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Report: Red Bulls assistant Fraser to take same position at Toronto FC


Photo by Jerome Miron/USA Today Sports


The winter exodus from the New York Red Bulls is set to continue with the departure of the team’s most influential assistant coach.

Red Bulls assistant Robin Fraser, who has been with the club for the past two seasons, is reportedly set to leave the club to take the same position with Toronto FC. According to Big Apple Soccer, Fraser was offered a one-year deal with the Red Bulls, but will now be accepting an offer believed to be for three years from TFC.

Fraser, previously head coach at Chivas USA from 2011-12, proved to be one of head coach Mike Petke’s most trusted advisers throughout the past two seasons. Petke, who became Red Bulls head coach ahead of the 2013 season, lauded Fraser’s tactical acumen numerous times during the 2014 campaign as the club reached the Eastern Conference finals.

The move would reunite Fraser with Greg Vanney, as they had worked together at Chivas USA, but this time their roles will be flipped — at Chivas USA, Fraser was head coach and Vanney was his assistant. Vanney became TFC head coach in September.

Prior to becoming a coach, Fraser enjoyed a nine-year MLS career that included stops with the LA Galaxy, Colorado Rapids and Columbus Crew. He also made 27 international appearances with the U.S. Men’s National Team.

What do you make of Fraser’s move to Toronto FC? What do you expect from the Red Bulls and TFC the rest of the offseason?

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      • Really? Are we suddenly calling any other tier of soccer in the USA insignificant? MLS snobbery?

        Glad to see hatred of another club, but likening them to another fly-by league when we have yet to spread any real wings is a bit early as well. Qwell your disdain for the fledgling NASL @Scott A for hence they shall be among the plumage one day only by welcoming them into the nest.

        #lprevolution – support US soccer at all levels

      • You must not be in the NY metro soccer scene. This is not me picking on the little guy; I’m a big supporter of backing all tiers. Cosmos guys have been obnoxiously beating their chests about being the anointed ones, and now they’re being exposed as insignificant. It’s appropriate, and hilarious.

      • Scene? Then show up somewhere else then Nevada Smiths along with the other MC fans. For real. Let the Cosmos beat their chests. There was an AFL to the NFL and an ABA to the NBA. I’m just saying that you sound a bit like a eurosnob wolf dressed in MLS’ sheep’s clothing.

  1. Red bull is a sad story, while nycfc has started on the wrong foot, red bull has been on the wrong foot since day one.
    If galaxy and Los angeles2 do what garber wants with dps and money power, then red bull will have no option but to sell sooner or later, given that nycfc is ready to buy dps and use their money and power.
    It’s also unbelievable how red bull won’t use their money and the power of New York/ New Jersey to become a global know soccer team like galaxy or sounders.
    If red bull rebrand, it’s not enough, they need new owners and why can’t garber find an ownership group like LA2 or nycfc to buy red bull. At the end of the day, truth will come out, red bull don’t have a future and garber will have to take action.

    • NYRB has made the playoffs every time but once in the Red Bull era. It might not be Galaxy level but I think there are many franchises including TFC that would trade for that sort of consistency. It is not their “best” dynasty foot but it is not a “wrong foot” or “sad story” except by the ultimate hurdle.

      • is it really an amazing feat to make the playoffs in MLS? It is harder to miss them than to make them.

      • How about year after year with one exception. They might be the 90s Buffalo Bills of the league but by your standard there are maybe 1 or 2 teams in the league that aren’t embarrassments. It’s hyperbole.

        If you want to talk actual suckage, Chivas and TFC.

  2. Getting depressing. Can they at least take down all the Thierry Henry stuff off their website? He’s gone & it’s just another reminder that they haven’t done anything to get better this offseason……

      • Doesn’t make me feel better that the Red Bulls aren’t improving & NYCFC is making the same mistakes that MetroBulls have over the years. I want/expect the Red Bulls to get better & don’t care that NYCFC has been burned by Lampard & don’t have a stadium.

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