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Gyasi Zardes, Wil Trapp highlight young January USMNT roster

Gyasi Zardes LA Galaxy 2


Jurgen Klinsmann’s commitment to bringing through the next generation of the U.S. Men’s National Team is evident in the team’s annual January training camp roster.

The USMNT head coach has selected a 28-member group that includes up-and-coming stars such as Wil Trapp, Gyasi Zardes, and Dillon Serna, in addition to USMNT regulars like Michael Bradley, Clint Dempsey, and Jermaine Jones.

The squad consists of 19 players born in 1990 or later, as well as 12 players who are eligible to represent the USA at the 2016 Olympics and in Olympic qualifying. Zardes, Julio Morales, and Tesho Akindele, a dual Canadian-American, are making their first USMNT camp appearances at any level.

The camp will take place from Jan. 12-Feb. 8 and includes a trip to Chile. The U.S. will head to Santiago, Chile, on Jan. 25 ahead of a friendly match against Chile at the at Estadio El Teniente in Rancagua. On Jan. 29 the team will return home and prepare for a Feb. 8 friendly match at the StubHub Center against Panama.

Here’s a look at the USMNT January camp squad:

GOALKEEPERS (4): Alex Bono (unattached), Sean Johnson (Chicago Fire), Jon Kempin (Sporting Kansas City), Nick Rimando (Real Salt Lake)

DEFENDERS (8): Matt Besler (Sporting Kansas City), Steve Birnbaum (D.C. United), Christian Dean (Vancouver Whitecaps FC), Brad Evans (Seattle Sounders FC), Jermaine Jones (New England Revolution), Perry Kitchen (D.C. United), Shane O’Neill (Colorado Rapids), Oscar Sorto (LA Galaxy)

MIDFIELDERS (10): Michael Bradley (Toronto FC), Mix Diskerud (out of contract), Dennis Flores (Club Leon), Luis Gil (Real Salt Lake), Miguel Ibarra (Minnesota United FC), Lee Nguyen (New England Revolution), Marc Pelosi (Liverpool), Dillon Serna (Colorado Rapids), Brek Shea (Orlando City SC), Wil Trapp (Columbus Crew SC)

FORWARDS (6): Tesho Akindele (FC Dallas), Clint Dempsey (Seattle Sounders FC), Julio Morales (Tepic), Chris Wondolowski (San Jose Earthquakes), Bobby Wood (1860 Munich), Gyasi Zardes (LA Galaxy)


What do you think of this squad? Excited to see some of the younger players earn some playing time? Which players do you see standing out for the USMNT? Which call-ups surprised you?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Two opinions/observations-

    LD was never a “leader” for the national side. A top performer? Absolutely. Someone you wanted on your side when the chips were down? No doubt. Someone you wanted other players to emulate? That’s not as straightforward to answer.

    I see a lot of folks posting on SBI who truly have an axe to grind against JK–but don’t seem to have a lot to actually say after the boilerplate “he sucks” statements. It was a similar thing when Senior Bradley was in charge, I’ll admit, but the tone of the constant anti-JK sentiment reminds me of the GOP strategy against Obama–if we criticize EVERYTHING, sooner or later we’ll be in the right. It’s not terribly insightful and a little boring.

  2. Jürgen.. You crazy sob. Never ceases to entertain with these roster call ups!

    Lol at everyone who thought he was going to call in a USA MLS mediocre allstars!

  3. I’ll take Wondo over Davies, because Wondo can go out and perform in a friendly. Davies had an incredibly subpar year, save for the playoffs. If Davies has a good 2015, then bring him. Show more consistency

  4. I’ll take Wondo over Davies, because Wondo can go out and perform in a friendly. Davies had an incredibly subpar year, save for the playoffs. If Davies has a good 2015, then bring him. Show more consistency.

  5. Bobby Wood, Brek Shea and Brad Evans are facepalm picks. I actually like the Wondo inclusion. Not that he has a future on the squad, but those young strikers could learn a good bit from Wondo.

  6. It’s nice to see Pelosi given a shot. The dude was one of the most promising players during that 2011 U17 run. I would have liked to see Charlie Davies as one last shot, but I like the overall selection by JK.

    • Happy to see Pelosi in camp,…hopefully he is fully recovered from that horrific broken leg some time ago. Pity about his Auntie Nancy who is an ablolute left wing nut case.

      Charlie Davies? He had a nice run in MLS this year but the truth is that the God-given blazing speed he had made him special and that is gone.

      Agreed that this is a good overall selection.

  7. Lots of folks trying to read to much into selection…this is about current leaders influencing players with promise and seeing what they can do can do. Wait until they are suiting up for a game that matters to draw conclusions of who is behind who or JK’s sanity.

  8. Dennis Flores and Julio Morales? We’re scrapping the bottom of the barrel now? Too bad Fafa Picault is too old for the Olympics now otherwise he’d be in cause he went on to play abroooooad!

  9. Dear Tesho,

    Tesho, tesho, tesho….ahhhh my son. Wise decisions go a long way, hopeful ones on the other hand end with the others who are now hopeless. Look at our legend Bunburys son who had a great end to his MLS season and great play off performances. He would be doing wonders with the Nation of his birthplace and follow in his father steps, however he is consistently overlooked and wasnt called to the same camp as yourself. Fortunately for you, you have initially made an unwise decision but still have the opportunity to change your allegiance. Let hope you make the right decision after this camp,and if not you will be forgotten by the ones who would pationately support you through and through and, be forgotten by the ones who you hoped for.

    • He moved here when he was 8. Why would he go play for Canada, notwithstanding that they are terrible and will likely never qualify for a world cup during his career?

      • Can the USMNT get the Canadian on the 2015 MLS Draft? I think his name is Larin…. JK needs to put more pressure on Jozy who thinks e owns the number 9 position for life.

      • That’s because Jozy has produced for the US in 2014 and 2013. And his competition, such as they are, have not.Boyd has been a failure in a US shirt and EJ , self destructed in the run up to Brazil.

        Look it up, it’s all there.

      • total crap. JK won’t allow any competition. Its always Jozy or Jozy +1. We need to move on and get somebody that can actually score

      • Donald,

        If you are a Sunderland fan, you have a point about Jozy.

        But if you are a USMNT fan, Jozy has 76 caps and 25 goals.

        In 2013 he had 14 caps and 8 goals

        In 2014 he had 10 caps and 4 goals

        You are not in possession of the facts.

  10. JK is obsessed with Bobby Wood, apparently. From what I have seen, he has some decent skill on the ball, but he craps the bed whenever he gets into the box. Which isn’t particularly good if you are a forward.

  11. Dumbfounded…flabbergasted…

    Kitchen isn’t a CB, he’s a Dmid. Hedges being omitted is criminal. I’m ok with Birnbaum, but who the eff is Dean?

  12. Pretty much the expected list from the veterans except for Beckerman’s absence and maybe Evan’s presence. These are the vets currently in MLS (plus Mix) and not injured who are most likely to be among the players used for the Gold Cup.

    New guys are well, new with an eye to those eligible for the Olympics.

  13. Does anyone know anything about these guys Bono, Flores, and Morales?

    Two of them don’t even have Wikipedia pages. I’d love to learn more about them.

    • Bono played at Syracuse and was considered by some to be the top GK in college this past season. MLS mock drafts have him going in the middle of the first round, and is basically guaranteed to be the first GK off the board.

  14. Windows, Evans, and Rimando are our locker room vets. They are guys you take to camp as positive role models who make the youngsters feel comfortable and groom them for the future. Beckerman would be included in that group but maybe he was left off because there aren’t enough spots and we already have Bradley in camp who needs it more.

    • Maybe game 2. I think he would have as much to prove as Bradley or Dempsey, who may have been called in to re-establish bona fides after being left out late in the year.

    • Pleeeeeese. The last thing we need is him in camp sucking up all the minutes while producing squat. Give others a chance, we know what Jozy can’t do…. plus we have Wondo (rolling eyes)

  15. Disappointed to not see Teal Bunbury, Juan Agudelo, Andrew Farrell

    Bunbury has resurrected his career by shifting to RW. We don’t have a large pool of wingers

    Why Brad Evans, Why Wondolowski? C’mon

    I’m growing tired of Klinsmann!!!

    • I’m growing tired of armchair posters who proclaim to know more than Klinsmann.

      Agudelo?…Agudelo??…AGUDELO??? Get out here with that nonsense.

      • You’re absolutely right. The only thing missing from his post was asking why Landon Donovan wasn’t called up.

      • Your school girl type of love for JK continues to amaze me Old School. Have fun on your crusade to defend anything JK does.

      • Does he even have a club yet? It’s reaching Gale A/Freddy A proportions. No way we are calling in a senior pro rotting away in his villa turning down offers, pining for England (or was it the fjords).

    • Agudelo is cool but hasn’t played since his time with Utrect. Cannot justify a callup for him. Olympic centric callup as well.

    • Totally agree on all named.

      Bunbury is far better then Shey will ever be. Farrell is better than Evans by far, and the shunning of Juan Agudelo is JK’s biggest mistake. Of course, if he showed well, he could take Sir Jozy’s spot so better to avoid the controversy and shun him

  16. Marc Pelosi !!! JK getting must be getting good reports from Liverpool..Wonder if he will go out on loan or possible get a call up this year

    • Rodgers move to LB has been good for his club career. With that being said I don’t that his performance at that position has been stellar enough to warrant a USMNT call up.

      Hedges I do agree. I would like to see what he has to offer at the Int’l level.

      As for Omar, I just don’t get it with him. He’s hit or miss.

      • Once JK likes you, it is very difficult to fall out of favor. This is one of JK’s biggest flaws. Too much loyalty to players he likes, even if they are not the best option

        Despite what several are saying, I don’t think Robbie Rodgers will ever get called again by JK

  17. Can we assume that Bill Hamid, since he was excluded, will be completing a move to Europe?? Sounds plausible considering the rumors that have circulated.

    • He did play there for a handful of games for FCD the season before he left due to injuries to the starter and backup. Didn’t do badly, but didn’t get as forward as you would think for someone who’s so used to attacking.

    • He should be left bench. WTF has he done to deserve a call up? All he has ever done is prove he doesn’t belong

      I’m getting really tired of trying to determine what goes through that pea brain head of JKs. Wondo OMG. If he’s a leader then make him a coach but STOP wasting any minutes on him at all. He flat out is done. Also several of the same ole defensive failures being recycled… Ugggh

      At least he got the Lee Nguyen thing right. He should easily be able to rise to the top of that group

  18. Wondo over Davies? Alex Bono and Jon Kempin over Clark? Klinsi the ship has sailed for Wondo. At least we see new blood in the mid and no Davis or Beckerman.

    • I agree that Wondo doesn’t really have a place in a true USMNT, but perhaps he has something to offer these young guys? We are talking about a guy who built himself from nothing into an MLS Golden Boot winner and a fringe national team player. Perhaps he has some intangibles that young guys with more talent than him could learn from?

      • Yea, probably to teach work ethic to younger kids. And his movement is good, if younger more athletic guys can learn something it will have been worth it.

    • We all know what Wondo lacks, but rarely do people acknowledge what he doesn’t: heart, professionalism, and leadership.

      Calling in a young squad? There’s very few who are a better example of having around said young players.

      • I understand he’s there to ” help the new generation” but you have Dempsey in the camp. It just feels like a wasted spot because you could have had Davies or Bunbury who did very well in the playoffs and could be useful in the Gold Cup. I would have liked to see Davies just to see if he could be a shadow of his former self.

      • You know if he really wanted to experience since hes building this for the Olympics he would have called up Davies, Edu, or Klejstan because if I remember correctly they actually qualified for the Olympics unlike this past cycle. Only Experience Wondo has is choking at the WC and international friendlies. Yes he might be okay in MLS but he hasn’t done much to warrant a callup recently. Im just happy Grandpa Zusi or Peg Leg Davis didnt get call ups but sadly we do have a Diva/ Prima Donna in the mixx

      • I’d love to see Davies, too. Not sure about Burnbury just yet.

        To be honest, regarding Dempsey, I don’t assume he’s the type of pro that “helps” young players. Seems more like the, “just shut up and watch” type veteran and because he’s so good, that respect is given. Wondo strikes me as more of the “arm around the shoulder” kind of pro.

        The real disadvantage we have as fans is not having access to those practices, meetings and general camaraderie that’s built in the locker room. I have to believe Wondo rates at the top of the class in all of those categories (just not finishing again Belgium, of course).

      • You know what I just thought of hopefully we see davies called up for the friendly against Mexico. I’d love to see him silence a stadium again. I’m just happy Zardes finally got called up. Yeah Dempsey gives that vibe. Bradley is easily that kinda player that teaches players since he was under LD’s wing. It’s such a shame we didnt get a clear leader this time around. From Ramos- Reyna- Bocanegra-Donovan we’ve had great leaders but this time its not clear who the next clear learder is. Im hoping its Pelosi or Gil.

      • Thinking about Davies and Altidore up to conjures up the image of the stanky leg.

        Maybe they can both help each other get things back on track. Oh, what could have been with young Charlie.

    • Marc Pelosi and Dillon Serna can play left back. I’m sure Brad Evans or Perry Kitchen could slot in there in a pinch as well. Wasn’t it Klinsmann who famously said anyone can play left back? Not that I agree, but no one should be surprised that there isn’t a true left back on a roster for a non-FIFA-sanctioned slate of friendlies.

      • So Marc Pelosi has never played in a first-team game in his life and now he’s going to play out of position in an international? Of course we should be surprised there’s no left-back because he can pick anyone he wants so just pick the best left-back available.

      • “Just pick the best left-back available.”

        Klinsmann has shown that’s not really his approach. Again, I’m not saying I agree with his picks. Personally, I would have liked to have seen Robbie Rogers called up. But JK has shown he doesn’t pick people to fill a quota or to be a camp “body.” We went into the World Cup without a backup for Jozy. But you could argue there wasn’t a target forward who was good enough to earn a place on the squad. Boyd was in the discussion, but Klinsmann apparently could not justify taking him ahead of Aron Johannsson and Wondo.

      • I’m convinced at this stage part of the reason for the callins is to hold his work rate up and tell them, “you see him running around like a chicken with his head cut off, it’s beautiful.” Cause if he actually thinks after all those chances and the lack of production that something will change in how many he puts in the nets, that’s definitional insanity.

    • Sorry, Rodgers will have to wait behind Greg Garza, Timmy Chandler & Eric Lichaj. Plus, These callups are mainly to have the veterans influence the Olympic eligible players.

      • I agree. Rodgers is buried in depth chart at that position. It will be tough to play especially with the revelation that Garza has been.

        Furthermore, I don’t think his performance at LB was all that last year. Sometimes, he lacks DEF awareness, positioning etc.

      • Robbie Rogers = Eddie Lewis. That Arena likes to sometimes use converted touch wing mids doesn’t mean they have the athleticism and nastiness for the position at the international level.

        You could throw Castillo in with that lot. As a defender I just, you know, think a defender has to be primarily capable of playing defense well. Anything else is gravy.

      • “As a defender I just, you know, think a defender has to be primarily capable of playing defense well. Anything else is gravy.”

        Your philosophy is not shared in its entirety by many managers, some of them top flight managers.

      • Garza yes but Chandler only shows up when he feels like it and plays poorly when he does and JK refuses to pick Lichaj for some reason.

      • I like Leehigh, unfortunately he is not Jurgen’s type of player…. JK is even willing to play Evans at RB again!… that should tell us something.

      • I was a Lichaj fan based on the 2011 appearances but he looked like a nervous wreck when given a chance this cycle. Not Shea/Cuba bad but defense is in part a steadiness position.

    • Klinsmann was a mentor to Robbie Rogers and did a lot to help guide his career. Rogers said that after he came out, pretty much every coach he’d had sent him messages of support except Klinsmann. He also said he wrote to Klinsmann twice and heard nothing back. Make of it what you will.

      • What it tells people about me is that I posted info straight out of Robbie Rogers book and that I think someone asking “where is Robbie Rogers” might think it is relevant (“might” which is why I said make of it what you will). Robbie certainly seemed to think it was significant. Here is the passage from Rogers’ book. My apologies to those who think I shouldn’t bring it up and should censor the info I have at hand. Oh and GW please explain what it says about me and btw I am not a Mr so you are wrong on that assumption.

        “It’s funny. You would think that with all the notes and messages and phone calls that came in I wouldn’t notice the one that I didn’t get it. But there is one coach who had been an important mentor, who help me guide me throughout my career, and who I thought I’d hear from but didn’t. He helped advise me when I was first considering going to residency in Florida when I was in high school, and later I had the good fortune to play with him on several occasions. It really saddened me that even after I wrote to him twice he was silent. I can’t help but wonder why. I guess everyone has their own issues.”

      • zip,

        What this tells us about you is that you seem to believe this book shows there is some sort of issue between JK and RR. It also seems you think this issue is relevant to Robbie’s non selection for this camp. I’m guessing that quote you included was written before RR knew about his exclusion from this camp so I don’t see how it could be relevant to RR’s exclusion.

        Even if everything in the passage you quoted is the gospel truth, so what? Many players have commented on how JK does not stay in touch, including Brad Evans who I notice has been invited to this camp.

        It’s a new book. Just how much editorial control did RR have?

        Any kind of controversy is likely to increase sales. For example, in Howard’s new book, his apparent conflict with Friedel, which later came to nothing, certainly brought more attention to Timmy’s book than it might otherwise have gotten.

        I don’t know Robbie or JK personally. So I would treat the entire passage that you quoted with the standard grain of salt.

        Robbie has done well at left back but even he has said that he feels he has some way to go. So his exclusion is hardly scandalous.

        With the emergence of Garza the US can afford to wait on RR and see if he maintains his form at left back. It’s not as if this camp will be RR’s only shot as long as he keeps playing well.

    • Really hope Klinsmann does not view Kitchen as a CB. He’d be capable there, but not his best position, in my opinion. This coming from someone who has barely missed watching a game of his in his entire professional career. He has really blossomed since moving to CM.

      • It will be interesting to see who comes out on top in the Kitchen – Trapp battle.


        Unless of course Klinsy tries the very empty bucket using both with Bradley. Maybe this is why Klinsman wants to push Bradley forward.

  19. Pretty awful callup here by klinsi. Who exactly does he expect to play left back? Or right back for the matter? Would have liked to see klute, sinovic or rogers. Why no farrell? Also why no zusi? Just very strange, no rhyme or reason to anything this man does. What a piece of s*** call up.

      • How about we let tab ramos do his job there. I get bringing along some of the olympic guys but there are quite a few deserving guys that should have gotten a call here. One true outside back on this squad in sorto, who is wayyyy too raw to start an international match

      • Tab is working with the U-20’s and there really isn’t that much time for the U-23’s to get together. If you’ve been paying attention you’d realize we have 2 beginning of the year friendly this year so the other guys may come later

      • I wouldn’t be surprised to see turnover between Games 1 and 2. If you read the official release closely, it seems to be saying this is the team for Chile, that after the game is completed will return to California. It says the camp will end with the Panama game, but not in the same paragraph. It felt to me like they left themselves room to churn depending how the first game goes.

        The release refers to a next wave as well as the Olympics, but only 12 of the 28 are Olympics ages (though you do have the overage slots) so that’s not the only thing happening.

      • Tab Ramos isn’t going to coach the Olympic team, he’s already publicly stated that. Just stop now before you continue to look like quite the fool.

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