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Reports: Frank Lampard finally signs NYCFC deal



New York City FC says they have signed Frank Lampard — again.

It sounds like a bit of deja vu, but this time, the announcement that Lampard is on contract with NYCFC should be for real.

The Associated Press reported Saturday that this week NYCFC finally signed Lampard to play in New York City next season. The two-year contract will start in July, midway through the Major League Soccer season after the English Premier League wraps up.

The New York Times also reported late Friday that the club’s sporting director, Claudio Reyna, said Lampard signed an MLS contract this week.

The announcement follows an embarrassing few days for NYCFC where it was revealed their highly touted two-year Designated Player contract to have Lampard play in MLS didn’t exist.

NYCFC said back in July that they signed Lampard and he would go “on loan” to Manchester City, which turned out to be false — Lampard had always been signed with the English club, which is the parent club of NYCFC.

The Premier League revealed the true nature of Lampard’s status by announcing earlier this week that NYCFC had no standing agreements with the Englishman. NYCFC later admitted they had mischaracterized Lampard’s contract with City Football Group and it was an “error” to say Lampard was on loan with Manchester City.

With Lampard inking a deal directly with MLS, that should put an end to the Lampard saga — for now, at least. Lampard, for his part, has said his intention was always to join NYCFC next season.


What do you think of these reports? Glad to see Lampard’s status is finally clear? Think this announcement will be enough to quell criticism?

Share your thoughts below.


    • at least I’ve got that going for me. cheers.

      seriously though, this character that Don Garber is taking on in the minds of some seriously delusional fans is comical.

      • Oh great and powerful master, THE DON.

        Every time I kneel before the porcelain alter I speaketh thy name. Sometimes multiple times in one Kneeling

  1. To answer your question: No, clubs are not obligated to tell fans anything at all regarding any player’s contractual status. It’s probably smart for the fans to have some idea of which players will be there for how long and other significant details, but these contracts can be so convoluted that there is no need for them to be public. Not to mention, it is business and not all business should be public.

    What if Henry did not want it to be public that the deal was done?
    What if there were contingencies (health, performance, etc.) that meant the loan would only be complete under certain conditions?
    What if there were legal issues or other contractual issues that could have still gotten in the way between the time the deal was done and the time it was set to go through?

    These things are VERY complex and that is something that most fans have absolutely no concept of. They see a couple of details from a 60 page contract and think that they know the full story.

  2. remember this little gem from last year?

    Toronto FC brass reveal Doneil Henry was sold to Cyprus club, played 2014 season with TFC on loan

    on almost the last day of september, 2014, TFC announced that, oh, by the way, Doneil Henry isn’t our player. oh, did we forget to mention? we sold him to a club in cyprus “at the beginning of the season.”

    think about that. the mls regular season started in, what, march of last year? and ended probably in october? so this doneil henry had played for NEARLY AN ENTIRE SEASON AT TFC and NO ONE KNEW THAT HE WASN’T EVEN TFC’S PLAYER ANYMORE.

    i just thought that this was an important MLS story last year. from a certain point of view. and i remembered it when this lampard stuff came out recently.

    are clubs obligated to tell fans if they sell a player?
    are clubs obligated to tell fans anything at all regarding any player’s contactual status?

    i don’t recall anything bad happening to TFC for this incident. no verbal warning or a “slap on the wrist” (pay a fine to the league) or anything at all.

    what if pelligrini had just done what Bezbatchenko did and said nothing at all about lampard?

    or do you think that these two stories don’t really relate to each other?

    • They did it to allow the player to get a work permit for a future transfer to an English club. He was never going to play in Cyprus, really not a big deal.

  3. Another Dynamo fan here.
    I get the outrage. I get the mistrust. NYFC or Man City or both,: look like they intentionally mislead the public. There has to be accountability here. It wasn’t a little white lie. Until this week he was NOT EVEN MLS PROPERTY. I love Claudio Renya and Kreiss. They were both great players and seem to be stand up guys. I honestly believe the Man City group contrived this and forced it upon the NY crew. The Man City group has only one face saving move here
    They must come out publicly with a mia culpa. They must come clean with no attempts to white wash. If they do so I will CHOOSE to forgive and move on. If they are stupid enough to disrespect the US market and not come clean, then I will harbor zero respect for them even though I am MLS first in every situation. We will see how they handle it from here. . So far every new press release makes both groups look like liars. Come on guys. Americans are not idiots. We are not ignorant and a whole lot of us love soccer just as much as any English French German Italian fan. You have insulted the fan base. You have alienated NY fans who are some of the best sports fans in the world. Do the right thing. Call it what it is. Come clean publicly with no b.s. and we will forgive.

    • The best thing for Lampard and everyone else is to just shut the hell up. This situation is resolved. I do feel a little bit sorry for Kreis, as he will not have a big part of the team until midseason, and I do feel a bit sorry for the fans who were planning to see Lampard play live early in the season. But these things happen.

      Are we supposed to forget it? No. Yes, hold everyone accountable. But this is one red flag. If the club continues to bungle things and continues to treat NYCFC like a minor league club, then there will be some true beef. Right now, everyone should relax and see how this plays out.

      The club is not even in its infancy. It has been conceived, but lets see what it looks like once it’s born and see how it develops from there to make an actual judgement. It could be absolutely earth shattering and a huge boon to the league. It could be a huge disaster that leads to end of MLS. It could just be another team in a growing league…

    • thoughtful post, thanks. wouldn’t hold my breath on the mia culpa thing tho but I get the sentiment my man

      of course MLS has warts that continue to piss me off, the league is imperfect, yet I’m a big fan. MLS is an ever evolving yet stable league as we in the USA play catch up to the tremendous head start the world has enjoyed on us in soccer forever.

      that so many enjoy making fun of it religiously is testament to its growth and reach; today you ain’t nothing if there isn’t a negative loud voice attacking you from some agenda perspective

      • Well said beachbum. All this talk of being a Mickey Mouse league is nonsense. It’s new that’s all and yes that means it is not as important as the BPL or a lot of other leagues, but it’s growing and improving all the time. I’m a fan of MLS warts, mistakes, missteps and all.

    • Indy, you don’t believe this press release why would you believe the next? Just because someone says something that differs from what you want to believe, does make it a lie.

  4. YO FRANK! Go outside and take a couple of pictures with this shirt on. Maybe that’ll quiet the yanks down do a while.
    Couldn’t they at least take the photos on their field? ….. Right around the pitcher’s mound would be appropriate.

  5. The perils of being a Mickey Mouse league with low self esteem. Real talent jerks you around but you are so desperate for attention you don’t dare complaining.

    • The truly mickey mouse thing to do would have been to make a big deal out of it. Garber has handled this like a professional. Was it a good look? No. Was it a big deal? Not in the grand scheme of things.

      These soft and immature fans need to realize that sometimes things happen. On one hand I’m grateful since it IS a sign of growth, but, at the same time, it’s fairly annoying.

    • It’s an issue of being a new league rather than Mickey Mouse. Stop complaining and reflect on what a great job of careful growth MLS is doing.

  6. Damage done… Too little too late… You gotta be F****** kiddin’ me… Thoughts that keep coming into my head as I read the progression of this story.

    As a Dynamo fan, I feel sorry for any fan of either NY teams right now. They don’t deserve to be treated like this by the respective teams, the league or the owners.

    Don Garber should have never agreed to a group without a stadium deal, a secondary status to a perceived higher level team, that didn’t have a team of some form already in existence. I live in San Antonio, so, I follow the NASL and the Scorpions as well. It isn’t too far off level of MLS. My suggestion is to go support the Cosmos who have to be loving this pair of debacles.

    This is without a doubt an unmitigated disaster for the league. NYRB fires the first really winning coach in their history because of some league-back office guy who wrote a memorandum, ala Jerry Maguire. He then proceeds to hire Jesse Marsch as a replacement… I could be wrong, but NYRB were already in a rough spot with roster change over. I just don’t see how this is going to end up being anything other than disastrous from an attendance and performance standpoint.

    Then simultaneously, NYCFC uses the Lampard signing to boost ticket sales, but oh wait… They actually forgot to mention they didn’t sign him. Then they proceed to treat everyone in America like morons trying to spin it that it is good Lampard is staying in England… It helps MLS and NYCFC that he is playing over there instead of here. That is the worst effing logic I have ever seen and heard of in my life in regards to soccer. Then they actually do sign him confirming they (the league NYCFC, and CFG) lied to everyone.

    Best offseason for MLS news ever…

    By the way, we signed Cubo, Rodriguez, Miranda and Hoffman (who I think is a hidden gem)

  7. SBI loves lampard 🙂 love at first sight 🙂
    so now that nycfc has their lampard signed and we can move on, whats the story with red bull.
    Are they selling or riding the ship until it sinks, because that vegas rich person who wants to buy them sounds really interesting and soccer serious, he reminds me of the new columbus owner and wizards rebranding.
    Another interesting question, why doesn’t garber award this vegas rich person the vegas expansion team or why doesn’t MLssoccer help him buy red bull.
    We need answers garber and why does PSG was looking to buy red bull, aren’t they together with beckham miami.

  8. Has anyone seen the contract?
    No? Then I wont believe it simply because they lied about it once.

    As for this whole saga, what did you expect when you signed up a new MLS team to be another teams bitch?
    Dont get me wrong, I have no problems watching AAA baseball or minor league hockey throughout the year. But if you agree to be a farm team, dont be surprised when you are treated as one.

    But then again, we’ve learned in the US that an english soccer player isnt the most trustworthy person in the world.
    We had one paid 250 million to treat his MLS team as a part time job while he was flying left and right. We have one now in Toronto that signed for something like 8 million a year and who a few months into his 6 yr deal, decided that he changed his mind (I presume contracts are meaningles in UK and no one is ever forced to respect them. Or maybe its just because MLS is a nothing league so they feel they dont have to respect their word or signature) and wanted to go back.

    But this wont change and this story will repeat itself because 98% of english players are playing in countries they used to own. No one else on the planet wants them for their skills (who in their right mind hires and englishman for skills?) but in the colonies and because of the common language they can market the ‘brand’ to people who heard of them.

    Well have JT in two years, Rooney in about 4 and Carrick in 5yrs.


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