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Red Bulls still attempting to resolve Tim Cahill’s future

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Ali Curtis has had initial conversations with Tim Cahill, but needs more to determine if the Designated Player will continue with the New York Red Bulls.

Questions about whether Cahill would return to the Red Bulls for the final season of his current deal have lingered for months now, but there is still no resolution. Curtis said upon his introduction as the club’s new sporting director in December that he needed to talk to Cahill to see if coming back was in the cards, but initial discussions with the 35-year-old Australian international have not yielded an outcome.

“He’s at the Asian Cup. I’ve spoken briefly to Tim, I’ve spoken to his representatives. We’ll have more conversations,” said Curtis. “Preseason hasn’t even started yet and we’ll have those conversations. Until we take a decision, until we understand exactly where Tim’s thoughts, that’s where we are right now.”

Cahill fell out of favor in New York towards the second half of last season, reduced to mostly spot duty off the bench. That was also the case in the playoffs, but a restart of sorts might raise the chances that he returns.

Mike Petke was at the helm of the Red Bulls last season when Cahill was dropped from the lineup, but was fired on Tuesday in a surprise move that blindsided most MLS observers. In Petke’s place is now Jesse Marsch, the former head coach of the Montreal Impact who could offer Cahill a fresh start at the club.

Marsch initially omitted Cahill from the names he rattled off while talking about New York’s roster on Wednesday, but had nothing but positives to say about the veteran when pushed on the subject later.

“That’s a mistake on my part. I should obviously mention Tim,” said Marsch. “I’m thinking more of some of the younger core guys, but Tim is off at the Asian Cup and has obviously been a big part of this club. We’re going to evaluate everything as we move forward.

“It’ll be important for Tim and I to have a good conversation, for him to hear the goals that I have for this team and for this club in the future and for me to hear where he is at and what he perceives for the rest of his career.

“I totally appreciate the player he is. I think he can be useful in a lot of different ways.”


  1. Curtis has put Marsch in an almost impossible position. If RB don’t finish better than they did last year (w/o Henry & Olave) the remaining fan base will go even crazier. This guy is going to have a VERY difficult time winning over the fans & yesterdays comments are not going to help at all….

  2. Let this stiff go. He has no interest in this team, although I can’t say I blame him, and he doesn’t fit well on this roster anyway (actually never has). Opens up a DP spot and money which I hope they will spend on defenders, since 2 or 3 legit defenders are desperately needed.

    • Especially after seeing how much better he played for Australia last year- he clearly has at least a little left in the tank. Best for everybody if he moves on. Hell, sell him to CFG and they can send him to Melbourne City.

  3. Let’s be real, they might be holding Cahill’s last year in reserve while they see where Jozy goes. If Jozy comes, “well, Cahill would like to go to England/Australia and we’ll let him go for a modest price.” If Jozy goes someplace else, “we’re happy to have Tim back.”

  4. Unless there’s a MAJOR roster reshuffle that allows for 4-4-2, Cahill is BWP’s backup right now. Honestly it’d be best to let him go and spread his sub-DP salary allocation between a replacement backup forward and an MLS starting caliber centerback, which the team does not have at present.

    • Agreed,…let him go. It’s really simple isn’t it? And Curtis comes along and announces that he has a “really sophisticated plan” for the club. What a clown! Where does MLS find these guys,…the buffoon GM in Toronto and now this knucklehead. Jesse Marsh? Really?

      • And how does a guy hired because of his “sophisticated plan” get a ONE YEAR DEAL?? And is then free to gut the team and coaching staff?? The organization has no idea what it’s doing.

      • Those quotes yesterday from both of them were an embarrassment and with a press conference scheduled today, I’m sure we’ll hear more nonsense. Who calls their own plan “really sophisticated?” So I guess firing a successful and beloved coach and replacing him with your friend, who has accomplished zero as a coach, isn’t incredibly stupid – it’s “sophisticated”

        Then the new coach gets up and says we have to play uptempo and have young (i.e. cheap) players because we are owned by an energy drink. You can’t make this stuff up. Like pretty much everyone in the world, I can’t wait for these clowns to sell but I fear they may carry on for a while, running this team on the cheap.

  5. Seriously Ali IF you can convince Tim to stay with RB given what you have already “accomplished” I will eat my RB shirt instead of donating it to my fav bum and I know he would like the shirt that’s how confident I am that Cahill on your watch is GONE

  6. This team is total mess for being a New York team. How in the world do their fans trust the ownership, their future. Its time for MLS to take action and tell them to sell. It’s also pointless for red bull to get jozy, Sasha, when they just want to market their brand with these players.
    Sale this team, rebrand like skc and get an owner who is serious about the New York market.
    If Los angeles2 got owners, why not red bull, specially when they have a stadium ready.


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