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Must-See Video: U.S. Soccer releases tribute to Beasley



  1. Sadly for me in 2010, I managed to have a soccer ball autographed by all thirty players at the USMNT pre-WC camp, except Beasley who some how managed to slip past me.

    I always thought that Beasley helped make Donavon great, without DMB’s speed and skill many of Donavon’s assists for the USMNT might have gone unfinished.

  2. upon watching the video i have a couple assessments:

    That first goal was a satisfying rocket of a shot. Those volleys are some of the most fun to take. Near post riser.

    2) The USMNT has had some of the worst kits of all time, any country. specifically the 90s and early 2000s….

    • Re the first goal– I was at that game at the Rose Bowl (vs. South Korea in the 2002 GC)…. it was well into stoppage time and we were a man up and looking for a winner…. I remember thinking “no way” when Beasley was about to pull the trigger…. I thought he was going to blast it 20 yards over.

      It’s cool seeing it finally again– I’ve looked for it on Youtube over the years and no luck

  3. Yes, the wC assist was fabulous but I still prefer the curler in the qualifier vs Meheeco. I was behind the goal that night with Sams Army on a long road trip and it was the best short corner we ever executed. We will miss your energy, fun, and tenaciousness DMB! Salute.

    • Exactly. I was waiting for that moment and it never came. I don’t think I heard Beasley’s voice at all in the video. There will be another in the future. I am sure of it.

    • I thought of that assist as well.
      Ironically, he was criticized a lot at that time cause most fans wanted to see Bobby Convey started in his place…… sounds funny now.


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