I am: Huge fan of Tom Skelly
      One thing I am not: Huge fan of you posting this type of smear campaign
      I think you and the MLS should take a page out of Will Smith’s book and get jiggy with Tom Skelly.

  5. Tom Skelly is not only the greatest soccer player to be left off this list but the greatest American to have never received the Medal of Honor. I predict the downfall of the MLS within 2 years if this injustice is not corrected. #freetom #thanksobama #whoaskedshawn

  6. I have to say until the MLS changes its current management decisions to meet U.S. sports fans expectations they will see continued stagnant growth in television contracts, merchandise, paraphernalia, and ticket sales. If Tom Skelly did anything in his 4 years as a Hoya it was pull a loyal and continually devoted fan base. When will the league learn. smh words can not express

  7. I think it’s only right that I give my professional opinion on the above list and the seemingly disappointed commentators. Here we go. First, we can all agree on Tom’s character and work ethic: unmatchable. In fact, Tom Skelly’s weaknesses are his strengths. I think this list continues to affirm the MLS’s mismanagement and inability to capitalize on a good investment. I wish there were a way for this memo to be undone, but it seems as though a setback like this can only make Tom stronger. I trust the MLS will take these responses seriously and respond to their primary revenue generators, the fans. Get tom on the ballot and stop using soccer fans as pawns to carry out your real underlying intentions.

  8. I watch I play but Tom Skelly leaves burns holes in the turf. Com’on!!
    IRS Scandal
    Bill Cosby allegations
    and Now this hoax

    Pull it together MLS or you’ll never get a fan base

  9. I’m disappointed to not see “Tom Skelly” on the list. Coach Klinsy thinks he is the next Run DMBeasley. Shout out to Tom Skelly.

  10. Let’s talk about the issues: Dr. Tom Skelly has the legs for this. Yall act like free speech is going out of style. You can count my vote out on draft day if this list stands. Get back to fundamentals and get Skelly in and Parker out. These new league rules hurt our core principles let the man keep the title.

  11. Why aren’t we talking about Tom Skelly from Georgetown? His soccer talent is only matched by his perfect, feathered hair. I heard he gave up a chance to play pro to help save children suffering in Africa with Doctors without Borders. A player with his character and talent needs to be on this list.

  12. We need to open up this discussion on Georgetown senior prospect Tom Skelly. He’s a world class athlete, definitely has the stones to make it.

  13. A good segue would be show how many combine players from the last five years are still in the league? Or drafted college players are in the league?

    • I ask every year that instead of ranking “this year’s draft” – players who have never played a minute of MLS – that instead this site ranks last year’s draft one year later, or teams over the past three years.

    • They are probably are or will be generation adidas signings and those guys haven’t been invited yet. Don’t know why. Also this list is only of players who have completed their college eligibility so it will certainly be added to.

      • It means that the finalist Hermann Watch List recognizes the best college players on winning teams that managed to get into the NCAA playoffs. The Combine recognizes the players with the best chance to get into the MLS and play. A bunch of players in the combine are from teams that underperformed; that does not mean that those players are under performers. In fact, many of the players on the finalist Watch List had teams that “supported” their style of play and allowed them to display their skills, covered their weaknesses. Some of the players on the underperforming teams “carried” their teams as far as they could get them. Who are really the best players in the country? I would vote for combine players and the ones that carried under performing teams to winning, but maybe not playoff, seasons.

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