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Report: Union finalize transfer to bring back Edu

Maurice Edu Philadelphia Union 24

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The City of Brotherly Love is now Maurice Edu’s permanent home.

The Philadelphia Union have paid Premiership side Stoke City a transfer fee to bring back Edu on a multiyear contract, according to a report. Edu was with the Union in 2014 via a season-long loan, requiring that Philadelphia purchase his rights this offseason in order for the 28-year-old midfielder to return.

A deal has been reached by the two clubs, but the amount of the transfer is unknown at this time. An official announcement is expected on Friday.

The versatile Edu was a key part of the Union last season after arriving in the winter. He started each of the 31 regular-season matches he played in, and was deployed both in the midfield and at center back. He scored three goals and had two assists.

Happy to see Edu stick with the Union? How much do you think the transfer fee was worth? Expecting an even better season out of him in 2015?

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  1. A deal has been reached by the two clubs, but the amount of the transfer is unknown at this time.

    It’ll be unknown at this time, a later time and permanently. As a fan, I’d really love to hear/read more details on these deals related to MLS. Before someone says, “This happens in all leagues to not release specific transfer details.” you’re absolutely right. However, it’s far too common in MLS for zero details to be released. Those kind of details are fun/fodder to talk about for fans.

    I’d really be interested to see how much (or little) they had to pay for his services.

  2. Laugh all you want but I thought Freddy played pretty well when he was there. He also had no one who could score.

    • I actually agree. I was more poking fun at the disastrous career moves he has made since leaving Philly. Serbia? Seriously? And to just ride the pine? Wow.

      • Yeah that move was pretty calamitous. The Bahia move wasn’t much better before that.

        As for his time in Philly, he definitely did show some attacking verve at times, but he was a turnover machine and gave zero effort on defense. He probably could help an MLS team with the right formation, but overall I think the Union are better off without him.

  3. Mo is a strong player but he was much better off with Rangers since they’ll be back in the Champions League much sooner than the Union ever gets there.


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