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Cropper avoids needing head surgery after sustaining ugly injury



Cody Cropper will be out of action in the short-term due to the head injury he suffered last week, but the good news is that no surgery is needed for him to recover.

Cropper sustained what Southampton called a “nasty injury” to his head in last Monday’s Under-21 match vs. Fulham, and was immediately transported to a hospital. Tests on the 21-year-old goalkeeper have shown he suffered a concussion, but that an operation was not required as had previously been feared.

A timetable for Cropper’s recovery has not been made public by Southampton.

The young netminder has been a constant fixture in U.S. Men’s National Team’s youth sides in recent years, and he received his first official call-up to the first team last September before a friendly vs. Belgium. He has yet to make his professional debut, but is expected to be in the mix for the U.S.’s starting goalkeeper spot at the 2016 Olympics should the Americans qualify.

What do you make of this development? When do you think Cropper could return to action?

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  1. Just FYI, CT and MRI scans are negative in a concussion. Concussion is diagnosed by history and by ruling out other more scary conditions.

    • Partially true – mTBI is primarily diagnosed on history and symptoms (length of blackout/change in mental status + lingering dizziness, nausea, and fatigue) and return to activity is certainly dependent on resolution of symptoms. Head scans do not always reveal mTBI damage in the same way it might reveal a skull fracture or a stroke infarct, but depending on the severity of the concussion, diffuse infarcts CAN been seen. Still, it’s not always cut and dried, so it it’s not the only tool for diagnosis.

      • Partially true. If something shows up on a CT or MRI then you are diagnosed with whatever shows up and, if you have the right symptoms, an mTBI.

  2. glad he’s ok. After seeing Cech get destroyed, and Coutrois concussed, along with others, you hold your break when you hear things like this.


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