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Report: Howard sidelined 4-6 weeks with torn calf muscle

Tim Howard Everton 22 (Getty images)


Tim Howard missed his first Premiership match of the season this weekend. He is about to lose out on several more.

Howard will be sidelined approximately 4-6 weeks with a left torn calf muscle sustained last Friday, according to a report from The 35-year-old goalkeeper will now be on the sidelines to start the new year, and could miss each of the struggling Toffees’ five January league matches with his first serious injury since March 2013.

The veteran goalkeeper picked up calf problem in Everton’s 1-0 defeat to Stoke City on Boxing Day, and was subsequently left off the struggling Toffees’ game-day roster in Sunday’s 3-2 loss to Newcastle United. He has three cleansheets this season.

Everton, which sits in 12th place in the Premiership, will continue to turn to Joel Robles in Howard’s absence.

What do you think of Howard being out 4-6 weeks? How do you see Everton doing without him? Confident Robles can get the job done?

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  1. Everton should try to pick up Nick Romando on loan for a couple of months while Howard is out. Where else are you getting to get a keeper of that experience and quality for the 1/3 of a season they’ll use him?

  2. I think Timmy is exhausted, like a lot o folk from WC duty. That said he was an absolute hero for Team USA and I wish him a speedy recovery and perhaps a well earned rest!

    I think he will announce his (complete) retirement from Team USA in 2015 and then play a few more years for Everton and call it quits. Either way he is passing the torch and he will always be remembered fondly as a local NJ boy an old Metrostars HERO

  3. Hmmm, the guy is lights out in the WC a few months ago yet now he is so bad that he can be easily replaced because of an injury? Keep the faith. Thank goodness people have to earn a coaching badge to get anywhere near a serious team. A lot of guys have not been the same since the WC and you’d hope by now people understand just what kind of toll that tournament can take on top players. But, hey, we all play FIFA so I get it – why can’t he just turn things around on a whim?

  4. I, for one, look forward to playing with Tim after his USMNT break is finished. Or with Brad. Either way will be pretty cool.

  5. I feel for Howard and hope he recovers fully and quickly, but I think it’s pretty clear this means nothing for the USMNT. He isn’t coming back until next fall, and when he does return, I don’t see him overtaking Guzan. I hope we see him at the next WC, but I don’t see him starting.

  6. Howard has been pretty dire this season, along with the rest of Everton.

    Unfortunately, I could see him getting dropped for good if Joel performs above expectations.

    • I agree the door has been opened. Howard isn’t a young player anymore, and he’s been showing some decline this season.

      I hope I’m wrong, but I think he is on the decline. Both Everton and the US need to see who is going to step up. For the US, Klinsy needs to look past Rimando. If he plans on bringing the same keepers to the next World Cup, the US will have at least two keepers on the downside of their careers.

  7. They are in 12th place and were not going anywhere WITH him…who cares about Everton ?

    When can he play for the US ? And will someone take his spot when he is missing for the friendlies.

    • Since Howard has taken some time of for the US, he would not have been in for the friendlies in any case. Guzan is the clear choice for the friendlies.

      • I agree with this, but not that Guzan is the clear choice. He’s the clear choice for the No. 1 jersey in Howard’s absence, but friendlies (especially in the first few months of the year) are for experimenting. I want to see Rimando, Cropper and….Clark? in the friendlies, we need to nail down the first and second backups since Goose is a lock for the GC (barring injury).

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