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MLS Ticker: Orlando City add Brazilian defender Gustavo; Romero signs with Impact; and more



Orlando City have added a Brazilian refrigerator to the club’s back line.

The club announced on Monday that it has signed Brazilian center back Gustavo Silva Conceição, nicknamed “The Refrigerator,” as the team’s fifth international signing.

Gustavo, who stands at 6 foot 1 and weighs 198 pounds, joins Orlando City from Brazilian side Villa Nova after previously featuring for powerhouse Flamengo.

“We’re very pleased that Gustavo has joined the Club,” said head coach Adrian Heath. “He’s a tough and willing defender who we believe will be a fantastic complement to our existing core.”

Here are some more of Monday afternoon’s MLS news and notes:


Recapturing the services of 2014 team MVP Andres Romero was paramount for the Montreal Impact this offseason, and that is exactly what the club has done.

The Impact announced on Monday that it has come to terms for the transfer of the Argentine from Brazilian club Tombense FC. In addition, Romero has signed a multiyear deal to remain with the team.

“We are very pleased to have secured Andres’ permanent transfer from Tombense FC,” said Impact head coach and director of player personnel Frank Klopas. “I was confident that we would reach an agreement. Andres did great things in 2014 and we believe he will continue to help this team in the future.”

Romero contributed six goals and three assists in 2014 in what was the Argentine’s second MLS campaign.


Doneil Henry has officially said his goodbyes to Toronto FC.

Henry, who was recently sold by Cypriot side Apollon Limasol to West Ham United, has spent the past six years as a member of TFC’s youth academy and first team. With his impending departure, the 21-year-old defender penned an open letter to the club and its fans ahead of his Premier League move.

“Toronto was my first professional club as well as the city in which I grew up in,” Henry said. “As I embark on my new challenge at West Ham United, TFC will always have a special place in my heart. I would like to thank all of the passionate fans for all their support and patience, encouraging me as I developed into the player I am today.

“A special thank you to the MLSE organization, Larry Tanenbaum for his support and kindness, Tim Bezbatchenko and the entire TFC family for giving me all the tools necessary to continue on my journey. West Ham United is a new chapter in my life; Toronto FC will always be my home!”


What do you make of Orlando City’s latest signing? What do you expect from Romero and the Impact in 2015? How will Henry fare with West Ham?

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    • I agree. This guy is just a scrub and his nickname is “the refrigerator” so it doesn’t sound like he’s going to do much for the style of play in MLS. This article says he used to play for Flamengo but that was only three games in 2012.

    • Go watch his highlight video on the MLS website…he’s a leg breaker. OC could start him and Collin and the opposing team forwards might not make it out alive.

      He’s going to be a walking red card in MLS.

  1. Are we ever going to get details on how this Henry deal went down with money changing hands? TFC had to have gotten something out of this?

    • No.

      As a fan of MLS, you are not entitled to details.

      You must survive on blind faith and worship me for I am your dark lord.

      • Fans are not entitled to anything. Get over it. These attitudes that today’s fans have in the age of social media are ridiculous. You are not going to get to know everything that goes on in the business of MLS and you don’t have to understand exactly how everything works. This is far from following with “blind faith.”

      • You’re a bit tone deaf, aren’t you? The (real) Don keep saying he wants more transparency, and then does his best to keep things as opaque as possible. This is just one simple example of that lack of transparency.

        And don’t forget: Without fans, there are no professional sports. If enough fans get fed up with MLS’ back room dealings and vote with their wallets, then we’ll get the transparency we deserve.

      • Don Garber stating that transparency was a goal of the league in 2015 was a mistake that only opens him and the league up to more criticism about not being transparent enough. Fans should understand their place in the equation and be entertained. If they are not, then find something else to do with your time.

      • Fans don’t “deserve” anything outside of an entertaining experience. If you choose to not like the team because you are not in on every specific detail of the team’s dealings, so be it. Most fans are there because of the game, the players, the atmosphere of game day, the drama of the season… “Fans” who demand to know these other details about “back room dealings” are over the line.

      • Some of us like to use our brains – perhaps too much, according to you? Go on with your bad self, lemming.

      • In the other North American sports leagues you would know these details, even before the “age of social media”, which has nothing to do with this. There’s no reason this kind of info needs to be kept secret.

      • I am not referring specifically to this case, which has been documented and explained. Fans think they deserve to know everything. Leagues will do what is best for their business. Sometimes this means being transparent, sometimes it does not. They determine what the fans get to know and that is how it should be, just as it is in any other business.

      • Right, and when fans demand more access to financial dealings or other issues you deem “off limits,” it’s in the best interest of the leagues to acquiesce. After all, we pay their salaries.

      • Yeah, the NFL has soooo transparent over player discipline. The NBA has been soooo transparent about the Chris Paul trade, the gambling referee debacle, etc. These leagues are hardly transparent.

    • The details have been explained (albeit in a rather suspicious time line). He was sold, loaned back to TFC, and then sold. What else do you need to know?


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