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Happy New Year (and Happy 7th Birthday to SBI)

Happy New Year Image 2015


Happy New Year everybody. It is a special day for us at SBI as well because today marks the seventh anniversary of our independent launch.

Yes, today is SBI’s seventh birthday.

As we embark on our eighth year in business we will look to keep improving on bringing you soccer news and analysis from the United States and the world. As is the case each year, we will try to bring you improvements and new elements to our coverage to keep making SBI your source for news on all things American Soccer.

The first steps toward bolstering our coverage in the new year includes the promotion of long-time SBI writer Franco Panizo to the role of senior writer, with Ryan Tolmich taking on the role of managing editor.

Today marks the first day of what should be another exciting year for soccer fans. From  the CONCACAF Champions League to the upcoming MLS season, Under-20 World Cup, Gold Cup and Women’s World Cup, 2015 is shaping up to be another exciting year in American soccer.

Please feel free to share with us what you like seeing on the site, what you would like to see less of, and what new things you would like to see us add to our coverage.

Thanks to all of you for your continued support and be sure to stay tuned as we keep things rolling in 2015.



  1. Happy birthday to SBI…in the time of social media profiles and 15 second trends, seven years is an eternity (in my eyes). Looking forward to continued prosperity and enough reading material to get me through the next seven years of work.

    Also, special congratulations to a fellow FAU alum — Franco — and Ryan. All of the SBI staff have put an incredible amount of work into creating the content we readers consume on a daily basis. Still disagree with the staff pick for MLS POTY, but I have love for you guys anyway.

    Remember to be better than the Don!

  2. Next season, Fox is going to have English-Language broadcast of Bundesliga.
    Maybe a little more coverage on SBI? We got a lot of Americans playing over there

    Still my favorite soccer website

  3. Thanks for another great year Ives and Co.

    I don’t know if others have had this issue, but ever since the launch of the mobile version, I’ve had trouble following the cover it live posts. The live Q&A and the live match commentary don’t fully show up on my iPhone.

    I’d love to see more coverage of our youth players. Maybe a monthly piece on a different MLS academy-the players, the coaches, the approach. Or in depth interviews with young yanks plying their trade in Europe or Mexico.

  4. happy new year to ives et al, and special congrats to franco and ryan!

    what would i like to see more of? tactical analysis. i know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, and it certainly doesn’t get the clicks that klinsmannVSdonovan does, but i’ve appreciated the few posts on here that i’ve seen.

    what would i like to see less of? sunderland.


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