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As Solo case nears trial, judge allows her to join USWNT training camp

Hope Solo 2 (USA Today Sports Images)


Hope Solo may have a trial coming up, but she’ll be returning to the U.S. Women’s National Team in the mean time.

In a Seattle-area courtroom Tuesday afternoon, a judge granted Solo’s request to join an ongoing USWNT training camp in California and call into pre-trial meetings, according to local reports. She faces two counts of misdemeanor assault.

While Solo attended the pre-trial hearing, her USWNT teammates were at their opening camp of the year that started this week and runs until Jan. 25. Solo’s trial is scheduled for Jan. 20. According to a Seattle-area report, Solo will join the USWNT on Tuesday night.

Solo’s attorney, Todd Maybrown, again sought Tuesday to have the case dismissed, citing failure of the alleged victims, her sister and nephew, to cooperate with proceedings. The judge did not dismiss the case, but did order the victims be deposed again next week.

According to court documents, Solo is accused of assaulting her nephew and then his mother after she tried to intervene on June 21.

Solo has declined to comment on specifics of the case but has maintained her innocence and said she is confident the charges will be dismissed. Maybrown has said that Solo acted in self-defense.

Following the training camp, the USWNT will open 2015 with a pair of overseas matches Feb. 8 against France and Feb. 13 against England.


  1. Hope is being charged with a misdemeanor and is clearly not a flight risk so I think this is the right call in a nation where we presume innocence.

    On a related note, if the judge had issued a restraining order forbidding Abby Wambach to be in the starting 11, that would have been very welcome.

      • +1 What better way to protect American values, than by throwing them directly in the garbage?!?

    • Solo’s sister and nephew destroyed evidence, changed their respective stories different times, and refused to cooperate in required pretrial depositions.

      In the mean time Solo has maintained she acted in self defense, and is charged with only a misdemeanor. Why wouldn’t she be allowed to train with the Nat’s?


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