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Greg Vanney, Don Garber looking forward to Jozy Altidore’s return

Jozy Altidore Sunderland 22


PHILADELPHIA — The focus of Thursday’s draft was on the acquisition of young talent, but Toronto FC head coach Greg Vanney couldn’t help but smile when asked about the potential acquisition of Jozy Altidore.

Vanney reiterated that the club is in hot pursuit of the U.S. Men’s National Team striker, who arrived in Toronto Thursday ahead of a likely move.

“I heard that he might be on a plane, but I don’t know the latest,” Vanney said. “I’m hoping that we’re almost there. It’s been an ongoing saga for days. As much as I’m excited about the possibility there, I’ve been trying to focus on this day. Others around me are trying to get that finalized, but that’s the hope.”

MLS Commissioner Don Garber also addressed the Altidore rumors and confirmed that the league is nearing a deal to bring Altidore back to MLS, although Garber wouldn’t go so far as to mention TFC by name.

“We are in very advanced negotiations with Jozy to sign a contract and come back to Major League Soccer. I think that’s very exciting news. We hope to have an announcement with one of our teams as early as tomorrow… Unfortunately, as much as the questions will be, I’m going to save the excitement for their fans tomorrow.”

In addition to the Altidore acquisition, Toronto FC also remain in the market for Juventus forward Sebastian Giovinco. Vanney admitted that the club is highly interested in acquiring the pacey Italian, but has yet to nail down a deal to this point.

“He is one of those outstanding players out there that I think would be amazing for our team and amazing for our Italian community here in Toronto,” Vanney said. “If that’s something that we can actually pursue and get accomplished, that would be fantastic. I don’t know if we’re really close, but I can say he’s obviously a guy that we’re very interested in and hopefully we can see it.”


  1. We (tfc) had a good defense in 2010, with a guy named Preki running things. Nothing since, and we’ve had Koevermans scoring and Defoe scoring for halves of a season. That is all. Looks like we got a keeper today. I’d be fine with him replacing our current guy, whose distribution is not good.

  2. What is Toronto doing about improving their defense? Not much other than drafting college kids. Here’s to them having a winning record with scores like 5-4 and 4-3. They need to unload Gilberto because he is too similar to Altidore and having two DPs at forward is not what they need.

  3. Either Gilberto goes which I could see as he is a bit similar to Jozy or Gilberto takes the new confusingly named super max DP slot which has a 750k cap that has been rumored from CBA negotiations.

    • Next season we’ll have the supermax DP, followed by the panamax DP in 2016 and the triple E class DP by 2020.

      But beware: stadiums smaller than 27,000 seats will not be allowed to host panamax DPs.

  4. Maybe I’m being a bit daft, but wouldn’t Jozy AND Giovinco make 4 DPs? (Assuming Defoe is gone).

    1. Bradley
    2. Gilberto
    3. Jozy
    4. Giovinco

    You can’t honestly expect either to be moving for anything less than DP money, right?

    • Giovinco would be shocking to me. A still youngish (27 years old) Italian who still plays (albeit not as much as before) for Juventus and is a recent Italian national team player that is still in the player pool for that team. That would have rank up there as one of the biggest moves for MLS, if not the biggest. At the very least a nice bullet in the chamber of the “Hey MLS is not just a retirement league” camp.

      • Giovinco started today with Juventus and scored 2 goals. He would be a beast with TFC although I highly doubt he will move to MLS.

      • For real. I’ve enjoyed watching Gio in Serie A for years. He’s a very good player (even better in FIFA lol) but yea if TFC get him…. that’s HUGE, not just for them but for the league. may not be the fancy marketing move like gerrard but it’s a big statement move for other players, deepening on how his season would go, etc.

    • There going to add a 4th DP. Book it. Twellman has said so. That being said they could still move Gilberto to address a more pressing position.

    • You are correct, that would be 4 DP’s. They did the same with Defoe/Bradley though. They traded Laba after the fact to get back down to 3 DP’s before the season. Something similar will probably happen with Gilberto getting sold or traded if they bring on Giovinco.


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