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Report: Juan Agudelo close to returning to Revolution


Photo by Trevor Ruszkowski/USA Today Sports


Roughly 17 months after departing the New England Revolution in pursuit of a European career, forward Juan Agudelo is reportedly closing in on a return to the reigning Eastern Conference champions.

Goal USA reported Monday that the 22-year-old striker is on the verge of returning to the Revs on a free transfer after turning down an offer from Germany’s 1860 Munich.

Agudelo, who left the Revs in August of 2013, originally moved to England’s Stoke City on a free transfer, but was loaned to FC Utrecht following the denial of his work permit. Following his stint with Utrecht, Agudelo became a free agent after ending his contract with Stoke following a second work permit issue.

Agudelo scored seven goals in 14 games for the Revs in 2013. Prior to joining the Revs, he featured for the New York Red Bulls and Chivas USA.

What do you thing of the Agudelo news? How will Agudelo fit in with the Revs? What do you expect from the forward in 2015?

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  2. Upon further review, the contract is not actually with the New England Revolution but rather for soon to be announced vacancy as the New England PATRIOTS Assistant Equipment Manager.

  3. I wonder if NE may try to deploy a 4-3-3 formation…..


    Lots of player shifting (side to side, overlapping, and cutting in). Question becomes do they have enough structure in the back 4 to allow the attack to play fluid.

  4. Very happy to see Agudelo settled. Dude his age does NOT need to be sitting so long. What a shame that whole thing turned out to be. I think this is a better move than Munich 1860 who may well be 3rd div when this year is all said and done and… he’ll have better options in the future to go to europe if that’s where his heart is. I wouldn’t doubt that he bent Wood’s ear on this. He’s now going into a team where he is a known, will see the field and playing for a good side that plays some positive ball with some Nats on it to boot. NE could do some damage this year. MLS going to be fun this year!

    • +1. In my view, this is clearly the best possible move for Agudelo right now… he is going to a good MLS team that can use him and willl create chances for him, and because of him. As for the future, who knows? But the doors are still open.

  5. And another one gone, another one gone, another one bites the dust !!!

    MLS is going to be a ton of fun this year.

    ps. please don’t strike.

  6. People can say what they want about what this means for the national team….but this season of MLS is really shaping up to be good stuff with the influx of guys coming in. Plus, I bet we’re done with the Landon retirement stuff by the all star break..

  7. I like this move. He will be going to a team that is playing a very attractive brand of soccer something that Juan can appreciate. Looking forward to see the Revs continue where they left off.

  8. Adding Agudelo being supplied by Lee Nguyen and Jermaine Jones, playing with up top with CD9……add Teal Bunbury, Andrew Farrel, Diego Fagundez, Kelyn Rowe…..nice. At least Canada/TFC is not the only team hogging all the good news….lol


  9. Wow…the Revs have some serious offensive weapons at their disposal, it might be tough to make all those guys happy if there aren’t enough minutes to go around.

    • I believe New England retained his rights by not selling home and making him a qualifying offer before he left. But since it is mls you never know.

    • I think this is one of those “He was out of contract, the Revs made him an offer, he turned it down to go to Stoke, thus, the Revs hold his MLS rights for a certain number of years (3?)” things. If he’d been on contract/the Revs had gotten a transfer fee, or the Revs had not made him an offer, then I think he’d go to the Allocation Order.

  10. I’m interested in hearings details/reasoning regarding the deals in Germany he supposedly turned down. Why did he do that? It’s better to be playing in MLS than nowhere though, that’s for sure.

    • Is the word “supposedly” even exist, really. According to my high school and college teachers/professors , it’s not a word.
      Well anyway, this young man is delusional and thinks he’s messi or cr7.
      In the real world, he would be a good fit in Orlando or cosmos, given that revolution would be a backward step.
      We are also forgetting, the west conference is going to be a gauntlet and the east will be a Sunday brunch, so why isn’t the east realizing that the west is superior and get better players. Let’s be real, the west will win again MLS cup .

      • Never heard anyone question supposedly as a word, it definitely is…sure you aren’t thinking about “supposebly”? Which isn’t a word.

      • RSL,San Jose, Colorado will be the 3 bad teams in the West this year. RSL have lost alot of players & have yet to make any signings to replace the players they lost.The west this year will be weaker then the East. Chicago, Columbus crew,TFC, DC United, NE Revolution have all improved their squads. While NYCFC & Orlando City continue to sign great players. Also anyone that names the “COSMOS”, as a better option then the NE Revolution, cant be taken seriously.

      • You should probably do some research on RSL and the moves they’ve made, plus who they have returning from injury. Just throwing that out there. They’ll finish 3rd in the west.

      • RSL lost to many players, to be near what they were last year. Also Houston & Sporting have improved their rosters, I just dont see RSL being any good next year.

      • RSL just lost Plata for 1/4 of the season so yeah, they are going to be hurting. Above SJ/Colorado/Houstan, probably, but they will be playing for the 6th spot.

      • LMAO you are clueless. This is exactly what the Revs need to win it all. The East was so weak that It took the big payroll LA Gals to overtime before losing. With Juan, we go all the way

      • What did you English professors say about your sentence structure?

        “Is the word “supposedly” even exist, really.”

        Does the word “supposedly” even exist? Really?


        Is “supposedly” even a word? Really?

        The funny thing is this comment box has a spell check and if it wasn’t a word it would have been underlined in red. Supposedly not red…supposably(red underline).

        As for the content of your reply. I agree with your statement in principle, “Well anyway, this young man is delusional and thinks he’s messi or cr7.” It is a bit hyperbolic but he does seem to believe his own hype. The rest of your statement is silly and poorly written too but others have already commented on the content.

      • How is wanting to challenge yourself at the highest level a sign that someone is “delusional” or “thinking he’s messi or cr7”?

        Fact 1:
        A number of American players have made the jump from MLS to Europe

        Fact 2:
        Agudelo had a deal to go to Europe at Stoke City. His work permit wasn’t approved by the FA.

        Fact 3:
        Jürgen Klinsmann has consistently beat the drum to have those players interested in holding on to their roles on the national team to go to Europe to better themselves. Obviously that mantra has been a complete failure; however, can you blame Agudelo for attempting to adhere to the directive?

        Fact 4:
        The guys that went to or played in Europe who have come to MLS afterwards are making a TON of money more than they would have had they just sat in MLS the entire time. Can you blame Agudelo for attempting to increase his earning potential in a major way?

        Fact 5:
        Agudelo is good enough to play somewhere in Europe. I think he proved that in his short time at FC Utrecht. So he didn’t find a situation that fit him. That’s not indicative of someone who “thinks he’s messi”. It’s not as if his agent is on Twitter screaming “Barcelona or bust!”

        And HOW CAN YOU SAY with a straight face the Revs will be a step backwards? Sure, they needed to add to their MLS Cup finals team, but they have a SOLID attack. The competition for playing time in NE will be healthy, to say the least. He will be pushed there if he wants to get on the field.

        I don’t rate your comments at all.

      • Fact 1: Agudelo is not one of them. He’s coming home.
        Fact 2: His work permit wasn’t approved because he doesn’t have enough NT appearances because he’s not good enough for the NT.
        Fact 3: He’s not “attempting to adhere to that directive” He’s passing on a European contract to come home.
        Fact 4: he’s coming back to MLS because he couldn’t get a contract in Europe. If you think he’s getting a Bradley type of deal because of the handful of games he played in Europe then you’re as delusional as he is.
        Fact 5:He’s good enough to play in Europe just not for a league better than MLS.

      • Sabdi just stop it ” If he wasnt good enough to play in a European better than MLS, he wouldnt have got the Stoke offer. Dont forget, his work permit was turn down. He also had at least 3 solid Bundesliga offers, yet because of the poor advice he was receiving, he turn all 3 of them down. His heart was so focus on the EPL,he lost sight of the greater goal, playing high competition in Europe. Now he returns to a league, that continues to grow & arguably is having its best season ever. You have a number of quality players in this league now.

    • yeah…he turned them down twice now. i wonder if the money was that bad or if his advisers urged him not to go there for other reasons.

      • As everyone has figured out by now, his advisers are no more competent than him trying to sign with a club. What type of “adviser” is there when you sit out for 8 months with 0 income?

        It took them 8 months to figure out that $ x > 0 ? Any non-soccer playing nimrod could have figured that out.

      • Yeah, I gotta wonder about these advisers. Utrecht extended him an offer, Munich wanted him 2 times, didn’t another team express interest. Now I think that JA has the ability to play in a top 5 league, but is too demanding given his position (fixation on Stoke). Maybe New England is paying more money, but I doubt it.

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