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TFC sign Altidore as a Designated Player, send Defoe to Sunderland

JozyAltidoreUSMNT3-Honduras2014 (Getty)


The long-reported deal has become a reality. Jozy Altidore has returned to MLS.

Toronto FC announced early Friday morning that they have signed Altidore to a Designated Player contract, and that Sunderland have completed the transfer move for Jermain Defoe to move in the other direction. TFC acquired Altidore through the allocation order. Per team and league policy, terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“Our top priority is building a winning club with players that are committed to the TFC vision,” general manager Tim Bezbatchenko said in a statement. “Jozy is a special player, and checks off all of the boxes that we look for in a player. We are excited to finalize this deal and bring him to Toronto FC. It became clear that a return for Jermain to the English Premier League was going to be in the best interests of both sides. We’d like to thank Jermain for his contributions to Toronto FC and wish him well.”

The deal is a massive coup for Toronto, which now has two of the top U.S. Men’s National Team players on the squad, as Altidore can link up with long-time teammate Michael Bradley. The move to MLS is also huge for Altidore, ending his 18-month struggle at Sunderland, where he scored just one goal in the English Premier League.

Altidore becomes the latest USMNT player to leave Europe for greener pastures in North America, following Bradley, Clint Dempsey, Jermaine Jones, Mix Diskerud and Brek Shea.

At the same time, the deal solved a long-standing issue for TFC, as Defoe was unhappy in Toronto and wanted to return to England. Defoe nearly joined Queens Park Rangers in the summer transfer window and it was clear that his continued stay in London throughout the winter meant his future was not in MLS.

Almost a year to the date after signing a reported $30 million contract with Toronto, part of the club’s “bloody big deal,” Defoe received his wish, transferring to Sunderland as they battle to avoid relegation. Defoe scored 12 goals and added three assists in 21 games in all competitions in his one year for Toronto FC.

“Our vision over the past 18 months has been to establish Toronto FC’s international presence, and while just with us for one year, Jermain Defoe played an important role in helping us achieve that goal,” said Tim Leiweke, president and CEO of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment. “We appreciate the fact that he worked very closely with us through this process, and while he had a number of options, he ultimately agreed to a deal that would be in the best interests of both the player and TFC. He wanted to ensure that TFC and its fans will benefit from this transfer, and we have.

“Jozy has chosen to return to MLS, and adding a player of Jozy Altidore’s pedigree is an important addition for our club.”


What do you think of this news? Glad to see Jozy back in MLS? Would you rather have seen him stay in Europe? How does this affect TFC’s playoff chances?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Did everyone see what Poyet said?

    “We’re going to develop something different. In the past we found it easier to be organised with one striker up front and the other working hard out wide.. Now it’s a big possibility we’ll start playing with two up front. There are plenty of things we could do differently. It could be a typical English 4-4-2, it could be a diamond or it could be five at the back, like Liverpool had with ”

    Why does it take Defoe coming in to make Poyet see that his tactics have been wrong?! Why didn’t he do this with Jozy?

    I bet the owner said, if we get you Defoe you have to drop the negative 4-1-4-1 crap that you been forcing on us!

    • absolutely amazing.

      well, whatever happens, please don’t try to explain how that system would’ve worked better for jozy–some people here will think that’s just an ‘excuse’ to fit your ‘narrative’.

  2. Jozy’s gonna be back to being what he belongs being- A big fish in a small pond. Thankfully he won’t be bringing shame to American soccer in the EPL anymore. What an awesome 2014 he had, 1-2 goals and a pulled hammy 20 minutes into the World Cup…money well spent by Toronto.

  3. Time will tell. Jozy will need to get service, and with the jealousies of the team-mates this might cause him problems as it did at Sunderland. He is not fast enough right now to also defend. If he works at it it might turn out well. Germain Defoe had to battle against people who did not like his DP status.

  4. I watched part of Toronto’s news conference where they presented Jozy as a TFC player. Holy crap he seemed depressed. The only part he even seemed happy about was that he gets to hang out with his ol’ buddy Bradly.

  5. While everyone else is busy complaining in some form, I’m just going to be happy that I can see Jozy bossing MLS defenders and (hopefully) tearing it up. Even if he doesn’t light things up it’s still cool to see Bradley/Altidore on the same team,as well as being able to see out NT players more consistently.

  6. No extra cash for DeFoe? Come on! ….an extra 500k plus Altidore would be a good deal!

    Sadly, Altidore comes back as failure with market value for MLS fans.

  7. I’ve actually always appreciated Jozy’s hold up play. Yes, he scored goals at AZ, but in my opinion, scoring goals is not necessarily his strength but an added bonus when he does. Sunderland should have know what they were buying.

    On the other hand, Jozy should have known what he was getting into with Sunderland. Their style of play isn’t some new thing, they’ve always been like this as far as I have seen.

    Bottomline, bad pairing from the start and was always going to be a disaster if Sunderland expected goals and Jozy expected service. I’m disappointed jozy is coming back to MLS, he’s a European caliber player. Bummer.

    • much like this move, it was clear jozy didn’t have much choice in his move to sunderland. az wanted to cash in on his good season, and jozy could either take the move, or risk sitting out the rest of his contract on the bench.

  8. ““Our vision over the past 18 months has been to establish Toronto FC’s international presence”

    If only they’d worried more about their MLS presence.

  9. So he is going from the Sunderland of the Premier League to the Sunderland of MLS and this is supposed to be a good thing? Epic Fail.

    I seem to remember Klinsi warning Jozy that going to Sunderland was not the best place in Europe for him to move to. In any event, he has and will continue to regress against inferior opponents. Good for the league, bad for the national team.

  10. To the other Chris, it wasn’t his European pedigree that got him playing time with the USMNT. Rather, it was the fact that no other player, besides Landon Donovan, has scored as many goals for the U.S. at this age. Jozy is already fifth on our all time goal scorers list, iirc.

    • However he has those goals due to his number of caps, which is higher due to the lack of quality options up front for us. He has an equivalent number of caps to bradley and altidores younger. Do you know how insane that sounds? Hes scored 1 in 3 for us, which is average, generally a quality striker score 1 in 2, especially at international level.

      • Chris W.

        Get your facts straight and throw in a little context.

        Jozy has so many caps because he has earned them. He has twice as many goals as Mikey in 15 fewer games.

        Jozy’s goal per game average compares favorably with Clint and Landon, the Batman and Robin of USMNT scorers of the modern era.

        Mikey has scored 12 goals in 91 caps or one every 7.6 games.

        Dempsey has scored 39 goals in 110 caps or one every 2.8 games.

        Landon has scored 57 goals in 157 caps or one every 2.75 games.

        Jozy has scored 25 goals in 76 caps or one every 3.04 games.

  11. Really gotta question jozy here. The main reason he has 70 some odd caps for the US is due to his presence at big clubs in europe. Now he doesnt have that to fall back on and he is on equal footing with other guys coming into the picture such as zardes, akindele, jac mac, even some older guys like wondo and charlie davies. A couple poor games from jozy and he should be riding the pine or shouldnt even be called up, gotta give these other guys a chance and now klinsi has the excuse to do that.

    • I can’t wait to go tell Hull City, Xerex, Villareal, Bursapour Sunderland and AZ that they are “big clubs in Europe”.

      They are all in Europe & are all clubs but that is about where it ends.

    • Chris W.

      “The main reason he has 70 some odd caps for the US is due to his presence at big clubs in europe”

      Bull s++t.

      For the US ,Jozy has 76 caps and 25 goals, basically a goal every 3 games. Not great but not bad either considering how few goals the US scores. He had 8 goals in 14 games in 2013 and 4 goals in 10 games in 2014 so his production is fairly consistent over time..

      When you come up with an American other than Deuce, who can approach that level of reliable production at the present time, let me know.

  12. Better he goes to train wreck TFC then even worse disaster Red Bulls who canned the best coach they ever had, and stabbed the entire fan base in the back – who would want to go there? As bad as TFC has been in the past the Red Bulls have fired after short stints Bruce Arena, Bill Bradley and now the most successful one – Petke – what a nightmare.

  13. Another American player going back to MLS in open arms because they couldn’t cut it in Europe. This is just getting sad… Just a question, (correct me if I’m wrong) does this mean that the ONLY STARTERS we have playing in Europe (and starting) from our National Team are: Guzan and Cameron?

    • I’m sorry… I am having trouble understanding you. Can you pull the Premier League’s junk out of your mouth and then talk? Thanks!

      • You were making a point ?

        Seemed like you were trolling then askeing a question no one wanted to bother to answer.

      • Players are going to come to MLS, because it is the best option for them…..get used to it.

        Toronto >>>>Sunderland. Not even close. No one wants to waste away their career at a team that never wins. He was there for one reason to leave. If Man U called he would have gone.

        It is why Beckham and Henry came here, it is why Kaka and Villa are here. It is why Lampard is coming here, but then he isn’t ( found a winner ), but then he will be.

      • Players are going to come to MLS, because it is the best option for them…..get used to it.

        I think eventually the stigma will fade and people will appreciate seeing their Nats playing in a stadium they can attend with regularity, rather than on a TV screen in a country across the ocean.

        With that said, Toronto and Sunderland are both horrible destinations and neither are winners.

      • Old School, I’m not here to tell you TFC are a great team but to be honest they were in the top 5 and when Defoe picked up a couple injuries here and there (and didn’t get picked to WC) they just couldn’t keep up and fell to 7th(2 spots out) by only 8 points–also only 1 point behind 6th place. They had 23 points in 2012, 29 in 2013 and 41 in 2014. There has been improvement this past season but they just weren’t a solid enough team to stay in the final playoff spot. They were 13th out of 19, not stellar but they wouldn’t have been “relegated” in terms of where they finished. All in all, they are on the rise slowly and if they add Giovinco then they have a great chance at finishing 4th or 5th and making the playoffs.

  14. Hmmm…take a paycut (maybe down to $1MM per year) to go slug it out in yet another league, with another coach, maybe even only a loan deal until the end of the year and then have to go through this all again?

    …or, get a 2-3x increase in your salary and guaranteed playing time in a league that will support you as one of its most integral players? And develop chemistry with one of your most important USMNT teammates? And basically get paid in a way that assures your financial security for the rest of your life?

    Put yourself in Jozy’s shoes, what do you do? No-brainer.

  15. Enough with the excuses. Altidore is where he wanted to be. An easier league the the best American midfielder. It’s time for him to deliver even if he has to create goals by himself. Anybody can score tap-ins, he’s getting superstar money it’s time he performs like one.

  16. As much as I would love to see Jozy play for the Redbull again and regain faith in the front office of the NYRB. I don’t hate that he’ll be playing alongside Michael Bradley year round and getting plenty of playing time. I also see him doing this solely for consistent playing time to prepare for the Gold Cup, then goes off on loan or sold to a foreign team/ or NYRB (hopefully) to prepare for Copa America. Jozy has lots of critics and fans to impress this season and unknowingly put lots of pressure on himself to represent the MLS once again and prove its not a retirement league and more of a league that separates itself by developing future USMNT players and buying upcoming foreign players.

    Can’t wait for the 2015 MLS Season. Lets go NYRB!

  17. If everyone thinks back on last season, Bradley didnt really shine at all for Toronto and just because JK thinks Bradley is a good setup man, doesnt mean he is. My fear is that Jozy will not see the ball that much and that his scoring will continue to suffer. Toronto may be even worse than Sunderland in a relative way. IK Jozy really had no choice on where he could go but this could end up being a case of jumping from the frying pan into the fire

  18. I think Jozy did what he had to do, but I also think that this will go down as a bad decision when all the cards are played. Sure he will get the minutes he is looking for and will have a chance to link up more consistently with Bradley. He’ll probably even start scoring goals again. The rub is that TFC are an absolute train wreck of an organization. They fire coaches like I change socks. I’m happy to have Bradley and Altidore in the MLS but they need to be with a team that has its act together.

  19. We have no idea how this will end.
    Best case scenario – MB and Jozy link up often and well – develop great on-field chemistry, and the USMNT benefits immeasurably.

  20. Awesome. Now either he comes out and performs and regain his confidence or……. he goes on a goal drought, with nothing but hold up plays and loses his place on the USMNT. Altidore up top and Bradley in the midfield, on the same team, will give us an idea of what to expect on the national stage……and with most of our starting forwards playing in MLS and going up against the same opposition, well we will finally get to know who is who.
    With that out the way you should have gone to DC United and convinced Freddy Adu to sign too (as he is training in DC)……oh well I guess this is not Burger King lol

      • Yeah, it’s a hopeful situation but at least he will get regular playing time meaning they are his shots on goal to take, and not just be a substitute player from time to time like Sunderland. He and Bradley connect well. Haha, trying to be optimistic….

  21. My guess is that this is not going to end well. Rumor around the New Jersey soccer community already is that Jozy absolutely does not want to be in Toronto, and absolutely wants to be in New York. How long will it take, especially if TFC struggles, for Jozy’s camp to start sending signals to TFC that he wants out? He wanted back into MLS, he wanted consistent playing time, and this may simply be a means to an end.

    • Didn’t you see that picture of Jozy at the airport yesterday? Already has the “WTF” look on his face, as in “really? I’m going to Toronto FC? That club that has never made the playoffs?”

      I don’t blame RedBull though. They are too busy copying and binding Ali Curtis’ 300 page plan to sign any new players.

      • So, he expected to walk into the best team in the league? based on what?
        They don’t need him, Toronto does that’s why they’re paying him much more than he’s worth. Now it’s up to him to earn his money and make sure they make a deep playoffs run.

      • Exactly, you think Seattle needs him ? No.

        Jozy needs to prove his worth, not in some ambiguous English way. By winning.

        Dofoe didn’t. Jozy, we will see.

      • ALl of you would live in Sunderland or Toronto if you could make the king’s randsom he’s making. Seriously it’s not about the love of the game, it’s about the money for these guys. We can’t all be Landon Donovan.

    • Overstated. TFC came out of the gates well last year and finished with 41 points despite all the mess that went on, wantaway DP, coach fired, etc. You add in Jozy and have a happier situation and it could be interesting.

      • exactly, they were in the last playoff spot but just couldn’t keep up with their ST not wanting to be there. the missed the playoffs by 2 Ws and a D. 1 point out of 6th. they were 4 Ws better than last year. They remind me of the Memphis Grizzlies. terrible team that kept building and was hovering around the playoffs before recently putting it all together and making the playoffs

  22. Why did the Defoe/TFC relationship go sour. He was lighting it up when healthy. Jozy will be lucky to have half the goals he had. I bet JA doesn’t get 12 goals in a full season.

      • I think it’s a tad confused of an article, was he getting too much press attention or not enough Toronto attention, was he upset immediately or rather when he was omitted from the world cup squad, on and on. It’s like a dump draft of ideas which don’t necessarily line up.

        I think he thought TFC was his way to boomerang back into the NT squad. But he didn’t stay healthy and didn’t get picked. At which point he’s in what he sees as the soccer sticks not improving his ends.

        You could compare him to a Julio Cesar who in fact did get himself back in the Brazil squad from the same TFC squad. But he wasn’t hurt half the time. If you are hurt and in a random non EPL league and weren’t a regular callin in England to begin with, it might be an uphill battle.

        I still think the best MLS bets are people who want to be in the US or Canada or even a specific city, have American family or spouses, people who have a reason to be here. If you have people chasing fame, a big payday, or a professional revival such that England calls them up, I don’t think that’s “us.”

    • I totally agree with RedBullOut but RBNY didn’t need Jozy. He’s better than BWP and maybe they would play well together but the team has other more pressing needs, like the fact that Armando and Miazga are the only two central defenders on the roster at the moment. If RBNY is willing to spend millions, bring in a DP center back or two. Midfield is even more of a priority than striker.

    • Getting their own old player back might have been a wise sporting decision but is probably not their idea of advertising excitement. That and there is this question of if they are cutting salary and preparing to sell.

      I really don’t see what’s bad about a company coming in and paying for an expensive, nice stadium, and bringing in some big name players like Henry, and having some success. I wish my Dynamo spent that kind of cash. It didn’t come to title fruition, and that may hurt them versus the other NY teams, and may result in RB pulling out, but I thought we wanted teams in MLS not afraid to get some players. Henry is one of the best things the league has done. Most of his career he played diligently and productively and he was happy to be here. Only at the very end did it unravel a little, and he still helped BWP hit big and had a decent year to finish.

    • Am I missing something? RedBulls attempted to pay for the allocation spot and sign Altidore but were refused by TFC.

      The system is the real joke because I can guarantee Altidore didn’t want to go to Toronto. As the saying goes: Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

      • They were willing to pay the price. They had a superior spot in the claims process and wanted the player. It’s not complicated at all. Now you’re asking for some sort of MLS-manipulated process that people complain about when it happens.

        NY got serious money for him in a transfer. I cry for them not.

      • I’m responding to awkward “#RedBullOut. What a joke” by stating NYRB, according to reports, attempted to get his services. In other words, they weren’t idle.

        Who’s asking for an MLS-manipulated process? I’m certainly not, but you can’t blame fans for expecting the league to manipulate the system as the do time and time again. Any expectation by fans is the fault of the league, not the club (or player). I think that’s vividly clear.

      • NYRB sold him away for money. Under MLS rules when you sell a player for money you give up the return rights. We then allocate you when you come back.

        Our process is designed so that players can’t force a destination, and “poor teams” like TFC can try and get better. NY was in the semis. If players can force a NY or LA destination, or, failing that, a return to a club that sold them off, then we could deteriorate into a tiered Euro style league where a handful of teams matter each season and everyone else is playing for some lesser motive. Upsets. Survival.

        I personally get much more cranky when they bend the rules than when they simply let them play out. A player obsessed with a particular destination can wait until the stars align with a particular team. He wanted now. Well, now, we go down the order and NY is not first.

    • Just think of what RB could’ve done for fan support during this offseason if they had capitalized on the NYCFC hatred, kept Petke (for chrissakes!) and got Jozy back.

    • Talk about falling forward. Just think how much money he would make actually scoring goals.

      I like Jozy but he is a reclamation project at this point. By definition, they don’t get DP money.

      There are always “business decisions” and “development decisions” to be weighed for any player. The MLS distorts the tension between these two, making it an overwhelmingly easy decision for out of favor US players.

      CD, MB, and JA would all be better off playing in Europe but getting a game at the price they wanted was going to be hard to come by. Now their names are in ink on every game day roster, at a ridiculous increase in salary.


      • I don’t consider anyone with a 30 plus goal season banked and who’s gotten 9 in this league as a teenager to be a reclamation project. To me it’s more he has very specific skills that only come across when he is used just right. NY ran him off a wing. AZ played eredivisie ball. A lot of these other teams look at this big dude and think they are getting a target man in a 442 and that’s not what he is or may ever be. Very Kenny Cooper.

      • Past success does not mean future success. Ask Fernando Torres.

        When you’re in the type of scoring drought and loss of form Altidore is, reclamation project is extremely fitting.

      • True, although El Nino is riding high at the moment following his brace that knocked out Real Madrid from Copa Del Rey.

      • isn’t he the usmnt’s top scorer for the past two years? for someone in a ‘scoring drought and loss of form’, he sure does score pretty consistently for the national team. can’t wait til he gets his form back.

      • Jozy has rarely shared “form” for both club and country.

        I think we’d all like to see him get his form back.

      • well, since i’m not a tfc fan, i couldn’t care less if he’s scoring for his club, as long as he keeps scoring for the usmnt.

      • I think most in this thread would like to see him succeed in both facets. After all, this is a story about club and not country.

      • If this was the end of that whole Villareal plus loans saga I might buy it but this is a very specific team he didn’t fit in with. Couple years ago he was slamming them in for club and country. Overstated.

      • How short our memory is, apparently.

        In fact he was NOT slamming them in while he was playing in Holland. That was the biggest complaint: “Why isn’t he scoring for club like he is for country?”

        Can you guess what the excuse that was adopted by American fans? It was his teammates fault. Sound familiar?

      • “Can you guess what the excuse that was adopted by American fans? It was his teammates fault.”

        yeah, that’s odd how people would think that forwards need steady service to score goals, whether at domestic or international levels.

      • “Many people on here revert back to excuses to fit their narrative.”

        or just wallow in ignorance of how team sports work.

      • Absolutely. Nothing says “team” more than “blame the teammates”.

        Sunderland’s entire roster was a burning dumpster of trash. That includes Altidore while he wore the kit. However, because he’s American, he gets a pass from the “odd” fans who choose to see no evil.

        That’s an ignorance that has no bliss. Tell us more about how “team” sports work while blaming others, please.

      • we’re arguing in circles here, so, since you refuse to believe that strikers are dependent on the service provided to them, we can just agree to disagree on this one.

      • No circles are being argued.

        You’re attempting to justify a loss of form, proclaiming you don’t care about said form, providing the usual excuses for a lack of scoring and failing to lecture on team while blaming others.

        Agree or disagree, I really don’t care.

      • History is full of players who did well for one team and failed for another, or failed for one team, then succeeded at another. The details are myriad, but the change in teammates and coach does play a big role in any player’s success or lack thereof.

      • Equally so, I’m sure the equally bad players in the midfield would have appreciated their striker finishing their chances. Yes, Altidore DID have chances and painfully missed on far too many.

        Bad teammates all around, including our boy. The narrative it’s everyone else’s fault is laughable and perhaps highlights a lack of understanding of what a team really is.

      • dennis, you don’t understand:

        you’re just not a team player, okay?

        and when you provide reasons that explain why one player’s performance may depend on the players around him, that’s an “excuse”. and “excuses” add up to a “narrative”. you don’t want to go down that road…

      • “When in doubt, blame teammates.” -Vince Lombardi

        “If a player is bad on multiple teams, it’s the other 10 players fault.” -Red Auerbach

        “The key to success individual success is blaming those around them for the failures of the team.” -Joe Torre

        Does that about summarize your understanding of being a team, Nate?

      • appeal to old white guys woo

        we can continue our discussion when you’ve actually watched jozy’s sunderland games (although i wouldn’t recommend it). until then, there’s no point.

      • Well versed on his club form from a person that couldn’t care less about his club form.

        Talking in circles, you say?

        Yes, yes. Let’s continue to go with the, “You didn’t watch as many Sunderland matches as me.” argument. That’s original.

        Nate: The entire Sunderland roster is garbage and Altidore is just as guilty as anyone for that club being a disaster.

        Until I read you acknowledging Altidore’s role in the quagmire, I’m going to assume you have zero comprehension of team sports and there’s zero point in continuing the conversation.

      • dammit old school, i just can’t quit you.

        for the record, i have acknowledged jozy’s role in sunderland’s mess on this site. his problem is that he’s not a poacher or a natural target forward, both of which sunderland need.

        and i’ve acknowledged that he has missed chances that he absolutely should’ve made. (all those missed chances would bring his grand total up to 5 goals, i believe, leaving sunderland in essentially the same place they are now.)

        but the fact that you don’t think actually watching the games helps one gain a more nuanced understanding of jozy’s–and sunderland’s–situation is puzzling to me. so who the f— cares if an argument is ‘original’ or not? that has no bearing whatsoever on its validity.

      • This just in: Sunderland is bad. Altidore is bad. Teammates are bad.

        Perhaps we do actually agree, but I refuse to give way to people who attempt to shape the discussion as: “Altidore’s teammates are bad, therefore, Altidore is bad.”

        They’ve all been bad. There’s no chicken or the egg argument.

        You have zero idea how many I’ve watched. I have no idea why you’re grasping at straws now with the lame “I’ve watched more games than you.”. Because we disagree you assume you’ve watched more?

        Give me a break.

      • “You have zero idea how many I’ve watched.”

        i have some idea, considering (from one of your comments above) you seem to think that jozy missed enough chances that it would’ve have made any impact. nobody–not fletcher, not wickham, not jozy–has missed more chances than you can count on one hand. the team is not creating enough chances for the forwards to do that.

        and yeah, i am going with the ‘lame’ watched-the-games argument. i think it’s pretty essential in order to know what you’re talking about.

      • Ok. Can’t argue or debate someone that bases their counter’s off unfounded assumptions to back their own argument.

        Pretty laughable but a fitting ending to an utterly pointless discussion.

      • the laughable thing is that the discussion went on this long with only one of us offering contextual insight on jozy’s situation, while the other was whining about team spirit and asking “What Would Joe Torre Do?”

      • After JK dropped him and then gave him another chance Jozy started scoring again for the USMNT once they set him up a bit differently.

        So it sounds familiar because, well, it’s true.

      • Issues:
        1) The Signing: Does it make sense?
        2) The Price: Is he overvalued for what he does on the Field, and relative to other offers?
        3) The Potential: Is this the right place for him to develop his skills (guaranteed playing time on a lower level v. fighting for playing time on a higher level).

        So pick your professional year in Europe and determine what’s real and what’s an aberration:
        Villareal – 1 goal
        Xerez – 0 goals
        Hull – 1 goal
        Bursapour – 1 goal
        AZ – 39 goals
        Sunderland – 1 goal

        Predicting success at TFC, it might be better to point to 15 goals at NYRB in 2006-2008.

      • 1. MLS is different from 2006-2008. I’d say it is more

        2. Villareal never seemed to have a plan for Jozy. It was as if they were just stockpiling talent.

        3. Loans can’t compare to actually being bought by a club.

        Jozy clearly needs a stable environment ( not all players do as much as him) to do his best . In short Jozy’s euro adventure is mostly about two clubs AZ and Sunderland.

        If you want him to succeed do what AZ did.

        If you want him to fail do what Sunderland did .

        At this point is TFC more like AZ or more like Sunderland? That is what everyone will want to know.

    • You’re not going to miss watching Sunderland’s midfield launch 25-yard shots that end up in row Z instead of actually feeding their strikers?

      besides, we haven’t been watching them anyway since Jozy doesn’t get anything more than splinters from sitting on the bench (if he makes it at all).

      Good riddance.

      • exactly. haha. to add:

        Last season Sunderland’s forwards scored a total of 16 league goals (Borini 7, Wickham 5, Fletcher 3, Jozy 1). Their Midfield scored 19…. again, Sunderland’s forwards scored less than once every other game…… as a group. people blame jozy because was starting a good amount……

        This season, over half way through, Sunderlands fwds have 6 goals (on pace for a total of 11) and their mids have 11 (on pace for 21) .

        So regardless of people’s feeling’s of Jozy being “terrible”, Sunderland does not feed their strikers proper service….. those are just facts. Just because Jozy supporters bring that point up doesn’t mean it’s rose-tinted viewing.

      • and what’s more, most of borini’s goals came when he was playing wide, like johnson.

        the only player who scored with any regularity last season while playing up top was wickham, who got hot over a period of 7-8 games, and hasn’t really done anything since. and notably, most of wickham’s goals came when playing in a two-forward formation, which poyet only played after jozy was dropped, and has since scrapped altogether.

    • What many “English football” fans don’t realize is this is how most teams past a certain point in their pyramid play. There is a cosmopolitan/ continental layer of expensively staffed big name teams atop a lot of hoofball in most of England and Scotland. They thought Jozy was a hoofballer. He’s not.

      • Yeah…it’s an archaic style of football that England has not really evolved form in years. Not all teams use it, but some do. There are about 7 teams in the EPL that don’t play that way, but they rest do.

        Jozy got poor advice in going to Sunderland, but, at the same time, DiCanio had promised to play a more attacking style, got some players to play that style, but MOST of the players could not or did not convert. Then Poyet came in and reverted back to the safe, English boot-ball. They only thing he did was have some attacking wing. Poyet reminds me of a lot of other coaches who stay the tried and true path to cover their asses when things go wrong. They don’t take a risk so they don’t look stupid when things go wrong.

        All this being said, I watch a lot of games, and jozy should have scored 5/6 goals instead of 1. If he ended last season with 4/5 goals, didn’t get hurt at the World Cup,and scored 3 goals, he could have forced a loan move in the beginning of the year when it was easier than now.

      • Imperative and Paul, you can’t have watched English Football in a while. There is little or no ‘hoofball’ as you call it. Even Stoke are playing a controlled passing game and trying to pass the ball into the net. Absolute nonsense.

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