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Indy Eleven proposes new $82 million stadium

Indy Eleven rendering aerial close


Indy Eleven may only be a year old, but the NASL franchise is ready to upgrade its facilities in a big way.

Indy Eleven is proposing a new $82 million home stadium that would seat 18,500 fans for the Indiana legislature to consider. The venue would be soccer-specific, but adaptable for other sports, including American football, according to new renderings released by the Indianapolis Star.

This is Indy Eleven’s second attempt at getting the legislature to approve a new stadium — they tried last year before playing a single game, which the legislature rejected. The team currently plays at a venue for Indiana University-Purdue University.

Their latest proposal would look to use taxpayer money to fund the project, but financing options aren’t yet clear. A location has not been selected yet.

Despite the renderings showing a “bird’s nest” look reminiscent of the iconic Bejing National Stadium used in the 2008 Olympics, team president Peter Wilt admitted the renderings were “a concept, so it’s subject to change and it surely will change.”

See more renderings of the proposed stadium below:

Indy Eleven rendering end line Indy Eleven rendering supporters Indy Eleven rendering footballIndy Eleven rendering aerial further


What do you think of the proposed renderings? Do you think Indy Eleven can get the support from the legislature they need?

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  1. They wan’t public money and that design is just “a concept.”

    So why bother with the story because 1) the stadium won’t be built and 2) if it is built it won’t be anything like that.

  2. What good is this if they aren’t in MLS?

    It’s basically the Las Vegas strategy of “build it and MLS will come”. You gotta be dreaming if you think they’d waste this baby on NASL

  3. In a perfect world of soccer in the United States, MLS would have and MLS2 and MLS3 and their own tv network in order to showcase all the leagues.
    In addition, I would love MLS to have 28 teams to 32 with a working D2 and D3 and a SIMPLE PRO/REG WHERE NO MLS1 teams go down and only the promoted. (For example MLS1 has 32 teams and out the 32 teams, 2 or 4 come from D2 and they battle between each other to stay in D1)
    Hopefully MLS can reach 32 teams with west and east having each 16 and NASL (or any D2) can have 24-26 and D3 can have around 40 or more.
    As for the expansion markets for MLS, the list keeps growing and the 32 should be the magic number.
    The west has lest options but serious options like Vegas, okc, Sacramento, Austin, San Antonio, and maybe San Diego, Phoenix and San Francisco and some Canadian market.
    The east has more than enough, like Miami, Indy, Detroit, NC, Tampa bay, Baltimore, NY3 like cosmos, Louisville, st.louis, Minnesota, and some Canadian market.
    So 32 is not a delusional number but garber needs and wants downtown stadiums and deep pockets investors. He also needs a proper D2 and D3 with communication and same philosophies.
    Imaging having a D1 and D2 with the same west and east conferences set up, same play offs system and planning. The D3 might have too many teams for the west and east conference set up but still can work with divisions inside the conference. ( MLS should never have divisions)
    One thing for sure I would love if MLS reaches 32 teams, is that texas would be able to have Austin, San Antonio,Dallas and Houston and Florida could have Miami, Orlando, Tampa bay, that would be some heated games. Even california, LA2, galaxy, Sacramento and San Jose, sounds very good.

  4. First off, that would be the most striking stadium in the US….for any sport if it actually got built. I love the vision and creativity.

    Back to reality, if anyone in Indy votes to approve this thing with a dime of taxpayer money they are crazy. No way an NASL team can generate anywhere near the revenue or national interest to warrant an investment on that level. If they want to build it with private funds that’s another story I applaud them.

  5. A little ambitious for a one year old team to go to the legislature asking for a handout – but good for them for trying.

    As for the design – I don’t think there is a chance in hell this is what a final stadium will look like. There is no way you could build that type of design for only $82 million. As the designer said its “a concept, so it’s subject to change and it surely will change .”

  6. Back in the 1970’s, there was the ABA and the NBA that existed. The ABA was like what NASL is to MLS. ABA was more of a challenge given they had real players in their prime such as David Thompson, Julius Erving, Nate Archibald, Artis Gilmore, Maurice Lucas, Dan Issel, George (the Ice Man) Gervin, Bobby Jones, Swen Nater, Larry (Mrk K) Kenon, etc.. They had financial problems, but ended up folding 4 teams into the NBA.

    I could see if the NASL does start to make an impact and right now that is not the case, where MLS might make the decision to fold in some teams into a 2nd division and introduce promotion and relegation. That is still a ways off, but hopefully something that does occur

  7. Down with NASL! I complain about anything MLS doesn’t approve of while lecturing people about whining at the same time…

  8. the design is stadium porn.. the most important part; location is tba but its good to see a NASL team ready to make an investment.

    that league will look a lot more established as soon as they get some permanent homes for Indy, NY, etc. WakeMed (CAR) and Toyota Park (SA) are their Crew and Home Depot Stadiums, NASL needs a Red Bull Arena or Providence Park to cement itself in as legit fixture in the US Soccer structure.

  9. Is Indianapolis a soccer hotbed?

    I would not call it a hotbed. There is a lot of soccer being played here, but the quality is questionable. Most of the talent out of here are work talent – defenders. Basketball is still the number one sport here.

    Is Indy Eleven real?

    I was skeptical because previous attempts at professional soccer in the market failed. But yes, they are for real. The ultra section is real. People do show up for the games and the atmosphere is pretty good. Now, if Juergen Sommer can put a good product on the field. I may even get season tickets.

    Stadium Funding?

    The backstory is the owner of the Indy Eleven owns a construction company. Guess who will be awarded the construction contract? Everyone knows this and they are still going to have a hard time getting it through the legislature. The revenue numbers they submitted last year were really questionable. So, it will be interesting to see how well they do this year. Last year, a lot of people came out against it. Plus, the city is still paying for Lucas Oil Stadium.

    Peter Wilt was instrumental in helping the Fire get Toyota Park. Now ask the residents in Bridgeview if they got a good deal. The consensus is “no.” Let’s see how much influence that could have on any stadium deal here.

    I am still going to be skeptical on this one. Like I said, Indy Eleven are real. Kleberson is real. He is worth the admission. We are lucky to have a world class player like him on our team. His passing and vision on the field are excellent.

  10. Do not look at this. Turn your back & avert your eyes!

    Otherwise, you will turn to a pillar of salt!

    I am the Lord thy Don!

    You shall view no other domestic league but MLS!

    • I don’t think this dents Sac Republics MLS expansion positioning.
      Sacramento’s plan has a location and private financing lined up. All they need is a green light.

  11. I like to look at stuff like this as American soccer fan-fiction. It’s nice, every once in a while there’s a good idea, but it’s not real.

  12. Good stuff, hopefully they keep having their success and growth by what they put on the field as well. This stadium would be nice for NASL, but is Indy trying for and MLS bid? If not then this is a perfect step in the right direction for the two leagues to start competing with each other, both in players and facilities.

  13. It will look like the Bird’s Nest and yet nothing like it. “Your results may vary.”

    I know some of y’all like your stadium porn — this thing should fold out — but this is a little overdone for a one year minor league team.

    • Not if you have an owner that has deep pockets and vision…and you’re also talking about a team that in its first year led the NASL in average attendance.

      I’ll admit that it’s ambitious, but it’s not silly…really hope they can make it happen.

    • It is a bit overdone, but that’s the magic of Peter Wilt. He thinks big and dreams big, and makes it happen. It’s why Chicago Fire fans miss him so dearly when he was GM.

  14. I’m curious to see where it will go location-wise. I’m a Chicagoan, but I’ve been to Lucas Oil Stadium and downtown Indy many times for work, and the LOS’s location isn’t totally ideal. It’s in the city, but not actual downtown. Any Indianapolis natives here think it would be viable to make it more centrally located than LOS is?

  15. Amazing! Indianapolis is becoming an American soccer hotbed, both when it comes to producing players and if this stadium gets approved on the professional level as well.


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