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Monday Kickoff: Agent admits Ronaldo could end up in U.S.; Cavani, Lavezzi punished; and more


In all likelihood, Cristiano Ronaldo is set to spend his remaining seasons plying his trade at Real Madrid, but the player’s agent admitted that the U.S. may someday come calling.

Agent Jorge Mendes put an end to rumors linking the Portuguese star with a move to Paris Saint-Germain while also stating that Ronaldo could only leave Real Madrid for a stateside move later in his career.

“There’s no way Cristiano will play in Paris,” Mendes said. “He will finish his career at Real Madrid, or he might go to the United States. Only God knows.”

In addition, Mendes stated his belief that Ronaldo will only get better in the coming years due to the winger’s hunger to learn.

“Is Cristiano more mature today? His progression has been normal for someone like him,” Mendes said, “because he’s always looking to learn, so he’ll always tend to improve. He’ll be even better in five years’ time.”

Here are some more news and notes to kick off your Monday morning: 


Edinson Cavani and Ezequiel Lavezzi are set to be disciplined for tardiness.

Paris-Saint Germain manager Laurent Blanc revealed Monday that the two stars will be suspended two games and fined for arriving four days late to the club’s winter training camp in Morocco.

“We really could have done without it. Let’s not kid ourselves,” Blanc said. “It has come at a bad time. The return to training is important. All the more so given the first part of the season was mediocre, and that we need to set out with significant momentum to take up the challenges that we’ll be faced with.

“The club took steps, financial ones, but I won’t get into that,” Blanc added. “There were also sporting ones. That concerns me. It’s me who took them with the support of the club. Firstly, they will train away from the squad until next Saturday, and won’t be called upon for the next two games, against Montpellier and Bastia. We’ll see where we are after that. We’ll see if the punishments will continue or whether they’ll be brought back into the squad. It’s not necessary for me to add that I find it inadmissable and unacceptable. You can well imagine that.”


Galatasaray midfielder Wesley Sneijder is one of the more in-demand transfer targets of the winter window, but the Dutchman’s agent insists any move will not come cheap.

Sneijder, who has drawn interest from Juventus, will not depart the Turkish club for less than his release clause, which comes out to $24 million.

“Anybody who wants Wesley Sneijder will have to pay Galatasaray his release clause, which is 20 million euros,” said Guido Albers, the player’s agent.. “He’s not going to leave for two, five or even 10 million. I’ve spoken with the club and Galatasaray have no intention of selling Sneijder, who’s extremely happy in Istanbul.

“If anybody does want him, then they will first have to speak to the club and then with me.”


AC Milan announced the arrival of Alessio Cerci from Atletico Madrid. (REPORT)

Forward Manolo Gabbiadini has officially joined Napoli from fellow Serie A club Sampdoria. (REPORT)

Newcastle has mutually terminated the contract of winger Hatem Ben Arfa. (REPORT)

West Ham admitted that center back Winston Reid will leave the club by the end of the season. (REPORT)

What would you make of a potential Ronaldo move to the U.S.? Do you agree with how PSG handled Cavani and Lavezzi? Where do you expect Sneijder to end up?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Christiano Ronaldo would come to MLS for sure, but it all depends which MLS team wants him and he wants big cash.
    As a matter of fact, when Ronaldo comes, I see messi coming as well and I see MLS going to the next level.
    Once Ronaldo or messi lands in MLS, many other stars will come and the league will only be in better standing.
    More stadiums, more sponsors, more money, more fans, more folklore and power.
    Per se he comes by 2017 2018, that’s enough time for Miami and Los angeles2 to get a stadium, dc will have their stadium, nycfc might have their stadium as well, sounders might be filing paper for their own stadium, galaxy might have a better stadium, tfc will have a monstrous stadium, Vancouver might have a new stadium.

  2. Even though he’s one of the best players ever I’m going to have to fall on the side of no.

    Major League Soccer cannot become Retirement League Soccer.

  3. If garber gets this expansion thing right, then give Miami and Los Angeles2 more time and bring them at the same time in. What’s so difficult about that?
    You will create a world buzz, grab attention from all over the world and what if messi and Ronaldo end up in MLS in the same team in Miami or LA.
    Therefore I really think garber needs to give Vegas or Sacramento a team in the west, and in the east Minnesota, but if Minnesota ain’t ready, then let Vegas and Sacramento in and move some teams to the east while Miami and Los angeles2 crate their world class team.

    • Vegas is a putrid sports town, with barely lukewarm interest by local gov’t in a soccer club and even less by residents. The idea of playing soccer in that climate during most of the MLS schedule is as ludicrous as Qatar. The only reasonable excuses I can think of for entertaining the idea would be mirroring Qatar/graft/payoffs or more likely, to promote competition and up the ante on other candidates.

      • “The idea of playing soccer in that climate during most of the MLS schedule is as ludicrous as Qatar.”

        Maybe, but is it as ludicrous as Messi and Ronaldo in the same team in MLS?

  4. Just to keep the facts straight. Don Garber attacked the U.S. National team coach and defended a foreign owner. That’s right…he attacked the National Team in order to protect the MLS and defended an ownership group that has a well documented list of human rights violations in order to, you guessed it, protect the MLS.

    Garber’s job is to protect MLS proffets above ALL other things. If he needs to blatantly lie to fans, go after the naming rights for fan sponsored regional cups (the Cascadia cup fiasco), defend foreign ownership groups or attack the national team, he will.

    All hail The Don. Thy will be done.

  5. Please stop posting stories about the latest star whose agent tries to drum up more money for his player by menting the US. Until someone actually plays in the MLS (looking at you Frank Lampard) who really cares!

    • Hehehe… Yeah not much here. In all honesty though, I actually love hearing these agents talk. I read this as meaning Real and PSG are actually quite close on transfer terms, but Ronaldo thinks he deserves a far larger raise than what PSG are offering.

      As for MLS, sounds like Mendes is saying “Start preparing a ludicrous compensation package, boys… Don’t call me. .I’ll call you”

    • I doubt it will be that soon, but, assuming he is still playing at a reasonable level, he may come in 5-7 years. I’m sure he’ll stay at Real as long as he reasonably can. It will be interesting to see how he evolves as a player as he grows older.

      • agreed. in fact, if Becks secures everything, i think we can all bank on CR playing for Miami in their 1st year at their theoretical stadium. that is the type of player they will have to get right off the bat.

        if that all fails, i think LAFC and LAG will battle it out for his signature.

      • did you read the article? it specifically says 2018 would be the likely time frame since that is when his contract ends.

    • My guess would be NYC. It is well known in New York that he visits there frequently. Even if they come for games in Boston, he spends part of the trip in New York. With a person like Ronaldo, who I imagine can go where he wants, he’ll pick New York. I could see him associated with the Yankees too. Very much a Yankee type. (And I’m not a Yankee fan).

      Of course it’s possible he could end up somewhere else, but I see it similar to Theirry Henry. He has a fancy for NYC and will want to end up there.


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