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Agent says Lampard has signed contract with NYC FC, will report in July



The seemingly endless Frank Lampard saga finally appears to have a date of expiration.

TalkSPORT Radio is reporting that Lampard’s agent, Steve Kutner, revealed that the midfielder has signed a contract with New York City FC. As a result, Lampard will be a NYC FC player as of July 1 and will not return to Manchester City next season.

“Frank will not be at Manchester City next season,” the report said, citing Kutner. “He will go to America on July 1 and will then be a player for New York City.”

The revelation could put an end to the questions regarding Lampard’s future, which was up in the air as of Thursday morning after the Premier League released a statement saying that there was no agreement in place between the midfielder and NYC FC.

If the July 1 date holds firm, Lampard’s first game with NYC FC would be on the Fourth of July in Montreal, while his home debut could come against Toronto FC the following week.

The report citing Lampard’s agent comes hours after the Premier League said NYC FC had no agreement with Lampard as a player.

What do you make of the reports? Do you think this is the end of the Lampard saga?

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  1. The fickle attitudes of some of you is absolutely pitiful.

    – Lampard is a “scrub.” uh, no
    – NYC FC shouldn’t take him now because he turned out to be an important member of a title contender. uh, sorry no
    – NYC FC can’t have fans yet because they have not played a game yet. uh, you’re making a pretty stupid argument there.

  2. It’s a sad, sad day when a sports agent is more believable than the MLS comissioner. MLS is the shadiest league in the world. Garber is just incapable of honesty and people are just too willing to believe.

  3. It seems to me that MLS has become the place-to-be for English footballer superstars who may be past the peak of their careers. But honestly, I’d rather have Frank Lampard play out the rest of his football years in England.

    I guess that the paycheck from America clubs is too tempting to refuse, huh.

  4. So maybe we can see lampard play in a nyfc uniform in july. Cool. Good news, got it.

    I wonder what’s happening with some of the other teams in MLS.

  5. Duh 🙂 of course he’s coming, or nycfc will just buy somebody else like altidore or chicharito, or even sneijder.
    Like I have said a million times before, garber knows nycfc won’t disappoint him, but red bull is about to come out of the closet and the truth is coming out little by little.
    Garber needs to come out and defend red bull, if not there is something fishy and garber is really good at keeping secrets.
    I don’t think cosmos would buy red bull, I think it’s a foreign rich person, if not I’m guessing Knicks or nets owner.

  6. With everything going on with the MLS teams, the Cosmos look to be in a really solid position right now. They had some pretty solid signings in the month of December, and if this Jaime Valdes signing comes to pass that would be another huge step for them. If they can finally get approval on their stadium (which seems to be only a matter of time with their bid) and if they make a deep Open Cup run, then 2015 could accelerate their growth even more for the next few years.

    We’ll see if they sign anyone else this off season, but with the circuses they call neighbors running around with their heads cut off it could put the Cosmos out in front as the top New York team for the foreseeable future.

  7. If Lampard reports to NYCFC in the summer, it’s a win for MLS. It’s a poor win, but a win. Should MFC hold Lampard for next year’s EPL campaign, it will be sign of disrespect towards our league.

    • I don’t get this idea of winning. Winning what ?

      NYC II needs to say good bye, you had your chance, you blew it, next. If they need names, I read about 10 others guys rumored to be coming here last week alone.

      The fans hate him, like they hated Beckham in LA, but Goldenballs had time to get back the love.

  8. I’m sure Mancity/NYFC have 3 or 4 different contracts with Frank Lampard and depending on who’s asking they show the appropriate one.

  9. I was actually listening to Talksport when this report came on and they said that Lampard’s agent told them that the reason he didn’t sign with NYCFC at the time of the announcement is because NYCFC didn’t exist yet. Of course, the Talksport guys swallowed the lie hook, line and sinker because they didn’t realize that the league actually signs players in MLS, not the clubs.

  10. Is this the end of the Lampard saga? If the comment means he signed a pre contract with MLS today, which he can do within 6 months of the contract’s start date, then it probably does mean the end of the saga, in that representatives of MLS, CFG, NYCFC, and MCFC are likely not to comment further on the situation.

    • Not to split hairs, but NYCFC doesn’t have “fans” yet.

      They have customers. They have people who have committed to tickets and are intending to give the team a chance to earn their support. But it’s a two way street and this is a poor start.

      Now if there’s anybody out there who intends to be fanatical about this team regardless of how the team treats its customers? That’s someone with bigger problems than soccer can solve.

  11. Well at least we have news directly from the player or in this case his agent. Would be nice if Frank would clear up the mess himself. I still hope that he makes it across the pond to play. With all this attention given to Frankiegate, are those at NYCFC and the league office really that upsets? Bad press is better than no press.

  12. This is non-news. People who act on bad faith, deliberately misleading with underhanded, inside-deals are not worthy of credibility.

    Call the lawyers, somebody needs to get figuratively punched in the face a few times.

    • let frankie stay in England… on the field, he makes a difference for a few extra wins in NYC…. but he adds nothing to MLS…


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