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Frank Lampard: ‘It was all about New York (City FC)’

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Frank Lampard wants the world to know that the debacle surrounding his contract status with Manchester City and New York City FC is all a big misunderstanding.

As hard as it may be to believe, Lampard’s mind was fully set on moving to New York after being wooed by Man City and NYC FC CEO Ferran Soriano, NYC FC sporting director Claudio Reyna, and head coach Jason Kreis last July. Only a chance meeting with Man City coach Manuel Pellegrini while the club was in New York for a friendly match convinced Lampard that joining Man City to remain fit would be the better option.

“It was 100 per cent New York,” Lampard told the Times UK in a wide-ranging interview. “I had sat down with Ferran and it was all about New York. There was no mention of Man City. If they had wanted to speak to me on behalf of Man City, with New York in the pipeline beyond that, they could have done that, because I was a free agent, but that was never the question at all.

“This is one of the reasons why I wanted to do this interview, because I’ve heard and seen people say it must have been all contrived that I would join Man City,” Lampard added. “It wasn’t. It was 100 per cent New York. But while all this discussion was going on about the next five or six months, Man City were in town for a preseason game. I spoke with Manuel Pellegrini and he said he wanted me to come for the first half of the season — simple as that.”

Since joining Man City last August, Lampard has exceeded expectations, which led to Man City extending Lampard’s deal through the rest of the season on New Year’s Eve. Since then, controversy has reigned supreme, as it’s now clear that Lampard never signed a contract with MLS or NYC FC, and had only signed a pre-contract agreement that was set to begin on Jan. 1.

According to the English Premier League, Lampard does have a two-year contract with Man City, one that once included a break clause on Dec. 31, that would have allowed him to trigger his NYC FC contract a day later. Lampard is now expected to arrive in MLS in July.

Read more of the interview here.


What do you think of these comments? Do you believe Lampard’s view of what happened? Do you feel any better about the fiasco that’s dominated headlines over the past two weeks?

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  1. All of the comments here are just evidence that people will believe what they want to believe. The people that don’t like or want Frank will use any article, regardless of what it says to support thier own ignorant opinion and push it on others. They are also the same people that will change their opinions, and become Frank fans when he shows just how good he is.

  2. I totally believe him.

    It WAS all about NYFC…. until it wasn’t.

    Pledged undying devotion, something better came along and he dropped’em like a hot rock. MC is about done with him so he’s now trying to pave the road back in. Ahhhh baby…. you were always the one I loved.

    The old Chris Rock line… the guy is only as faithful as his options.

    • agreed. it’s no that weird considering MLS is not BPL nor ManCity in a title chase with Lampard a contributor, but it pisses me off in this situation. we’ve a ways to go with MLS and thankfully it’s still moving and growing, warts and all

      but it’s pathetic how some root for its failure. it’s an imperfect league for sure in a world with decades and decades of decades of a head start, but far from the nightmare they pretend and far better than what was here before…nothing.

      come a long ways, long ways still to go. duh

  3. Let’s get over this, the world is not going to end if he doesn’t come, which he is coming for sure in July.
    However, it’s unbelievable how SBI doesn’t report that red bull was for sale then not, then yes, something like that.
    According to EOS, PSG ask about buying red bull, the rich Vegas casino dude and chuck blazer, and now what does garber say or red bull do.
    If red bull is breaking, then why not break them now with media power and make them sale.
    You gotta wonder, what is PSG thinking of buying red bull, what plans does this Vegas guy have, same thing with chuck blazer. Another weird part about this, cosmos is waiting for the perfect opportunity to stun us all and join MLS, or just join MLS after they help NASL expand and gain popularity. That’s the way it seems, cosmos wants MLS, but they gotta finish their contract with NASL which is to help them expand, gain popularity and make money. I see cosmos joining MLS once NASL has around 20 teams and once NASL can handle their league without cosmos power, if not sooner, by red bull breaking down and selling.

    • cosmos is waiting for the perfect opportunity to stun us all and join MLS,

      >Actually, they dont get to decide. MLS does. what they want isnt important.

      > or just join MLS after they help NASL expand and gain popularity.

      Cosmos aint making the NASL more popular just because they dug up an old name. People dont go to games to watch a logo their parents might haev seen once.

      >but they gotta finish their contract with NASL which is to help them expand, gain >popularity and make money.
      Finish their contract? You can leave for MLS whenever you want, you can close their doors wheneevr you want. the contract is NOT a problem and HAS NEVER stopped a team.
      This part ” which is to help them expand,: is just retarded. They are a team. Period.
      You seem to be giving them powers and responsability they dont have.

      > I see cosmos joining MLS once NASL has around 20 teams and once NASL can >handle their league without cosmos power,
      Seriously, are you 6yrs old? the rest of the stuff is just stupid but you seen to have some strange belief that the NASL. A-League, USL, NASL have all had teams before the Cosmos showed up and theyve had great short lived franchises like Orlando City which proved their worth and moved on. NASL’s survival does not depend on Cosmos. Its nice to have a big city team in a suburban league but the league isnt going to do much better just because they have one team from NY.

      Cosmos are the 3rd NY team playing in the 2nd division. I think just getting them mentioned on any NY sports news is going to be quite an achievement.

      And just to be clear, while NYRB has to deal with the dreaded ‘not really in NY’ label because of their NJ address, Cosmos is going to be as much NY as the Islanders are.
      Their new stadium will be within Belmont Park which is in the Town of Hempstead in Nassau County, NY, ON Long Island NEXT TO New York City.

      • Or maybe its just good to have a strong 2nd division which is an independent league because its good for player development, very affordable and fun to watch.

        I go see the Cosmos and it really is a lot of fun.

        Is fun really such a bad thing?

  4. Frank you are lying. What part of “it was 100 percent New York” and never signing a contract with NYCFC am I supposed to be confused about.

    Lying Lampard > Fat Frank

      • So you’re suggesting it should be common knowledge that every manager around the world is more powerful than Don Garber?

        I’m really looking forward to your clarification.

      • How on earth did you extrapolate “every manager in the world” being more powerful than Don Garber from this?

  5. So much of this is for British consumption.
    The conversation over there has more to do with Fatso going from Chelsea to City while saving face, Financial Fair Play, and third party ownership

    MLS needs this guy to be quiet

    • Yep, that is true, the Brits believe that NYCFC exist as just a way for Man City to get around FFP rules. Who knows how much of that is true but after reading the comment threads on articles coming out about the whole situation over there, that’s all that seems to be the talk about.

      • What’s most amusing is the condescension of the Citeh fans. A little oil money, short run of good form and suddenly they think they are Man U. LMAO. Nobody cares about that club in the US. Get over yourselves MCFC supporters.

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