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DeAndre Yedlin joins USMNT as roster trimmed to 23 ahead of friendlies

DeAndre Yedlin 1 USA (Getty Images)

Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images


Jurgen Klinsmann has made his cuts and also an unexpected addition.

DeAndre Yedlin has been brought in from Tottenham as Klinsmann has finalized the 23-man U.S. Men’s National Team roster for upcoming friendlies against Chile and Panama. Yedlin’s selection is his first since transferring from the Seattle Sounders to Spurs earlier this month.

The players from the January camp who did not make the cut were Tesho Akindele, Julio Morales, Oscar Sorto, Christian Dean, Alex Bono and Dennis Flores. Marc Pelosi also failed to make the final roster, but will remain in Los Angeles and rejoin the U.S. following the friendly vs. Chile.

Some of the notable players who did make the cut include Clint Dempsey, Jozy Altidore, Michael Bradley, Jermaine Jones and Nick Rimando.

The Americans travel to Chile on Saturday ahead of their Wednesday meeting. They play Panama on Feb. 8 to close out their month-long camp.

Here is the full 23-man roster:

Goalkeepers (3): Sean Johnson (Chicago Fire), Jon Kempin (Sporting Kansas City), Nick Rimando (Real Salt Lake)

Defenders (7): Matt Besler (Sporting Kansas City), Steve Birnbaum (D.C. United), Matt Hedges (FC Dallas), Jermaine Jones (New England Revolution), Perry Kitchen (D.C. United), Shane O’Neill (Colorado Rapids), DeAndre Yedlin (Tottenham Hotspur)

Midfielders (8): Michael Bradley (Toronto FC), Mix Diskerud (New York City FC), Luis Gil (Real Salt Lake), Miguel Ibarra (Minnesota United FC), Lee Nguyen (New England Revolution), Dillon Serna (Colorado Rapids), Brek Shea (Orlando City), Wil Trapp (Columbus Crew SC)

Forwards (5): Jozy Altidore (Toronto FC), Clint Dempsey (Seattle Sounders FC), Chris Wondolowski (San Jose Earthquakes), Bobby Wood (1860 Munich), Gyasi Zardes (LA Galaxy)


What do you think of the roster? Excited by the addition of Yedlin? How do you see the team doing vs. Chile and Panama?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I’m surprised to see so much Brek-hate here.

    There are countless people on here asking for Zardes to start, but here are the facts:

    – Brek was a legitimate MLS star
    – Zardes was virtually unmarked on a stacked Galaxy roster
    – Brek has a better cross than Zardes
    – Brek is a better finisher than Zardes
    – Brek is a better painter than Zardes
    – And most importantly, Brek is only ONE YEAR older than Zardes – why is everyone acting like Zardes is the next big thing and Shea is some washed-up veteran?
    – Lastly, let’s not forget that Brad Davis went to a world cup – END OF STORY

    For these reasons, why not give the guy some love and hope he blossoms into a serviceable winger for the USMNT? Or we could bring Davis back for 2018…

  2. Yediln is not an elite fullback and will never be one because he is not skillful enough and is too old to improve much, particularly because he is playing in the EPL. Since none of you have played on a professional level, let me say it is merciless and cutthroat. Why should I help some one who might take away money from me and my family? If I teach him to be better, I might lose my job. Soccer is a vicious game absolutely cutthroat, therefore on that level, its only what you can do for me right now, NOT can we make him a better player. Shortsighted? yes. But thats the reality. HEy fantasy socc er is for Xbox only!

  3. Two points concerning this discussion:

    1. Yedlin played for Tottenham’s U-21 team a couple of weeks ago. That team’s next matches are Jan. 26 and Feb. 9. I’m sure Tottenham realizes that playing for a national team can help Yedlin more than playing against other U-21 sides.

    Go to Tottenham’s website and check the fixture dates for the senior and U-21 teams.

    2. Orlando City now holds Shea’s contract, and the vast majority of the January call-ups are from MLS teams. That’s one reason why Shea is in camp.

  4. Kind of puzzling as Spurs have Naughton and Walker out and played a Chiriches, who can even get a game, at RB. Maybe Spurs just want to see him in an actual game setting, not involving Spurs, to assess his current form after a break and go from there. If this happens 6 months from now, it’s a problem. Now, not so much.

  5. Most people here seem to understand that Yedlin playing in this camp is not an indication of failure at Spurs.

    People need to understand the pipeline to be a regular starter on a major European club team. You work your way in, somewhat like baseball does with the minor leagues. I compare Yedlin to a great freshman college basketball player. Clearly a lot of potential but not a lock to be a star player.000

    • That’s not how it works. And just claiming that anyone who disagrees with you “doesn’t understand” is not much of an argument. I’ve been following English football for 25 years, have lived in England on three occasions for school and work, have been to over 60 of the 92 league grounds, etc. I know what I’m talking about. Doesn’t mean I’m always right but stop acting like anyone that disagrees with you is some rube who started watching soccer yesterday. Letting Yedlin go is concerning in my opinion.

      • Your attitude about not bringing dual Americans, even thought they were born American citizens, means you lost a lot of credibility in my book and shows a decided lack of knowledge about the game played at the international level. You are also over reacting about Yedlin. He’s hardly had a chance to even unpack and get settled yet, sheesh.

      • I wonder if Slowleftarm can come up with any example of a 21 year old player moving from a smaller league to a top 7 club in a top 4 league and playing significant minutes within the first 3 weeks…… the point is, SLA, it’s way to early to be worried about a player being allowed to play with his national team.

      • Yes, there are literally hundreds of examples. The first example that comes to mind is Adnan Januzaj. Are you serious with a question like that? Young guys who are considered good enough will go straight into the team. Philippe Coutinho I supposed is another example. There are many others. I know Yedlin isn’t at that level and I’m not saying he should immediately be starting.

        It’s the fact they don’t care if he leaves right now. Again, I’m not saying Yedlin should immediately start for Spurs but I do think he could be a backup RB right now given the fact that only have one other real RB (Walker) in their squad at the moment, but obviously they disagree which is a little concerning.

        The fact that they are happy for him to leave for weeks means they consider him much further away from being a contributor. And I think it’s concerning. Not a reason to panic but it certainly isn’t a positive sign and it’s not normal like some have are saying.

      • “The fact that they are happy for him to leave for weeks means they consider him much further away from being a contributor”

        Weeks? He has been with the US a few days and the game is Wednesday. He could fly back to London right after the game.

      • Slow,

        Did you even bother to look at the link Paul included in his response to you? If you did, you would have seen the video interview that London based soccer journalist gave to ESPN FC about Yedlin (about 2min). You really should because it would stop you from making baseless assumptions. He gave Spurs reasoning base upon his Spurs contacts and it makes Yedlin situation sound a lot less dire than you make it out to be.

        I am all for drawing reasonable conclusions. However, drawing those conclusions when available, credible evidence who otherwise is anything but reasonable.

      • I have a different opinion than you, one that is shared by many soccer fans. It isn’t due to a lack of knowledge. People disagree with you. Grow up and accept it instead of behaving like a child.

      • I have a different opinion than you, one that is shared by many soccer fans. It isn’t due to a lack of knowledge. People disagree with you. Grow up and accept it instead of behaving like a child

  6. Great to see Birnbaum make the cut. He was solid at CB for DCU from his very first start and improved throughout the season.

    Given that we continue to look for a confidence inducing center back pairing, I hope he crushes this opportunity.

  7. Don’t see the point starting Dempsey or Altidore for C Chile team.

    My worry seeing no depth at strikers: Wondo prove himself worthless at the World Cup, Wood is more defensive forward or more like Altidore current form.

    If USNT start 3-5-2: perfect Yedellin at the rightside. Sadly, Yedellin is our current best crosser and best attacking creative player at Brazil.

      • Crossing is the least threatening way to attack Dont go English here. Passing to the man from the wing is what we want and Yedlin still has a long way to go. His skill level is poor, and athleticism will not get him thru

    • I will give Altidore two games to show he belongs up top. I don’t want to hear any talk about hold up play, I’m talking goals or at least shots. He does any less than that and I will scream for his head and JK HAS to throw in the towel

      • he was USMNT player of the year in 2013…and the US’s number 5 all time goal scorer. Get a grip. Hes not going anywhere.

      • You will give Altidore as many games as JK decides to play him, or you can just stop watching the National Team after two more matches if he doesn’t score. Those are probably your two options.

  8. Reams has what the USMNT does not like, that is modest size and speed, but superior intelligence. The USA likes them big, dumb and fast.

    • you realize ream has been called in before, right? probably specifically for his traits that you just listed? he’s always shown high positional intelligence and great passing, but on the international level, his inconsistency in high-level marking was exposed, and he stopped getting called up. he may very well have improved since then (although he’s mostly playing lb now), but let’s not pretend he’s just been ignored.

      and regarding your ‘big, dumb, and fast’ comment:

      pretty much any top defender in the world has to have some combination of ‘big’ and ‘fast’. it’s a requirement for the position, unless your team plays in such a way as to minimize the liability (ex: mascherano at barcelona). also, besler is flattered by your description, considering he’s a towering 6’0″ tall.

  9. after seeing Liverpool-Bolton, I must say that Reams is the most accomplished, INTELLIGENT central defender I have seen in a long time that is a USA national. You could see his thought process as the game evolves. SOOO smart. Toooo smart for the USMNT for sure. Got to leave him off the squad. It might ruin the balance of idiot defenders.

    • If you’re a spam-bot, by God you’re consistent and your syntax is excellent. Cheers to you my Klinnsman hating robot friend.

    • I remember when Klinsmann praised Ream because he was one of our best at playing out from the back. He gave him some chances, apparently JK found him wanting in some ways. Apparently JK isn’t enthused about Lichaj either. The other possibility is that Bolton wouldn’t release Ream, which they probably wouldn’t even if JK asked since he has been one of their most consistent starters on the back line. Besides the recent draw with Liverpool, Bolton apparently has a crucial league game on Tuesday as I recall the announcers said. So, Ream wasn’t going to be coming regardless of what JK wanted.

  10. Spurs played Chiriches at RB today and supposedly he’s leaving in he transfer window too. And there’s still no possibility Yedlin will even get a spot in the 18? Wow.

  11. Wink – unfair?! Every guy who got cut was already knowing they would get cut. Just read Sorto’s quotes and JK’s. It’s surprising to see Yedlin but given he is still integrating with Spurs, and they want him fit, why not let him come? Even with the amount of travel.

    • i honestly thought this when i saw the roster. looks like he wants to test out his 352 with yedlin and brek as wing backs. not sure how i feel about that…..

    • I was about to say the same thing about Wondo. I didn’t understand the World Cup call up, he didn’t perform well there, and he’s already 31, so what’s the point?

      • The US isn’t exactly brimming with experienced forward depth right now.

        He’s either being looked at as a stop-gap for the upcoming Gold Cup, or possibly groomed as a mentor and overage selection for the Olympics.

      • JK has basically explained that Wondo is there for how he trains, and to be a good influence to the young players coming in.

      • I am inclined to see it this way too. While I wouldn’t exactly be “in tears” if we put him out to pasture, the fact is we are not deep at this position and Wondo’s resume as not as bad as people make it out to be.

        Wondo is a consummate professional who happened to miss an expensive sitter. If we had more quality “role models” in our pool, it would be one thing. But Brian McBride doesn’t come along every day, and right now we have a bunch of talent/potential, and not much to look up to. Belittle him all you like, but Wondo’s goal scoring record is strong and consistent. And even if his USMNT goals mostly come against the lesser-lights of CONCACAF, those games aren’t going away, and somebody has to score them.

  12. Horrible timing. He needs time with his team to get up to speed. We already know what he brings to the NT. No need to take him away from Spur for a couple of meaningless games.

      • exactly. people are so hyper-critical. Yedlin’s a player to groom. there’s no rush for Spurs to play him. train him, get him comfortable for 6 months to a year. people need to accept this is whats going to happen. it doesn’t mean “he’s not getting regular minutes” persay either. he’s only 21!!!!!! let him sit n learn for 2 years and by the 3rd he’ll be playing, which, coincidentally, lines up to keep him in form for the WC18……

        long-term goggles guys…..

      • This isn’t a FIFA window, so they don’t have to release Yedlin for these matches. They probably did it as a favor to Jurgen who played there.

      • Spurs don’t know how to get somebody in shape?
        Besides, he doesn’t need to be in top shape to sit on the bench for a couple of games or play 15 minutes here and there. This is critical time he should spend with his teammates learning how a top team works, not traveling around to play friendlies with his part time team…… Unless Spurs are trying to put him out for sale.

      • you’re clueless. You have no idea how it works.

        “he doesn’t need to be in top shape to sit on the bench for a couple of games or play 15 minutes here and there.”


        “Unless Spurs are trying to put him out for sale.”

        …hahahahaha what?

      • Franco,

        Theses are not FIFA dates, so Spurs did not have to let him go. They let him go because they clearly think it’s a good idea. I am not going to claim that I know what is going on in North London, but if this voluntary action by the Spurs mean anything, that says everything we need to know (and no, they are not shopping him).

      • They obviously can get him fit. Game fitness, sharpness, and timing are very different from practice or reserve matches. This is an opportunity for Yedlin to gain fitness and sharpness with nothing on the line for Spurs. Calm down. This is just a hypothesis.

  13. I also think its extremely unfair for JK to bring in Yedlin after these guys were busting their butts trying to make the roster. This is basically the same thing he did with Green in the WC. Must be a total morale buster to see guys come in from left field and take a spot

    • Not really. Yedlin is an established USMNT A-squad player.

      Most of the guys dismissed from camp were either 1) dual nationals who haven’t committed to the US, or 2) U-23 prospects getting some extra evaluation and training for Olympic qualifying.

    • “its extremely unfair for JK to bring in Yedlin after these guys were busting their butts trying to make the roster”

      You’ve probably heard this but life is not fair.

      So you think mediocrity should be rewarded?

      If the guys who got cut did not want to be replaced byYedlin they should have played better.The idea is to prove yourself a better fit than any other player who might possibly be available.

      It should be clear to you by now that no one’s place is safe nor should it be.

      • The point is he brought people into camp and gave them the expectation that they had some chance of making the travel roster. At the 11th hour, in comes one of his favs. One that has moved to the UK but apparently is not impressing so far and he’s going. Why is that? Has JK some 6th sense that tells him that Yedlin is really playing well in the UK? What did he do to make this roster? Maybe he should have brought in Green too? He went to the WC based on what?

        My problem is with JK and his constant inconsistent rules, his blatant picking of favorites. If he was going to bring Yedlin then he should have brought him from the beginning. That would be fair. What has Shey done to get the call? Failed in UK I guess… oh wait.. maybe that was Altidore? … Then theres Wondo? With all the other forwards in camp, why bother with Wondo. I don’t like JK and can’t wait for him to go

      • Who in the original group is better than Yedlin as an outside back?

        January camp is confusing. You have some seriously established players playing with unknowns. You can’t think of every call-up as the best 23-30 guys who are eligible to play for the us. That’s not the goal, especially not in the January camp following a world cup.

        Say you’re a lock for the U-23 Olympic squad who get’s called into camp and Yedlin takes your spot for an friendly against a top 20 nation. Who are you going to be mad at? He’s better than you. That’s consistent, not that Klinnsman has some obligation to be except on message boards.

        There aren’t meaningful games so the best players are called in when they can be without disrupting their careers. Yedlin can make this, he’s better than the next option by a mile and the top players can always use minutes together.

      • Wink

        “The point is he brought people into camp and gave them the expectation that they had some chance of making the travel roster.”

        What expectation? JK certainly did not give that expectation to Tesho and Morales who were ineligible anyway. In fact, unless you have personal experience or are privy to some unknown source, you have no idea what he told these guys.

        “At the 11th hour, in comes one of his favs”

        One of his favs? Yeah the guy who is the current #1 RB for the USMNT . Has it occurred to you that maybe right back wasn’t looking so good at this camp?

        .“One that has moved to the UK but apparently is not impressing so far and he’s going. Why is that? Has JK some 6th sense that tells him that Yedlin is really playing well in the UK?”

        I guess you have inside sources at Spurs as well huh? You have no idea what the Spurs expectations of Yedlin were. Spurs had to approve Yedlin’s attendance for this game. That means they probably saw the camp and the game as an opportunity to get him some fitness since it has been some time since he played a game. Unlike you, JK has very close contacts with Spurs, where he is still a hero, so yes, in a sense he has probably knows everything that is going on with Yedlin at Spurs, more so than if Deandre was at another club..

        “ What did he do to make this roster?”

        Yedlin is the #1 right back for the USMNT..

        “ Maybe he should have brought in Green too?”

        Hamburg probably won’t release Green.

        “ He went to the WC based on what?”

        Late game offensive threat . Green’s late goal brought the US back from 2-0 and gave the US a shot at taking Belgium to penalties.

        “ My problem is with JK and his constant inconsistent rules, his blatant picking of favorites. If he was going to bring Yedlin then he should have brought him from the beginning. That would be fair. What has Shey done to get the call? Failed in UK I guess… oh wait.. maybe that was Altidore? … Then theres Wondo? With all the other forwards in camp, why bother with Wondo. I don’t like JK and can’t wait for him to go.”

        Fair? The world isn’t fair. You’d find JK very consistent if you actually paid any attention. As for the blatant picking of favorites, if the guys I picked did the job for me when it mattered I’d favor them too.

        And you’ll have to wait awhile for JK to go. Barring a complete meltdown, JK is likely here to stay until at least 2018.

      • Wink,

        No offense (I truly mean it, I’m not being facetious), but your conclusions are very, very naïve. I would go through everything, but GW did a good job.

        Have you ever played sports a very competitive level? I ask because seasonal tryouts are very common. I have been in a situation where new guys tryout and if they don’t make the cut they are not invited. Sometimes, the incumbent players are not involved.

        Yedlin, has not been beat by anyone brought in, which makes sense seeing Fabian Johnson and Yedlin are 1/1A for the right back/wingback position. In terms of play time, no one in MLS has so much as kicked in a ball in 2 months. Yedlin has been in England for 2 weeks and you expect him to beat out the starting England right back as well as his highly thought of understudy in 2 weeks when they are in mid-season form, playing for a team that is MUCH better than any in MLS in a MUCH better league?????

        Frankly, naïve and ignorant.

      • Frankly, I am willing to bet I have many, many more years playing competitive soccer then you ever will. I do know that when playing in college, where there were cuts, if some player came in at the 11th hour and took a spot from all the others, that had bee busting their butts trying to make the team… the morale problem it created would have been huge.

        As for Yedlin…. I was not that impressed with him in MLS and will go on the record saying he will become the next Brek Shey or Jozy Altidore in UK soccer. That is, lucky if he makes the bench, loaned out somewhere, finally to come home when it doesn’t work out. He’s just not all that but is another JK fav so he will always get called

      • This isn’t some rec league where the coach placates the mediocre player by putting him on the team because he “worked hard”. It is the highest level of a sport/career where the manager takes the best players, who show commitment to the overall team goal.

        Every try-out I witnessed (travel teams, high school team, select club teams, university/college), all the walk-ons had to beat the incumbents, but the incumbents were not involved in all (if any stages). The coaches knew what they were looking for and those who were close got invited.

        Yedlin is number 2 or 1a at RB (FJ is number 1). Who among those that were cut is better than Yedlin or has greater potential? I have seen many guys/friends who excelled (all-state, regional all-american, all-american) at one level, but didn’t have all the tools to excel at the highest level of the competition (including a couple friends in a few sports). Maybe, JUST MAYBE, JK thinks that Yedlin has that kind of talent and no one who got cut has that ability right now.

      • Wink,

        The USMNT is not college. But to carry the college analogy a little further, those cuts you are so outraged about? They were the equivalent of college interns, there to learn what it is like at that level.

        JK said early on that he was bringing in an unusual number of Under 23 guys to this camp to emphasize the importance the US is placing on Olympic qualification. I’ll bet most of the guys cut were Under 23 candidates.

        For all you know Yedlin was always going to be brought in for the Chile game.

        National teams are very different from college teams and certainly from club teams.

        JK has increased the number of games the US plays from the Bradley and Arena years but even so the national team plays only about 24 or so at most in a calendar year .

        In comparison a regular starter for an EPL team, someone like Guzan or Cameron, might play 40-50 plus games with their team in a season. And do not forget all the practices and training sessions club teams have.

        So even if they are a national team regular, like Mikey or Deuce, the playing and practice time they spend with the rest of the national team regulars is minimal, compared to what they are used to with their club team.

        Also the US pulls players primarily from three areas, Europe, MLS and Mexico, areas with very different leagues and schedules etc.

        In comparison the big boy teams tend to have players who mostly play in the same one or two leagues.

        It would have been nice if all the returning USMNT players had been put on one or two teams for example putting Jozy, Mix,Edu, Parkhurst and Bradley on SKC and Clint and Goodson on the Galaxy but I guess you can’t do that.

        The point is national teams, while they are always looking to improve, ideally have a cohesive reliable core of proven regulars. Any “new” players or new tactics then can be tested on top of that proven core.

        But that also means that new guys have to show immediate production or at least promise.

        As an experienced player I’m sure you realize that every player is different and that there are some players who need more time than others to get comfortable or unfortunately, may not be able to get comfortable in the allotted time frame.
        Which explains why national teams all over the world often choose to leave out talented players.

        The national team is a team, not a collection of the statistically best fantasy league players.

        I’m sure getting cut hurts but, these guys are all pros, the stakes are a lot higher and they know the score. Produce now. Lead, follow or get out of the way. Everyone does NOT get to play. They are not in college anymore

      • Klinsmann will be judged on how well the USMNT does in international tournaments. His coaching legacy will be either set or formed by how well the team does. He has devoted his life to the game and obviously loves it passionately, playing the equivalent of rec league games under a pseudonym after he retired, obviously just because he missed playing. Whatever you may think of him, no rational person can doubt his commitment to the game itself. He also has had an outstanding record of achievement. I have no doubt he is totally committed to the USMNT’s success. I don’t always agree with him, but he knows much more about the game at all levels than anyone commenting here and I’m sure he has good reasons for all his decisions, probably often based on things we are not privy to. He doesn’t have to justify his decisions to us. He will be and should be judged by the results. So far he has done very well. Everything else is superfluous, so don’t get you knickers in a twist just because he called in Yedlin who is one of our most promising young players.

    • You do know, don’t you that Yedlin made the WC roster and played in a couple of games? The only good reason I can think not to bring Yedlin is if Spurs wanted to keep him to play in the EPL.

      • Yes, and NO! Yes, he’s seen emergency time at both Center and Right back for DCU, mostly in the dumpster-fire that was 2013. It’s widely believed among DCU fans that while he can play on the back line in a pinch, he’s really best suited and used as a D-Mid. He actually stepped up the attacking side of his game last season, but his real strengths are breaking up attacks and getting the ball on the feet of more attack-minded players quickyl and accurately. I’d love to see a triangle of Mix in front of Perry and Michael Bradley for a bit in at least one game.

      • Your correct he has played in defense, but your timeline is a bit off. Perry played primarily right back during his rookie season (2011) and has been deployed as a CM/DM since then with a only a couple (injury/lack of depth driven) starts in defense since then.

        It’s easy to forgot just how long he’s been in this league! For such a young guy he’s made a tremendous amount of starts. Best DCU draft pick of my time as a serious fan.

      • yeah, as the others have said, he filled in there when we lacked depth, but i certainly wouldn’t want to throw him in there on the international level. hell, he really just started coming into his own as a midfielder this past season; not sure why klinsmann’s listed him as a defender.

      • Only thing I can think of is Klinsy wants him in more of a stopper role, using his distribution to help the midfield and start the attack. As a regular center back he’s going to get abused at this level, and he doesn’t have the speed to be a world level wingback. Klinsy must see something though, if he’s taking him to Santiago.

      • Geez, this is Spurs we are talking about, not Man City or Chelsea. Yedlin’s not even good enough to sit on the bench for them or get a few minutes here or there? Why even bother signing him then at this point?

      • Bc they got him cheap and will most likely profit off of him. He also connects them to the U.S. market which is clearly a goal of theirs. He’s also a very promising prospect and u can’t teach his speed. Yeah Spurs aren’t Chelsea but there not Sunderland either

      • Considering his first training session with the club was two weeks ago, hasn’t played a competitive match in almost two months and he signed mid-season, I’m a bit confused as to why people are confused. Throw in the fact the position is pretty well locked for the time being, and I remain not really surprised by the lack of appearances.

        He’ll get his feet underneath him, cut his teeth a few times in league or cup play and have a solid off-season going into next year to hit the ground running. I imagine that’s been the mentality of the player, manager and club. At least, that’s my opinion.

      • O.S., don’t even worry explaining the sport to a simpleton like Slowleftarm. he epitomizes the US soccer fan; truly does not understand the nuances in player progression. young players that move to a big team generally take a few years to break in the rotation. Spurs bought him for roughly 2mil pounds; assuming he progresses naturally, they can train him the rest of this season, then depending on how he looked they can loan him out or start rotating him in about 6-10 apps next season barring injury to a starter. and the following year he may gain more minutes. by then he’d be 23 with a lot more top experience. if he does well by then as a starter or close to it they could sell him for way over 2 mil pounds…. that’s called business, sir. They didn’t buy Yedlin like galaxy got beckham. yedlin is a young talent to groom, not a current world class star with experience ready to start.

        “Yedlin’s not even good enough to sit on the bench for them or get a few minutes here or there? Why even bother signing him then at this point?”

        quotes like this just make me laugh…..

      • Don’t worry in a few weeks the will call him De”yawn”dre Yedlin. Call him a hack, no good ect ect.

      • Are you guys kidding me? Spurs just sold naughton, have no backup rb, played chiriches today at rb and are likely to sell him in the transfer window. Despite all of this they are happy for Yedlin to just leave for three weeks and play in some friendlies. If you think that’s good news, or normal, I think you are wrong. I think it’s pretty concerning.

      • And I’m a big fan of Yedlin. He’s plenty good enough to be a backup rb for spurs. The fact they don’t see it that way is what concerns me.

      • i think i’m with you, but i wouldn’t say i’m ‘concerned’–more like disappointed.

        yes, since they got rid of naughton, and now have only walker and yedlin as true rbs, i would hope he’d be making a case for himself as necessary depth.

        that he’s not isn’t exactly shocking–it’s a big jump from sounders to spurs–but i was hoping for more.

        then again, maybe we’re wrong, and spurs are just doing klinsmann a favor for this camp.

      • Consider Clint Dempsey’s experience at Fulham. Dempsey was about the same age, had about the same level of experience and achievement as Yedlin and came over in the January transfer window to Fulham. Despite the fact that Fulham was not very good and fighting to keep out of relegation, Dempsey rarely played the first few months, coming on occasionally as a late sub. By the end of the year he was getting more minutes and in the last game came on the last 20 to 25 minutes in a scoreless draw. He scored the winning goal to keep Fulham in the Premier League and then started the next season on the bench. Fast forward 4 or 5 years. Dempsey has led Fulham in scoring, came in fourth in voting for player of the year, then joins Tottenham at the beginning of the season. He was hampered by not having a pre-season and joining them about 3 or 4 games into the season. Still he had the best year of any American ever in the EPL. He had to fight for minutes and ended up starting most games when he wasn’t injured. So, given Dempsey’s experience, arguably the best American ever in Europe, why should anyone be surprised that Yedlin isn’t playing right away for Tottenham, a team that has under achieved but still has a lot of good players? The sorry fact is that, except for goal keepers, very few American have consistently started in the EPL.

      • Gary Page,

        “joins Tottenham at the beginning of the season. He was hampered by not having a pre-season and joining them about 3 or 4 games into the season. Still he had the best year of any American ever in the EPL”

        If you are saying Clint had that particular great year with Spurs then you have your timeline confused.

        Clint had “the best year of any American ever in the EPL” in his last season with Fulham

        The next year he left Fulham and during his first and only season with Spurs he did quite well having 42 appearances and scoring 12 goals across all competitions.

        His numbers at Tottenham were consistent with his average during his entire stay with Fulham if you throw out his first year. Given the lack of a full preseason with the club and the uncertainty over the manager, Clint’s year at Tottenham should be considered a success.

        He then left Spurs most likely because in no particular order, he received the offer of a lifetime from Seattle, Spurs management were in chaos and his status with the club was unclear, and finally the World Cup was coming up and he need to be sure about consistent playing time.

        Spurs now have a different manager and mostly different players even from Clint’s time so I see no comparison between his situation and Yedlin’s.

        Clint came to Spurs as a proven EPL veteran scorer after a fantastic season at Fulham when he was voted the fourth best player in England by their sportswriters. So if you are saying that Clint was not respected by his managers and the soccer media in England then you are quite wrong. You do not get the votes he got from those writers and you don’t get that kind of consistent playing time from his managers if they do not have a very high regard for you.

        Yedlin is a bright, young (by US standards) prospect but is comparatively raw and unproven with some serious competition on Spurs roster.

        Clint, as you point out, took one season, to get settled. I would expect Yedlin to take at least that long to get settled.

        After his first season Clint averaged 42 appearances and about 12 goals across all competitions in the next 6 seasons he spent in England.

        42 appearances a season means Clint was a regular.

        In comparison, Eric Lichaj, for example spent 5 seasons with Aston Villa and had TOTAL of 42 appearances across all competitions for Villa.

        5.25 appearances a season means Eric was not a regular.

        If Deandre can do as well as Clint, then he should be okay

      • Actually Dempsey was 24 yrs old when he went to Fulham (2007) and Yedlin is only 21. In fact Clint was older than Jozy was when he went to Sunderland.

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