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Chile 3, USMNT 2: Match Highlights

USA Chile 1 (Getty Images)


  1. Gotta say, I love the way people react to MNT games on this site. Listen guys, we were playing an entirely new formation in a game where endurance was going to be a problem because all of our players are out of season. We looked pretty good in the first half….losing a friendly to Chile, even a B squad, in Chile, during your offseason is just not that bad.

    And for those of you who are freaking about all the players in MLS…in 2002 we had our best World Cup and Beasley, Donovan, Bocanegra, Mathis, Jones, Llamosa, Wolff, McBride and Pope were all playing in MLS at that time. It is crazy to think that established players playing in the US will suddenly lose most of their skill. In fact Robbie Keane has had a complete rebirth since coming to LA and he isn’t the only one. Calm down, quit buying Kilnsmann’s crap about how they should all stay in Europe, and enjoy some increasingly enjoyable soccer right in your backyard for ludicrously cheap prices by the world standard.

  2. Birnbaum is not “BurnBomb” Fox Soccer dudes….

    Also Yedlin really should have done what Brek did. Just take the shot…
    On whole a bad game from him, I think its a matter of Naivete from not being a professional all that long. It seems like he doesn’t yet know what to do without thinking about it first and it costs him.

    Brek looked like… well Brek. Could be a good wingback if he doesn’t get tired after half an hour.

  3. Rimando is starting because they want to pain an inexperienced back line (especially experimenting with the 3 man) with an experienced keeper.
    Wood was horrible, so I think you might get your wish with the Zardes/Jozy pairing.
    The Jones experiment is just that, and experiment…at least give it a chance.

  4. Jones is not a CB. Why is Rimando starting at that age? Bill Hamid should have started. Dempsey doesn’t have the legs to be in the CAM spot anymore. Zardes up top with Jozy against panama please. We had a couple lucky calls; scoreline could’ve been worse

  5. Not a Klinnsman hater but I think the US should seriously consider hiring Biesla as the next head coach of the USMNT. He has a proven system that makes average teams better because he uses a system and that system is based on pressing and insane fitness. He also never compromises that system regardless of who his team is playing. Look at what he did with Chile who were an average team before he coached them. Sunil I know you read all comments made on SBI so you might want to consider my suggestion.

  6. Yedlin has a lot to learn at Tottenham. Excellent going forward, but he got caught ball watching on both second half goals, and didn’t track back fast enough.
    I’m still not sure what JK sees in Bobby Wood.

  7. The fact that this was Chile’s C team against our Main squad just says something.. [Chile’s A Squad
    Bravo (Barcelona), Alexis (Arsenal), Vidal (Juve), Medel (Inter), Jara (Mainz), Isla (QPR), Pinilla (Atalanta), Vargas (QPR), Orellana (Celta de Vigo), Fernandez (Fiorentina), Albornoz (Hannover), Diaz (Basel), Silva (Brugges), Gutierrez (Twente)]

    After reading several comments yesterday I’m glad I am not the only US fan that is beginning to see a bit of reality. Our team just is not that good, it’s more worrisome that ALL of our core players are now in MLS, and our ‘potential youth for the future’ are hardly getting minutes with their clubs in Europe… It’s time to let go of JK before he leads us to a disaster in 2015…

  8. I know it’s not a new mentality, but how bad does Jermaine Jones have to be to lose his spot? It’s uncanny how bad he can begame after game and still gets forced into the lineup. He scores one goal every 20 games that somehow make up for giving away balls, not playing defense, and be irresponsible in his opportunities. I wish we had a coach with the galls to pull the plug on JJ.

  9. FOX Sports dropped the ball last night with their amateurish telecast! 1. No telecast of the teams marching out to the field. 2. Missing the National Anthems! 3. Starting the broadcast of the match after over 4 minutes into the 1st half. 4. Where’s the stoppage time? They flashed the fourth referee putting the sign down! 5. I missed Ian Darke and Adrian Healey!

    The broadcast was absolutely rubbish!

  10. Lost to Chile’s B team. Yet nothing needs fixing. Everything’s perfect. Move along, nothing to see here…


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