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Salcedo remains RSL player despite tweet announcing move to Chivas


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Despite a tweet to the contrary, Carlos Salcedo remains a Real Salt Lake player for the time being.

Salcedo took to Twitter Saturday to announce that he was set to make a move to Chivas de Guadalajara, but RSL technical director Craig Waibel insists that the 21-year-old’s departure is not yet imminent despite interest from a series of potential suitors.

“There is nothing close to being finalized,” Waibel told the Salt Lake Tribune. “All the articles are written by journalists [abroad] that are probably being told one version of the story.

“There have been multiple clubs, yes,” he added. “At the moment. I believe there are multiple clubs. There’s ongoing things with more and more clubs interested as more articles get written. That’s why one of the tricky spots in this whole thing is that there shouldn’t be any concession on this — we own Carlos, we own his rights and he’s under contract with us.”

Waibel went on to add that Salcedo will only be sold if the club’s terms are met, regardless of the defender’s statements on social media.

“I would say ‘a finalized deal’ would be done whenever an opposing club agrees to the price tag that we put on Carlos,” he said. “That’s when it’ll get done, no sooner. We’re not in the market of selling Carlos. There are clubs making offers, but we’re not actively trying to sell Carlos. That mistake should not be made in any article.

“That’s a testament to Carlos’ improvement in our club. We’re in negotiation with a couple different teams. With that same thought-process in mind, it’s not a priority of ours to move him immediately. It’s got to be the right deal.”

Salcedo’s transfer saga dates back to a November tweet that saw the defender criticize the club and former general manager Garth Lagerway, who has since joined the Seattle Sounders.

What do you think of Salcedo’s transfer saga? Do you expect RSL to hold onto the defender heading into the 2015 season?

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  1. Pop quiz: Explain exactly what role, if any, the league office will have in this transfer decision. Support your answer with citations to specific league rules and procedures.

  2. Poor MLS. Always the last one to find out a player is leaving.
    That’s the price you pay for runing such a Mickey Mouse league.
    Maybe The Don can write a new rule pretty quickly that keeps Salcedo in the league.

    • Doesn’t need to write a rule. Player is under contract. If another league wants him, they can buy him, but RSL/MLS is under no obligation to sell, unless there is a clause in his contract stipulating that.

  3. The manner in which Liga MX teams have conduced themselves with MLS players under contract has been ludicrus. I wonder how contract law operates in Mexico.

    • They have a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ not to mess with each other (and to never let players out of contract), but they freely incur in these practices with South American teams.

      The reason they can is that the free agency situation is not closely monitored by FIFA in North and South America, so when anyone complains, they’ll come sniffing around and will find nobody respects the actual rules (third party ownership is rampant in SA, player sign with the league in MLS, no free agents are allowed in MX, etc etc)

    • either they (defiantly journalist and possibly ligamx clubs) don’t understand or respect the complexities of MLS league contracts. more likely the first one with a bit of the second.

      With both Camilo and Salcedo the players were no longer with the club but the league still owns their ability to transfer. Probably the only major league in the world that operates like this so its easy to see why these ugly deals happen.

      • NOBODY understands MLS contracts. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty convinced no such thing exists. The rules are written as the commissioner sees fit in any given situation. This is the he reason these situations happen.

  4. I remember Salcido expressed his frustration with RSL & didn’t want RSL to pick up his option for 2015 & yet RSL still picked it up. Maybe its time for MLS to place a complain against LigaMex clubs that don’t respect FIFA laws when players are under contract under MLS.

    • I doubt it is convenient for either MLS or LigaMX to complain about anything regarding contracts with FIFA. Neither league respects the rules as they are set i.e. Free Agency

    • As I understand it, it’s actually MLS that is in a tough spot. The unilateral contract “club option” year is used frequently in US/Canadian sports, but not in the rest of the world. It is very unlikely that it would be upheld if a conflict went to FIFA arbitration (which is where it would go – it part of the conditions of being a FIFA accredited league).

      RSL is talking tough (as they should), but they may not actually have any choices if the player goes and signs with another team (i.e. pulls a Camilo). I’d expect some blustery talk as they decide on a price, but my guess is they sell him as they don’t have much leverage (and if it goes to FIFA arbitration and MLS loses, the league will have much bigger problems).

    • LOL. When it comes to rules MLS is so shady it makes FIFA look right down transparent. I highly doubt they’d risk FIFA looking into how they control players contracts. Their whole model would crumble overnight.
      If a Mexican team wants an MLS player they have no option but to try and scrape as much money as possible out of the deal or risk ending up in arbitration

  5. That’s how big teams have to play it, you don’t get Whitecapped lol. You want him you pay, if you don’t then he stays simple as that. MLS has to build a rep on the field and off and them standing their ground on this is a step in the right direction.


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