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Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

Liverpool v Arsenal - Premier League


Liverpool’s disastrous start to the English Premier League season could be damaged even further on Sunday when they take on Arsenal.

The two clubs have performed below expectations this season, and the match at Anfield is a massive chance for both clubs to position themselves for a better finish heading into the busy holiday schedule. One aspect in Liverpool’s favor is that Arsenal have struggled in the big matches recently, and the Gunners’ last trip to Anfield produced a spectacular 5-1 victory in favor of Liverpool.

In the northeast of England, the Tyne-Wear derby takes place for the 153 time, this edition at St. James Park. Alan Pardew has just one win in seven Tyne-Wear derby matches, though Sunderland sit just one point above the relegation zone while Newcastle are in a more comfortable position. Jozy Altidore has been dropped to the bench in place of Steven Fletcher.

In France, leaders Olympique Marseille look to stay ahead of Paris Saint-Germain when they host Lille, and in Italy, fourth-place Lazio visit eleventh-place Inter Milan, hoping to inject more misery into the blue side of Milan.

If you will be watching today’s action, or want to discuss the day’s earlier action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today’s schedule is after the jump):

7:15 a.m. – Fox Soccer Plus – Dundee United vs. Celtic

8 a.m. – beIN Sports Connect – Marseille vs. Lille

8:30 a.m. – NBCSN – Newcastle United vs. Sunderland

9 a.m. – beIN Sports USA – Fiorentina vs. Empoli

9 a.m. – beIN Sports en Espanol – Torino vs. Genoa

9 a.m. – beIN Sports Connect – Atalanta vs. Palermo

9 a.m. – beIN Sports Connect – Sampdoria vs. Udinese

9:30 a.m. – GolTV USA – Hertha Berlin vs. Hoffenheim

11 a.m. – NBCSN – Liverpool vs. Arsenal

11 a.m. – beIN Sports USA – St. Etienne vs. Evian

11 a.m. – beIN Sports en Espanol – Granada vs. Getafe

11:30 a.m. – GolTV USA – Freiburg vs. Hannover

1 p.m. – beIN Sports USA – Elche vs. Malaga

2:45 p.m. – beIN Sports USA – Inter Milan vs. Lazio

3 p.m. – beIN Sports en Espanol – Athletic Bilbao vs. Atletico Madrid

3 p.m. – beIN Sports Connect – Bordeaux vs. Lyon


    • aaaaaaaand Borini with 2 yellows in less than 15 minutes, off in the 91st. 1st yellow for slamming ball down after a wrong throw-in call, second for a high kick/challenge. He was hustling a lot tho. perhaps just excited in a big match trailing by a goal. still, he gets rare appearances so this isn’t a good look for the former Sunderland loanee

  1. Yikes. I didn’t watch the match but, based on the reports, looks like John Brooks had a shocker today. Own goal and conceded a PK. Obviously, everyone is entitled to a bad day, but this shows everyone should probably dial back the “he’s arrived” narratives for the time being.

    • I only saw clips but He had a bad day for sure. Oh well, its winter break. He should have his head on straight again by the time the season restarts.

  2. interesting note, AJ was almost subbed off around the time of his terrible miss. Poyet then pushed Buckley back to the bench and ended up taking off Wickham. bucklely looked terrible in his shift with Poyet visibly mad at him several times. There was also no fluidity in the attack. There were chances but not often was it set up beautifully. Sunderland were lucky to steal 3 on the road.

  3. Lol, so it’s not just Jozy. Literally, NOBODY on Sunderland can finish. Gomez and Johnson deserve a special shout-out for misses every bit as bad as Jozy’s last week (Gomez’s was probably worse, to be honest).

    • I was wondering if anyone else would notice. the played terrible today. Adam Johnson saved them (and himself) with a great strike in stoyppage time tho. Seb should’ve added a second, had an open goal, touched it around the GK and just put it wide of goal, unmarked…. wow….. had Jozy done that…………

      • Say what exactly?…….. There’s nothing contextually in my comment that makes sense with yours…… I said how badly Sunderland played, and pointed out a Seb miss……. neither of which need my blessing to be true…..

        Del, you’re the most illogical troll here.

    • Yeah. As much as US fans would hate to admit, Sunderland’s defense and midfield are just fine. It’s that forward line that’s criminally inept. a couple of halfway decent players up front it’s all they need.

      • how many Sunderland games besides this one have you watched? The midfield is not “fine” They are too one dimensional. there’s way too much ball watching. now, i don’t disagree that the fwd pool isn’t top class but there may be a chicken/egg thing going on.

      • I’ve watched one more Sunderland game than you which of course makes my opinion slightly more valuable than yours.
        this is what I mean by apologist USFans. All about cliches and excuses.
        I’m not saying Altidore is the problem but he’s not part of the solution by a long shot….. A shot that, by the way, will miss the goal from an incredible 10 inches away.

      • ……… really?……….

        firstly, all i said was that the midfield deserves part of the blame. how does that make me a USF apologist? i even said “i don’t disagree” with you yet somehow u took that as me disagreeing??…… learn english please.

        to repeat, the fwds are to blame, but to add, the midfield is to blame as well….. still haven’t said anything about the US………. by the way, Gomez and Johnson (who had bad misses today) are both midfielders….

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