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MLS Ticker: Ronaldinho reportedly in talks with Orlando City; Wigan admit Espinoza MLS return; and more



Ronaldinho’s time with Queretaro has seen its share of controversy, and now the Brazilian superstar is reportedly set to be on the move.

The playmaker is said to be weighing his options and is reportedly interested in an offer to join MLS expansion team Orlando City. However, the Orlando Sentinel’s Paul Tenorio is reporting that the midfielder will not be joining the club.

In addition, the 34-year-old has reportedly been in contact with Angola’s Kabuscorp do Palanca, who previously featured fellow Brazilian start Rivaldo. Meanwhile, the LA Galaxy are reportedly not a possible landing spot for the former Barcelona star.

Ronaldinho’s recent issues as Queretaro have stemmed from the Brazilian’s absence from preseason training, which the midfielder did not attend on the originally scheduled date.

Here are some more of Tuesday’s news and notes from around MLS:


It appears that Roger Espinoza is set for an MLS return.

Espinoza, who currently features for Wigan Athletic in England’s Championship, is set for a move back the the U.S., according to manager Malky Mackay.

“There is an agreement that the club have shaken hands with Roger on to allow him to go back to America,” Mackay said. “It’s one of these things I have to take because he’s a terrific kid and a real good boy.

“I’ve got an awful lot of time for him and as you have seen he has been involved heavily in my squad so far, but it’s more of a life change and I thoroughly respect that. He’s done really well at this football club over a period of time and worked hard for the club and he will be going back to America I think.”

Espinoza was reportedly yearning for a move back to Sporting KC back in October in an effort to move closer to family. The 28-year-old midfielder originally made 113 appearances for Sporting KC in a stint that lasted from 2008-12.


The San Jose Earthquakes appear to be interested in bringing a new forward into the fold.

The club is interested in adding Honduran striker Eddie Hernandez, who currently features for C.D. Vida in his native Honduras. The Earthquakes have seen Hernandez first-hand, as the 23-year-old forward scored Vida’s lone goal in an October friendly between the two clubs.

In addition to the Earthquakes, Hernandez has earned interest from fellow Honduran side C.D. Motagua.

“There are several possibilities to go abroad,” Hernandez said. “We are waiting for some offers to be realized. Also, the people of Motagua are interested in a return. There are talks advanced by 80% to play on a team abroad including in San Jose in MLS.

“Yesterday, I mentioned that there are chances of playing in Europe and the United States and I’m analyzing what is the best option for all to win. In the US, there is the possibility of San Jose because it signed an agreement with Vida when we went to play there. There are other teams, but they have shown greater interest than possibilities in Europe.”

Hernandez joined Vida in 2014, scoring 22 goals in 32 games, while the 23-year-old has also earned a cap for the Honduran national team.

What do you think of a potential Ronaldinho-Orlando City partnership? How would Espinoza fare with Sporting KC? What do you think of the Earthquakes’ interest in Hernandez?

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  1. Roger is awesome. One of the best MLS talents to make a move abroad and be a success. Hopefully MLS respects his wishes to move back home to SKC.

  2. I’ll have another caipirinha,,,

    If Ronaldinho comes to MLS, it just serves to grow the brand…and revenue. I don’t think it’s a long-term plan, if any plan at all. Many eyes around the globe still want to watch him play. And if he was fit, damn, all the better.

  3. Ronaldinho may not be in shape or disciplined enough to make it in most but he will bring long term benefits of mls association with big name stars and helps grow the brand.

  4. MLS should go anywhere near Ronaldinho. He’s had the same problems with fitness and commitment throughout his entire career. Signing Ronaldinho brings no long term benefits to the league.

  5. Ronaldhino is done!!!!!
    MLS should be worried about growing the league. It is time to skip on stars that are years beyond their prime. They don’t add anything to the league beyond the initial signing news. Time to build stars not purchase them!

    • I’d drive 6 hours to watch Ronaldino play. There aren’t too many other players I can say the same for in MLS. That’s something to consider.

  6. Ronaldinho would do great in galaxy. Send him to phoenix to the great conditioning camp they have there or the one in San Diego.
    If you get ronaldinho in his old school shape, he would love MLS forever and never regret MLS. I would get him a personal nutritionist with a beach house where he can ran outside and let play his soccer volleyball.
    This guy ain’t old, he just needs optimism and a lecture from a guy like Beckham or Henry to tell him, join MLS and you will be love and have lots of fun but before get in shape like never before and party later on.
    If not there’s always cosmos right, but as a matter of fact, who has the best technology to get ronaldinho in shape, USA or Germany or Spain.

    • I’m not El Paso to NASL, but this is the last call for ronaldinho to come to MLS. He still has gas in the tank and if Beckham and Henry got in shape for MLS, why not him.
      Send him to phoenix or san Diego to get in shape.

      • Since Querataro are screeching AWOL there would probably be a price associated with acquiring Ronaldinho and at his age and production I’m not sure he’s worth it.

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